How to cope with the problem porous hair

Curls or they do not want to go to the right style, push,
break, split, tangle after washing, quickly get dirty – everything
these are signs of porous hair whose treatment is designed to return them
normal structure and give a beautiful appearance.

The structure of the hair and the concept of porosity

The content of the article:

  • The structure of the hair and the concept of porosity
  • Causes of porosity and its treatment

Each human hair consists of three layers, the outer of
which is keratin, consisting of scales, tightly fitting
to each other on the type of tile on the roof. Exactly
keratin layer (cuticle), or rather its scales, are called
protect the internal structure from external influences, including
and unfavorable.

hair structure If the scales of the keratin layer are tight
adjacent to each other, the curls look healthy, shiny and
repels moisture and dirt well. They are like mirror smooth surface
reflecting light from itself and repelling all external influences. AND
on the contrary, the loose they open up the internal structure
strands, because of what shine is lost, they quickly get confused and have the appearance
Bast, and ready to absorb everything from the outside. That’s what it is
porous hair, treatment of which must begin with the definition
the degree of damage on which the choice of method actually depends
to restore them.

The degree of hair porosity and their treatment methods
Degree of porosity The state of the outer layer (cuticle) Hair characteristic Necessary methods and means
Low Good and tightly closed Dry, good repellent Regular care with high alkaline levels
(high pH) that raise scales and facilitate penetration
nutrients inside (shampoo
Normal Fine Normal type Regular care with normal hair products
(shampoos, balms, masks, styling products)
High Damaged, open Everything (moisture, products) easily absorbs, but does not hold well Regular care with low alkaline products
(low pH), intense balsams, masks, oils and capsules for

Causes of porosity and its treatment

Treatment of porous hair should begin with eliminating the causes
which led to this state. And there are several such reasons:

  • abuse of styling devices – hair dryer, curling iron,
  • abuse of staining especially in radical
  • use for washing hard water and products with high
  • lack of protection from adverse natural factors – heat,
    cold, ultraviolet radiation, precipitation.

It is a fundamental change in their own habits and preferences.
will help to suspend further destruction of the keratin layer and
prevent its porosity.

In addition, there is a special type of strands, which themselves
itself, by nature, is already porous – it is curly. Their
the surface is as if twisted because of what the scales do not fit
tight to each other and the internal structure becomes vulnerable.

Treatment of curly hair as the direct involves the same
the use of tools that help smooth the cuticle and
return it to a normal, healthy state – these are special
capsules for hair treatment.

Having in its composition the necessary
minerals, vitamins C, E, PP, B5 and amino acids, capsules
for hair treatment not only perform the function of nutrition and moisturizing,
but also glue the cuticle, as if enveloping curls. Apply them
must be regularly, every time after washing the head, evenly
distributing the contents of the capsule over the entire length of the hair. Content
capsules do not require rinsing and the first effect is usually noticeable
already after 2 – 3 times of application. In general, the course lasts about 1.5 – 2
months. After that, the restored hair should be protected from
traumatic factors – the causes that lead to their

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