How to clean black color from hair?

how to wash black hairEveryone knows that the representatives
beautiful sex especially adorn the hair. Any lady wanting to be
attractive and fashionable, gives its strands a lot of attention.
To look good, girls and women make stylish hairstyles,
and if they do not like natural hair color, with the help of paints with
easily become blondes, brown-haired or brunettes. Alone
ladies are content for years with colors of a similar color, other
often need to drastically change their image with color

Often a girl, painting her curls black, cannot give
herself no guarantee that after 6-9 months she does not want
become a golden-haired fairy or a red-haired fury. But when is
there will be a desire, problems will begin: colors of lighter tones will not
take on too black curls. To achieve the desired color
strands, it will be necessary first to reduce the dark pigment from them, and only
then buy lightening paint. How to wash off black hair
quickly and without harm to them?

Pros and cons of professional washes

There are different ways to get rid of the annoying gloomy
Kohler, but all of them can be divided into 2 groups:

  • removal of the coloring pigment by special cosmetic
    washes or oxidizing agents;
  • mixing black with natural products.

Many ladies want to reduce the dye from the hair in professional
salons. The advantage of the procedure carried out in the barbershop,
is a uniform and rapid application of a chemical preparation on
curls. But experienced craftsmen will not be able to predict the outcome of this
method, because it will depend on various factors: the structure
strands, the frequency of their coloring, the quality of the dye and time
Exposure to his hair. Therefore, even paying good money for
service, you can remain dissatisfied with its result. Wanting to
save, girls and women expect to reduce black hair
on their own, at home. Is it easy to do this?
noticeable effect of such procedures?

How can hair be discolored in 1 day?

If the lady wants not only to remove the black color from the curls, but also
then turn into a blonde, the most effective way for
it will bleach the hair. For this method you need to purchase
hydrogen peroxide (3%) and special powder (supra or blonddoran),
which completely dissolve the artificial dark pigment

Before the bleaching procedure, mix the peroxide and
powder in the ratio of 1: 1, and then apply the resulting solution to
locks, retreating from their roots 0.5 cm. To curls discolored
evenly, it is better to wrap each of them in foil. After 45
minutes, the foil can be removed, and the hair washed with a mild shampoo and
dry the hair dryer in a cool mode. The procedure will need to be repeated.
several times (2-3), because to remove black hair for 1 time is not
work out. At first, the hair will be carrot-colored, then it will begin
lighten up When the bleaching will be carried out 3 times, you can
paint curls in the desired color.

Besides spoiling hair peroxides and powders with ammonia,
cosmetic stores can be found more benign drugs –
special washes. They preserve the natural pigment of the female
curls, removing only artificial dyes. They are applied to the hair,
following the instructions. It is advisable to try to wash off before the procedure.
paint with one strand to evaluate the result, and then apply
remedy for all curls. Despite the absence of ammonia, all washes
equally dry the hair, so this quick way to get rid of
bored color is not used in practice.

How can baking soda and ascorbic acid help?

If you want to wash off the black color from the hair, you can use
ordinary tea soda. Only women can use it without fear.
curls which are not spoiled and not burned paint. There are 2 ways
remove black hair.

For women with medium strands, take 150 g of soda, 1
a glass of warm water and 1 teaspoon of salt (fine). If hair
long, the amount of each component must be doubled. Everything follows
mix in a non-metallic container and apply to the strands with a cotton
swab, for convenience of separating curls comb. Then desirable
Massage hair and scalp and hide curls under
cellophane cap for 1 hour. Then the hair will need to be carefully
rinse under running water so that no trace of the mixture is left on them,
put on the strands normal conditioner and hold it on them 60-70
minutes to soften the hair structure. Plus soda
is the activation of the hair follicles, after the massage strands grow

If the hair is slightly weakened, you can conduct a soda water procedure.
differently. It will take 80 g of soda, diluted in 0.5 liters of warm water.
The composition is applied to the strands in the same way as in the previous case, then
they hide under the cap. The exposure time is only 20 minutes.
Then curls should be washed with shampoo and dry a little. Further
the mixture is applied to them again, again for 20 minutes, and washed off
warm water.

Ascorbic acid, familiar to all from childhood, helps to clean
black color from the curls, because it is able to split the ingrained in them
dye. For the procedure will need 20 tablets of ascorbinki. Their
crushed into powder and mixed with half a glass of ordinary
shampoo This mixture is applied to the hair for 1-2 minutes, then
wash off with warm water. If the lady during the week will repeat this
method 3 times, then she will gladly notice that her hair has become
look lighter.

Lemon and honey – natural brighteners curls

Dreaming to get rid of black curls, many girls do not
think that, along with the splitting of the coloring pigment
the structure of the hair itself is destroyed. If too often
experimenting with washes, you can spoil the hair to such
degree that you have to shave your head bald and wear a wig. To
to preserve the health and beauty of the hair, it is necessary to deduce from them black
With the help of natural harmless substances, these include lemon,
honey, vegetable oils and kefir. These products lighten hair only
for a few tones, but they are great healthy. How do
lightening masks from these remedies?

To make a lemon mask you need 1 lemon. Him
peel and mince or
grind in a blender. The resulting mass must be applied to the strands and
cover with a cap. The mixture is washed off with warm water in 20-25 minutes, and
on curls for 15 minutes applied nourishing burdock oil, which
will help avoid drying out. Then the hair is washed with warm water
shampoo and dry naturally.

honey and lemon for lightening hairFor
honey mask 3 tablespoons of bee product soften on
water bath to a liquid state. Then the mass is applied to the hair.
On the head you need to wear a shower cap, the mask should be kept on
hair at least 6-8 hours, and then rinse with warm water. Procedure in
during the month can be repeated 8 times. As a result, black hair
will become chestnut hue and become strong and shiny.

Often ladies prefer to make honey-lemon masks. For this
take 1 lemon and 3 tablespoons of honey. Squeezed out of lemon
juice, mix it with honey. So that the products connect well,
they should be slightly heated in a water bath. Further procedure
carried out in the same way as in the above case with honey

Getting rid of black with oils and kefir

Vegetables are considered excellent fighters with black color strands.
oils. They are able to remove artificial dyes from hair. For
masks fit and almond, and olive oil, but the best
considered burdock. These oils start acting by being
hot, so before applying to dry hair they should
heat well in a water bath. After the oil is distributed
over all the strands, cover the head with a shower cap and wrap
Terry towel for 5-7 hours (preferably at night). Morning mask
thoroughly wash off. Hair will become silky. Lighten curls on
2-3 tones are possible for 5-6 procedures.

Another excellent tool that perfectly heals hair,
is an ordinary kefir. It washes away the black color slowly, but
effective and harmless. For the mask you will need a high product
fat content (0.5-1 glass depending on the length of hair). Need it
heat 20-25 seconds in the microwave and then apply to
curls and cover with a hat and a towel. Keep kefir mask on
head should be at least 2-3 hours. That hair does not smell sour
milk, kefir, you can add 2 drops of any essential oil.
Kefir does not like hot water, so the mask should be washed off the hair
shampoo and warm water.

Tips for removing black from curls

Because it is very desirable to reduce the color of dark color from curls,
A few points should be considered before the washing procedure.

  • If a black dye was applied to the hair using
    Basma or henna, it will be very hard to wash it off from the hair or not at all
    work out.
  • Girls and ladies with thin, split and weakened locks
    do not wash off the black paint with acidic means,
    ammonia and soda. It is better to use natural products.
  • Artificial acid washes and soda masks need to be applied.
    only a few times a year, otherwise you can burn them healthy
  • After applying any type of wash, the curls must be washed.
    shampoos with conditioners and be sure to put a mask on them,
    which will restore the vitality of the hair.

How to remove the dark color of their hair, let each lady decide
on their own. But she must not forget about the health of curls. After all
only shiny and lively hair will attract attention
surrounding, regardless of what color they are.

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