How to comb nits c long, short and medium hair at home

Very unpleasant is the situation when the hairs start up
lice and nits. Often there are times when after the wrong
combing nits after a while lice appear again. how
to properly comb them out so that you no longer have to deal with this
a problem? This will be discussed in our article.

What will happen if you do not comb out the dead nits?

The content of the article:

  • What will happen if you do not comb out the dead nits?
  • How to prepare for the procedure
  • What can be combed nits – suitable tools
  • Can I comb out lice and nits without treatment
  • How long to comb the nits after processing
  • How to comb nits in a child
  • What are hair after comb lice and nits
  • What if the nits are not combed out?
  • How often should the procedure be performed?
  • Is it possible to completely get rid of lice combing
  • Other methods of getting rid of lice and nits
  • Conclusion

Remember that if you got rid of live parasites and
processed their embryos – nits, it does not mean that the dead
individuals fall off by themselves. After all, there is no certainty
that there are no surviving parasites that, after some
time will recover and become viable again. Better give
time and mop them up completely, because the dead nit itself doesn’t
it can only disappear.

How to prepare for the procedure

Before you start combing nits, you must
prepare the surface of the head for this procedure. Nits
stick to our hair with a sticky substance that
gradually hardens and at the same time provides them with quite a strong
fixation. Therefore, they cannot be washed off with either shampoo or soap.
They cannot be removed with a regular comb. Even
after treatment, they still hold their hair. How to remove them
with hair. There are several tools that we have now and

  1. Vinegar. Previously, this tool was considered the most
    best and effective. It was believed that he kills nits, but later
    it turned out that it is not. It only destroys the adhesive.
    Therefore, combing was faster and easier. In 100 ml of vinegar
    dissolved 300 ml of water. Well wet your head, put on the package
    made of polyethylene or a specially designed cap.
    Twenty minutes later you need to comb out the nits and wash everything.
    water vinegar
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. She helps well
    get rid of lice because it destroys that substance with
    of which they are firmly attached to the hair. Hydrogen peroxide
    so good that the nits begin to crumble from the head. For
    processing must be diluted with water (1: 3). After put on the package
    on your head and wait half an hour. After this time is required
    wash off all hair and combing. But you should know
    that after such a procedure, the hair will be slightly lighter. hydrogen peroxide
  3. Chemerichnaya water. This drug can
    purchased at any pharmacy. It is very effective and good at
    fight nits. The great advantage of chemeric water
    is that it does not harm the hair at all, and even
    on the contrary, strengthens them. Chemerichnaya water
  4. Juices. It helps to get rid of nits very well.
    cranberry juice. It destroys their goo better than they do.
    any chemical means. But cranberry juice is not easy
    to purchase. Instead, you can take lemon juice or acid. On
    one glass of water is applied one teaspoon of acid. Such
    the way will very well affect the hair, make it soft and
    smooth, without spoiling their structure. cranberry juice
  5. Olive oil. Very good remedy for
    nits, which favorably acts on the hair, nourishing, moisturizing,
    accelerating their growth and restoring structure. With his help
    combing becomes less painful and unpleasant. Olive oil

After these tools, combing nits will be much easier and
the process will take less time.

How to comb nits

After treatment, the hair can proceed to the procedure itself.
combing nits. To do this, you must perform
a number of conditions:

  1. choose a well-lit place;
  2. Spread white paper or cloth for a better view;
  3. after treatment, wash your hair with shampoo;
  4. comb the brush thoroughly;
  5. long hair on one side gather in the tail;
  6. Gradually separate the thin strands for combing.


Only in this case will you be sure that not a single hair
missed, so tune in to a long and long procedure.
To make it easier to comb the nits, you can lightly moisten your hair or
process a special conditioner. Processing must
run from root to tip of the hair very

Scrubbing needs to be done on wet or dry hair?

Dry hair is not very effective to comb, as on them
live lice may remain, and the ridge is quite difficult to pass.
through dry hair, especially if they are also confused. Exactly
therefore it is advisable to rinse the hair first with
shampoo (regular or special). If you wash your hair
a simple shampoo, then you need to apply after washing the spray from
head lice. Then lightly dry your hair and proceed to
combing out hair

What can be combed nits – suitable tools

In order to get rid of lice and nits, you need a special
tool – comb or comb. The most important difference is the usual
comb from specialized is the frequency of teeth and their
length. They may also differ in the material from which
fulfilled or form. So the specialized comb should
be tough, have small and rounded ends. Exactly
this form does not hurt your scalp with multiple
combing out It also perfectly separates the hair from
hair, scrubbing even mote less than one millimeter.
This tool will be easier and faster to comb out all
parasites without damaging either the hair or the scalp.

Are there ways without using scallops?

Lice can be noticed at any time. What if
you don’t have a comb or a special comb, how to be? Of course
however, it is impossible to make it without scallops, but you can try
next option:

  1. Go to the nearest store, stall or tent for a comb.
  2. Choose one that has a high frequency of teeth.
  3. Thread from teeth to edge.
  4. Spread your hair into thin strands and slowly go through
    him comb from the very roots to the tips.

comb with fine teeth

If you can not buy a comb, try
pick up their nails and slowly pull down.

Combs for professionals

With professional tools, nits are much easier to comb out.
therefore, they can be ordered online on the website or try
buy at the pharmacy. The most popular models are:
AntiV; Lice Guard; Nitty Gritty Nit Free Comb. AntiV

ATTENTION! Choosing a comb, pay attention to
the fact that for short hair fit those products that have teeth
small, and for long – oblong.

There is also a model that is different from its predecessors.
the fact that a current is flowing through her teeth. It is absolutely safe for
man, but for nits and lice there is no – he paralyzes them. it
helps to re-try lice climb on the hair.

Types of combs – plastic, wood, metal

There are several types of ridges. They are made from different
material – plastic, wood, metal. Besides this, the ridges are still
are electric. Consider each of them:

  1. Plastic. They can be purchased at any
    store, but only they are not effective. Teeth often bend, and
    devoid of cuts, which are necessary during combing, because
    without them, it’s pretty hard to do. Plastic
  2. Wood. Much stronger than plastic, but
    also do not have notches. Also are ineffective. wooden
  3. Metallic. Very durable teeth
    spaced at a distance of less than 1 mm. They have
    micro-notches, which are very helpful in combing parasites.
    This product is very effective. Metal

TOP 3 best brand comb (scallops)

Consider the most popular models of branded hairbrushes:

  1. The brand has gained wide popularity throughout the world.
    RobiComb. The main purpose of this tool
    is the detection and destruction of lice in humans. It is made of
    of stainless steel. It works like this – when a louse is between
    her teeth breaks an electric current, while paralyzing. After
    This louse dies within 60 minutes. The cost of this
    combs is about two thousand rubles. RobiComb
  2. Antiv comb is an unusual relief,
    which is provided with rounded teeth. It does not harm the hair and not
    provokes dandruff. The cost of this product
    makes from one and a half to two thousand rubles. Antiv
  3. A worthy alternative to the above tools is
    comb firm Nith Free. She is very reliable
    Suitable for all hair types. It has an optimal tooth length.
    Does not harm the hair and copes well with what is put in front of her
    challenge The cost of this crest is about one thousand.
    rubles. nit free

Can I comb out lice and nits without treatment

You can, of course, comb it out, but only if you have
special combs. You must first wash your hair
and at least use some of the tools that will help
destroy the sticky substance by which the nits are attached to
your hair, otherwise it will be quite difficult to do. BUT
then you need to use a comb or specialized
brand comb, which one is up to you. shampoo shampoo

How long to comb the nits after processing

It is better to approach this issue carefully and
thoroughly. All on this procedure will take different
amount of time. It all depends on the length, the number of affected
hair and, of course, their thickness. It is necessary to remember that for
it cannot be achieved once, so the procedure will be
need to be repeated often. It is advisable to do this through
every two hours during the week. combing

How to comb nits in a child

Seeing your child’s lice or nits urgently needed
start combing them out. With boys this problem
will be solved much faster and easier as they have short
hair, but with girls it will be much more difficult. Will have to attach
A lot of strength and patience to save your child from these
parasites. nits in a child

IMPORTANT! In no case in the treatment of pediculosis in
child do not resort to such folk remedies as kerosene
or dichlorvos. They are very toxic!

Now on the shelves there is a huge selection
Anti-pediculosis remedies such as: shampoos, sprays, lotions and
much more. They can be bought at any pharmacy.

What are hair after comb lice and nits

It is noticed that after the procedure of combing parasites
hair becomes rather stiff, coarse and brittle.
This is due to the fact that low-quality inventory was used.
You can also observe dry skin, which can lead to
dandruff. dry hair

What if the nits are not combed out?

It is often observed that after repeated combing
parasites do not fall away, what to do in this case? For
facilitate this procedure using tools that destroy
sticky composition with which nits are attached to your
hair. After the special treatment, rinse
hair once again specialized shampoo and give it lightly
dry, then proceed to combing. combing

How often should the procedure be performed?

For safety it is necessary to carry out this procedure.
once a week. This will increase your chances that
The disease will finally disappear. Wash your head again and
brushing with a comb.

Is it possible to completely get rid of lice combing

You can get rid of lice and nits by combing
only if the hair was treated before
heads. Otherwise, the louse will be alive, and will be able to re-jump to
to your head, laying eggs again. head

Other methods of getting rid of lice and nits

There are other ways to get rid of parasites, it is:

  • drugs;
  • shampoos;
  • folk remedies. shampoo at home


When using the drug must be processed
affected skin. Here are some of them:

  1. Nittifor. It happens in the form of a cream or lotion. is he
    eliminates not only lice, but also from fleas and scabies mites.
    Nittifor (cream)
  2. Here. Very effective remedy. During
    application of parasites leads to death by asphyxiation.
    Suitable for both adults and children. Nuda
  3. Pair plus. This aerosol is fast and effective.
    fights parasites. Apply the product to the entire surface, as
    head and hair. Couple plus
  4. Pedilin. Available in the form of a solution that
    applied to the scalp and hair. After treatment with this agent
    You need to wash ready diluted vinegar. In a week all
    repeat. Pedilin

It must be remembered that, since they have contraindications,
need to read the instructions.


In addition to drugs there is a huge amount
protivopedikuleznyh shampoos. Here are some of them:

  1. Veda It kills both lice and larvae, but
    just not nits. Also, this tool destroys the adhesive,
    therefore facilitates the subsequent combing nits. Shampoo needed
    Apply to hair for 30-40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Means
    non-toxic, non-irritating. But for the greatest
    effectiveness of the procedure must be repeated at least two
    times. Veda
  2. Hygia Means perfectly applied to the whole
    the surface of the head and hair, while not damaging them and not causing
    skin irritation. The composition includes acetic acid, which
    destroys the adhesive, which further simplifies the procedure
    combing It is applied to the hair for 20-25 minutes, after which
    washed off thoroughly. The remedy is contraindicated in children under five.
    years, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Hygia Shampoo
  3. Paranit. It has a choking effect on
    the parasite. Kills all lice and nits. Not suitable for children under three.
    years, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. It must be applied
    for ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    Re-processing is necessary. Paranit

Folk remedies

There are many folk remedies used by ours.
grandmothers Here are some of them:

  • kerosene; kerosene
  • lemon, cranberry or pomegranate juice; lemon juice
  • cranberry; Cranberry
  • vinegar; acetic acid
  • decoction of coniferous branches. decoction of coniferous branches

Folk remedies are quite effective, but not so
as medication. It also needs to be very
cautious, as they can harm not only the hair, but also


So we see that fighting with lice and nits
not just necessary, but necessary. Get in your first aid kit
special tools and of course the appropriate tools. it
will allow you to be always ready for pediculosis. The sooner you
start treatment, the faster you get rid of these parasites.

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