How to combine colors in manicure?

Diversify a manicure, without wasting time on painstaking painting,
You can paint your nails in two or more colors or different
shades of one color scale. The combination of colors in manicure today
in trend, but you need to be able to combine the shades and patterns of varnish
right. To make the manicure look stylish and fashionable, and not tasteless and
gone, a little take two or more colorful varnishes and make up
nails, you need to be able to pick matching


  • Basics of color combination of varnish
  • Monochromatic combination of nail polishes
  • Achromatic combination in manicure
  • Color contrast in manicure
  • What is a related combination of shades?
  • Crib winning combinations of varnishes

Basics of color combination of varnish

Monochrome coloring looks very boring, even if the manicure
very bright, so nail art is increasingly common with several
colors varnishes on the nails. To beautifully make up the nails with
using colored varnishes you need to know some

  • combination of color and texture;
  • the allocation of another shade of one or two fingers (middle and
    nameless, big and nameless);
  • smooth color transition on one nail (ombre);
  • it is better to paint with varnishes of one company;
  • when ombre manicure you need to apply finish colorless
  • shades and colors should complement each other.

There are several types of color combinations in manicure:
monochromatic, achromatic, complimentary
(contrast), akin. Consider these and other winning
combinations of multi-colored manicure.

Combination of colors in manicure

Monochromatic combination of nail polishes

Monochromatic manicure looks very easy and soft.
The monochrome combination is a combination of all variety
shades and tones within the same color, from the lightest to
the darkest. This is the simplest in the selection, but
harmonious combination. The consonance of tones among themselves is very important.
Shades should be in the same color range and differ only
saturation and lightness of color, excluding dilution by others
in tones.

For example: purple and lilac, lilac and lavender, dark
Herbal green and tender green, dark blue and blue, warm
brown and muted orange. At the same time, shades should
be in the color wheel next to each other on a small
the distance.

Calm tones can be combined with bright and vivid colors,
dark and light shades of varnish: cornflower blue and sky blue,
turquoise and lime, purple and violet, emerald with color
aquamarine, azure with aquamarine, etc. You can
paint the nails the same basic color, highlighting the free tip
or smile line one of its shades.

Monochromatic combination

Achromatic combination in manicure

This type of manicure is always popular, because it
classic. Achromatic manicure is a combination of black,
gray and white as a base. And most importantly
– with these universal colors perfectly harmonize all the others
colors and shades. In the same category can be attributed pastel colors
(beige, nude), which perfectly combines juicy bright
shades of red, blue, pink, green.

The most famous achromatic combination is the black and white version.
manicure that looks stylish and elegant. However within
In this category, you can safely experiment by combining the basic
black with gold, silver and red hues; gray with pink
white with blue or blue. Or just three colors – red, black,
white or gray, silver and black, multi-colored dots on white
manicure, etc.

White and gray varnishes look great in any color combination.
Nude shades are best used with warm tones. But black
varnish will be an excellent companion with deep bright colors. To
the composition looked harmonious, you need to focus on the patterns,
non-standard forms of lines or decorate nails with decor.

Achromatic color combination

Color contrast in manicure

The brightest, bold and eye-catching manicure are nails,
dyed in contrasting colors. Complimentary combination –
This is a combination of two shades of different colors, but one
tonality. That is, you need to apply either only
pastel shades, either saturated or acidic or dark.
For example, purple and yellow, coral and turquoise, lemon and
pastel lilac, ultramarine and orange, emerald and

Correctly selected shades will add zest to the everyday
manicure making it bright and interesting. It does not have much
values, how these colors will be located – on different nails or
on one nail plate. Anyway correct
the complementary color combination in manicure will look
impeccable. But the combination is too far from each other shades
will look tasteless.

Contrast Manicure

What is a related combination of shades?

Speaking of kinship combination, I mean the combination of colors
located in the color wheel next to each other. This combination
looks harmonious and very calm, as opposed to contrasting
combinations. For example, very elegant looking nails painted
pairs of related shades like green and yellow
aubergine and navy blue, orange and red, purple and
blue, pink and dark blueberry.

It should be remembered about the combination of textures. So, pearl
varnish in combination with the Shimmer will look ridiculous. But sand
manicure on some nails and glitter or rhinestones on others will
look very harmonious. Or matte black with glossy
the free edge of the same color is either gold or silver. With neon or
do not use pastel colors and glitter

Crib winning combinations of varnishes

The ability to combine colors, shades and textures will create
beautiful, fashionable and stylish manicure that will attract
Attention. A brief guide to the combination of colors in manicure:

  1. Black – combined with any shades, but looks perfect with
    white, pink, red, orange, lilac, salad and
  2. White – beautiful in combination with any other color, but excellent
    combined with black, red and blue.
  3. Beige – a pleasant nude shade perfectly composed with
    chocolate, red, black, white, emerald and blue.
  4. Gray is the base color that can be combined with such
    ambiguous shades like fuchsia, blue, light pink,
    crimson, purple, classic blue.
  5. Lemon – it will look beautiful with cherry, brown,
    gray and blue.
  6. Yellow – purple, light blue, black,
    purple, azure, reddish hues and brown.
  7. Red – with this classic color perfectly combined
    black, white, brown, blue, yellow and green.
  8. Orange – will look with purple, black, white,
    cherry, blue, blue, rich purple, olive.
  9. Pink – combined with a gentle mint, olive, coffee,
    soft blue, with a touch of damask rose, turquoise.
  10. Fuchsia – this capricious color can be tried to combine with
    short, gray and yellow brown, with lime, chocolate, green
    mint and blue.
  11. Cherry – you can try to link with light yellow,
    beige, azure, gray and light orange.
  12. Brown – Classic goes well with bright blue,
    fawn, pink, cream, green; light brown – with
    red, pale yellow, magenta, green; dark brown – with
    mint, lime green, blue, lemon yellow.
  13. Green – can be combined with orange, yellow, cream,
    white, light green, pink, golden brown, dark orange and
  14. Turquoise – nicely combined with cream, cherry,
    dark purple, brown, yellow, fuchsia.
  15. Blue – gray, red, pink, brown will suit it
    white, yellow and juicy orange.
  16. Blue – a classic color combined with green, light purple,
    gray, orange, pale yellow, yellowish green and
    red and pink.
  17. Purple – golden brown, peppermint,
    turquoise, light orange, light yellow and gray.
  18. Lilac – perfectly combined with orange, pink, yellow,
    dark purple, olive, white and gray.

Whatever type of combination is chosen, the color combination in
Manicure should be literate. If the intended combination is not
found in the above description, you need to listen to
own intuition. If the selected combination does not “cut” the eyes and
does not cause internal discomfort, then you can safely rely on
positive internal response.

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