How to curl hair at home rectifier?

how to curl hair ironingThere is not a single girl who
does not seek to bring something new and beautiful into its image,
Of course, fashionable. This explains the constant experiments.
women over their appearance. More
in all cases, the hair gets in such cases, since everything is impossible
time to go with the same hairstyle or haircut.

Delightful curls always attract special attention.
surrounding However, there are girls who think that to make such
stacking yourself they can not afford, and constant visits
beauty salons have significant damage to the financial situation.
Now this style is on the shoulder of every girl. And help in this –
Just do not be surprised – hair straightener. You are interested in how
curl hair straightener? Then by all means read the article before
the end.

Choosing a good rectifier

The iron for hair is really ingenious invention. It
able not only to tame naughty curls, giving them gloss and
silky, but it is also great to lay curls, making them more
shiny and well maintained. That’s just not so simple with this
tool as it may seem at first glance. Very important
to choose the right straightener that will help your hair
look great on any day and in any weather.

We list something that should pay special attention.

  • Cover plates ironing. Please note that the plates
    There are two types: metal and ceramic. First render
    there is enough negative impact on the hair, there is even a risk
    get burned The reason for this phenomenon in the uneven heating
    plates. A much more gentle option – ceramic coating: for
    due to sustainable heat conduction they provide hair
    safe smoothing. Special hair care will help
    carry out ion-ceramic or tourmaline coating. Its essence
    is to produce negatively charged ions that are carefully
    take care of your hair, saving them from drying out and giving them
    luxurious shine.

Important! There are no completely safe coatings. Any
heat damage hair. Can only a few
minimize this unpleasant effect, but finally protect yourself from
it will not work.

  • The width of the plates. Ironing is best for long hair
    with a fairly wide working surface. But if you put in front
    a task not only to straighten hair, but sometimes to create
    enviable curls, then prefer narrow models.
  • Thermoregulation function. Maximum temperature of modern
    rectifiers is 200 ° C. It is better that you can regulate
    temperature Since the higher it is, the more harm you do
    your hair
  • A sufficient number of convenient attachments. With their help, any
    hair will acquire some uniqueness.
  • Manufacturing firm. Do not rush to buy the first available
    eyes iron. Ask a store consultant for advice, talk to
    friends who have been using it for some time
    miracle tool. Only then boldly commit
  • The appearance of the rectifier. In addition to the quality of the device must
    pay attention to how comfortable it is to hold in your hand and
    of course, on its appearance. Remember that the process of hair styling with
    using ironing should be comfortable in all plans.

How to use hair straightener correctly

how to use a rectifierThe first thing to do before
how to start creating curls is exactly how to use
hair straightener correctly. Otherwise you will not get
desired result. And the effort will be absolutely
in vain.

The ironing itself must be used as follows: take a part of the hair, clamp it
her iron, which must be held with the right hand, and, starting with the
roots, gently and slowly lead to the tips. For achievement
the desired result is recommended immediately after the ironing
comb You also need to remember one thing: iron needed
hold along the entire length of the hair, not stopping, so that there is no

How to curl hair straightener: simple ways

Standard perm with rectifier

After your hair is washed and dried, do not forget
apply a special spray or balsam that protects them in
process of laying rectifier. This must be done before
You will start using the hair straightener directly.

Now divide the hair into several strands (for convenience
use ordinary hairpins). After that, start creating
curls with a straightener: alternately take a strand and clamp it
ironing as close as possible to the base of the hair. Then just lead
rectifier down, do not forget to simultaneously scroll it, so
This way he will help to wind the desired curls. Let’s open one secret:
the stronger the movement, the clearer and more incredible
You will have an elastic curl in the end result.

This perm does not tolerate haste. You can not grab a big
the amount of hair, otherwise beautiful curls will not work and the effect will be
insignificant. Pay attention to even a minor strand.
The final chord of the wave is the separation of the hair with the fingers, without
use comb. Hold the result will help varnish
for hair.

How beautifully wind the hair: perm from the tips

We will acquaint you with another easy way to easily
wind the hair straightener. So start the process of curling not from
root, as usual, but from the tips. This is done like this: iron
scrolls up to the inside, we end up with
desired curl. Without haste, we reach the root. Such manipulations
repeat with each strand.

Before you make a curl straightener, plan in advance how
You put them in the hair. The image must be thought out to the smallest detail
only then will it be noticed by others and appreciated
not only by you.

Having learned how to wind your hair properly with an iron, you can
create different textures and effects in styling with this
Wonderful device. The main thing is to attach maximum imagination and not to forget
about hair care. And do not get carried away too often
using a rectifier – everywhere you need a measure.

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