How to cope with the problem hair loss after childbirth

The gestation period is the most wonderful time in life.
every woman. Still would! She carries a new life – small
little man and preparing to become a mother, and that means to fulfill his
main purpose. It is during this period that all women
especially beautiful and good. Their looks just glow
Happiness and attracts the eye of passersby. Skin, nails, and especially
hair – everything is perfect and full of health.

pregnancy However, after giving birth, this beauty is suddenly
grows dull – skin becomes tired, nails exfoliate and break, and
hair and even worse – begin to fall out actively. What happened? AT
what is the cause of such radical changes and in particular the loss
hair after childbirth, the treatment of which has to deal with young

It is these three factors in the most direct way, not only
negatively affect the general condition of women, but also lead to
hair loss after childbirth, the treatment of which is reduced to the first
turn to minimize their impact.

A little more about the factors of hair loss after childbirth

The content of the article:

  • A little more about the factors of hair loss after childbirth
  • How to deal with hair loss factors
  • Features of hair care after childbirth

Quite often, in the postpartum period, women appear
complaints as to the general condition of the hair – dullness, loss of color,
cross-section, and more serious problems – loss and
pulling out the shreds when combing. And those and other complaints
primarily due to hormonal imbalance, which
is a completely natural process.

Hormone levels of hCG during and after pregnancy | Create

Just during pregnancy in the body of a woman actively
hormone estrogen was produced, which supported not only the general
health condition, but also stimulated hair activity
the bulbs, because of what the hair looked beautiful and healthy. AT
the postpartum period, the active production of the hormone stopped, and
the very state of the woman has become much better.

kid Stress, constant fatigue and lack of sleep – all this
integral components in the care of the baby. And if here
add breastfeeding, which deprives her of a large number
nutrients then it becomes quite obvious why hair
They began to look so bad, fall out and be torn out by shreds.

stress after childbirth

Treatment of hair loss after giving birth should be started.
immediately, otherwise, the existing problem may
lead to focal hair loss, the treatment of which is much
more difficult and carried out exclusively by experts.

How to deal with hair loss factors

First of all, you need to understand that the postpartum state
special when both the woman herself and her body need
attention, support and extra care aimed at
early recovery.


Hair care after childbirth and
It is necessary to begin with the elimination of the factors that
negatively affect them.

Causes of hair loss
Factor Methods of elimination
Hormonal imbalance Ideally, after 3-4 months, the hormonal balance itself
recover, but if the problems with its violation are too obvious
(mood swings, malaise, active hair loss and
brittle nails), then you need to immediately consult a doctor
endocrinologist and trichologist, who will appoint the appropriate
Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep Try to change your daily routine and adjust to
baby: he sleeps, and mother must sleep, he is awake, and mother must
something to do. Spend more time outdoors without
get upset over trifles and try to enjoy life
Lack of nutrients Continue taking multivitamins1, focus on
eating foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamins A, B and

Note1: reception of multivitamins, usually being
pregnant women to promote their own health and
normal fetal development. But after giving birth women stop them.
take, believing that the need is no longer there. It is not right,
because now they are also needed and help restore
Mommy’s health, especially if she is breastfeeding. Especially this
important in the care of brittle hair and rare by nature.

Features of hair care after childbirth

In order for the hair after childbirth to retain its blooming appearance,
Caring for them should begin even during pregnancy and should be worn.
thorough and continuous. Moreover, to organize it
simply by yourself and at home.

Hair care during pregnancy and after childbirth
should include the following steps:
Stage care Actions and means
the washing up Regular, with the use of a series of firming shampoos on
based on herbs and oils
Combing Regular, using soft massage brushes and combs
from natural material
Fortification Regular masks of rye bread, warm whey and
egg yolk
Nutrition Regular rubbing of burdock, olive or
castor oil, jojoba oil
Extra care Haircut hot scissors, sun protection, ban
on the use of hair dryer and chemical dyes

These same simple and effective methods can be used when
treatment of pulling hair on the head. However, it should be remembered that
if within 2-3 months, they do not give any effect, and
falling out and pulling shreds continues then follows
contact a specialist trichologist who will appoint a special

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