How to curl hair on rags?

how to wind the hair on ragsCute spice curls
always in fashion and fit almost all women. For curling
hair the beautiful half of humanity uses the most
various ways. However, not all methods are gentle.
In order not to damage your curls and make a beautiful hair, even with
long time many women of fashion used improvised means
for example, ordinary cloth scraps. If you want to repeat this
experience in modern ladies may be quite a logical question
– how to twist hair on rags?

The whole process does not take much time and does not require much
labor, you only need a couple of times to try to get
experience and skill. As a result, the question of how to curl hair on
rags, will cease to be difficult.

Preparation of necessary materials and important recommendations

To get beautiful and strong curls without creases, you need before
winding curls to prepare the necessary materials. For this
would need:

  1. ordinary cotton fabric;
  2. scissors;
  3. hairbrush.

The fabric should be cut into pieces, the length and number of which
depends on the thickness and length of the hair. Commonly used patches
about 10-15 cm long and from 1 to 5 cm wide. It is possible to wind
the hairs on the cloths themselves, or wind small paper on the cloth
squares 5×5 cm

In order for curls to be preserved for a long time, you need to additionally
use any styling agent: gel, foam or mousse.
Before curling your hair on rags, you must necessarily
shampoo your hair well and rinse with conditioner. After
This should be dried them out a little with a towel.
Curling will be resistant and curls more resilient if
wind the hair overnight. As a result, even the owners do not
very thick curls will get a lush and elegant hair.

The process of winding hair on rags

To curls turned out beautiful and without creases, you need to correctly
wind the hair on rags. All actions should be performed
in stages.

  1. Before curling your hair on rags, you need to carefully
    comb curls. Then it is necessary to separate one strand of medium length and
    process it with a styling agent.
  2. Next, the end of the curl needs to be fixed in a knot in the central
    pieces of cloth scraps, then twirl the hair on the necessary
    length To secure the cloth, you need to tie it on the knot. Important
    know that the thinner the strand, the more effective the curling will look
    and the longer it lasts.
  3. To enhance the effect, it is necessary to create a thermal environment and cover
    head scarf.
  4. Cloths should be on the hair for at least four hours, for
    A good perm will require a whole night. When it’s time to shoot
    improvised curlers, it should be done slowly, slowly, to
    hair is not tangled.
  5. It is necessary to carefully untie the knot of cloth and unleash
    curled strand. After which a wide comb or fingers to separate
    formed curl.

At first it may seem that doing curls with the help of cloth
quite a long and troublesome. But actually, if you try
several times perform such a perm, in the future the whole process will be
take quite a bit of time. Besides women who often
use a similar way, claim that time for a similar
perm need no more than styling using

The main advantages of curling on rags

the benefits of curling hair on ragsTry at least once
wind the hair on the shreds of the fabric is still worth it, since this
The method has many advantages. If you practice a bit,
the result of winding the hair on the cloth will be no worse than when
use of professional tools. Curls come out
uniform and elastic. At the same time wrapped on shreds
hair is not injured, curls are not burned, as when using
curling irons or thermal rollers.

Another undeniable advantage is the ability to twist hair
for the night because it is comfortable to sleep with rags on your head, there is no feeling
discomfort. Among other things, wind in this way the hair and
you can make charming curls even in the most extreme
conditions. For example, if the curling iron broke, the electricity was cut off.
or there is no time to visit a hairdresser for professional

In addition, you can make an excellent styling with a minimum
necessary materials – unnecessary scrapes will always be found in any
house. Using cloth, you can even twist the hair of children, and
Do not worry about the health of curls little fashionistas.

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