How to cut hair with a machine?

how to cut hair with a typewriter

Haircut hair typewriter is particularly common in men. More often
Such haircuts are made in the summer when the weather is hot. Haircuts
a typewriter is a unique thing that will never lower your
popularity rating. Make a neat and trendy hairstyle so
in a simple way, even at home. Technique haircuts
machine easily mastered. All you need is to know how
to use it professionally.

What machine should I pick for hair cutting?

Before you cut the hair with the machine, you need to
to choose the right device. This is one of the most important.
aspects for this technology haircuts. When you decide to do
haircuts constantly, it would be better to get a professional
electric car. Because professional equipment
will last you longer and work better. To easily distinguish
its from the usual, without fail check the quality of the blades and
tool weight After all, as a rule, professional equipment
much harder than usual.

If you are a beginner hairdresser, you can purchase an inexpensive
equipment of any German company. They usually live up to expectations. TO
the price is not too high, which allows anyone to
purchase it. High-quality assembly of the device will allow you
use an electric car for a very long time. Standard in set
to the device there are additional nozzles of wider range
actions that apply to all kinds of haircuts.

Before you start a haircut, it is worth to learn
a few simple rules that in the future will simplify the work at home.
First, in no case can cut wet
a head of hair. Over time, after such a haircut, the blade will be
become dull and soon lose its performance. Shorten
It should be extremely dry hair.

Secondly, it is not recommended to cut hair longer than 5 cm.
Such a shortening will only hurt. After all, instead of cutting
hair, she will pull them out. It will not be so for a man
it hurts, but for a small child it is very noticeable. This difficulty
solved quickly. How to cut? Shear unnecessary length
scissors and boldly proceed to cut with the device.

Another rule, the observance of which will facilitate your work at home.
It should accurately keep the electric machine in hand. This will allow
you not only carefully trim the hair, but also set the desired
direction. The device should be held tightly to avoid

The thumb must be placed on the top cover of the case, and
the other four clasp the machine from the bottom panel. Everything
movements should be done slowly, from the bottom up, in the mandatory
okay against hair. When it is difficult to cope with curls, you can
hold them with a scallop.

Begin a haircut from the edges of the hair lines on the neck, slowly moving
to the crown. After that, you should start cutting the occipital
parts, and only at the end go to the temporal zone. From nozzle length
depends on the length of the haircut.

Haircut hair typewriter. How to cut the house? Different techniques

Before you start work, you are supposed to comb your hair in
according to a simple scheme. On the back of the head hair should
comb to the side of the neck, on the crown, forward to the forehead, and on the temples –
along the line to the ear. Haircut should start from the forehead.

If curls in front are too long, you should stab them on the forehead.
The device must be installed at the beginning of hair growth, while
lifting them up. First, the best way to cut hair with a long head
in the parietal zone, gently dropping down to the zone of the temples.

You have already made sure that there is nothing complicated: it should be good
flatten hair and drive the machine against their growth. To cut
evenly and quickly, you need to do a lot of movement. Tool
must be tightly pressed, and in no case can not be changed during
shearing time tilt angle.

The quality of the haircut will be directly proportional to the implementation of the rules:
thoroughness of combing hair and uniform holding a typewriter.
For convenience, always hold the comb in your left hand, and the machine in
right. So you can always do everything quickly.

Different techniques of cutting at home

This type of cutting technique is one of the easiest. Cut worth
from the forehead. Cut the hair in strips from the middle, then move
on the left side, making the strip a little farther from the middle.
The last two bands will be near the ear. In the same way
we cut the right side.

different techniques of cutting machineNozzle needs to be reduced by two
size. Suppose you used a 10 mm nozzle, which means
take in 8 mm or 6 mm. Carefully bend the head of a man and
we carry out the device from the bottom of the head to the top, not forgetting well
to press the tool. Reaching the crown, tearing the device,
making a smooth transition between hair length. Without changing the nozzle, you can
shear and whiskey.

At the very end, an edging is performed. It is done without help.
any nozzle. The finishing touch needs to be done extremely
neatly so as not to spoil the work already done. At convenience
edging around the ears bend the ear with the help of the left
fingertips. On the back of the head they cut a straight line, and in the end they go to
temples. After this process is complete.

After the haircut is required to clean all used
you nozzles This will give you a guarantee that the device will serve
long. It is also recommended to disinfect the machine.

As you have seen, cut hair with different types of machines
The home environment is pretty easy. All you need to
to get a haircut at home is a quality tool, a little knack and,
Of course, compliance with all important points of the rules.

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