How to cut straight and oblique bangs

how to cut a bangBy adding or removing bangs, you can
change significantly. If you make a bang, it will reduce the year and face
will become more mischievous and young. How to cut a bang,
know in beauty salons, but it can be done at home
conditions. You can mow slanting or straight bangs, thereby
playing up the imperfections of the face. In order to properly cut
bangs at home, requires accuracy, a little imagination and skill
own thinning scissors.

Eternal fashion

To cut straight bangs is quite simple, the main task when
This cut so that the line of edging was smooth. She shears
on wet hair, but if it is wavy, then you should not wet it,
to immediately see the result.

So, it is required to select a lock. Usually bangs are made in the shape
triangle, but can be made in the shape of a rectangle,
modern fashion allows it. The strand is separated from the main mass
hair and stab them so as not to interfere. The remaining strand need
visually divided into three horizontal parts. Lowest part
comb comb, and the other two stab.

Scissors shears off a strand of desired length. It does not follow
forget that, having dried, the hair will rise, because cutting is required
1 centimeter longer. In which case the hair can be properly
trim when they are dried. Next you need to comb the second
the horizontal part, and scissors need to cut 2 mm longer
first row.

Thanks to this, the installation will be much easier. Cut the third
the row should be the same as the second one, that is 2 mm longer
previous.To give a pomp, you need to go
thinning scissors on bangs.


If you do not know how to cut oblique bangs, it is better to turn to
specialist or friend. But this is not necessary, you can try and
the most. In any case, even if it doesn’t work the first time,
any style is in fashion now, and even a short bang will look
very good

First you need to decide what oblique bangs want what length
see on your face. Properly cut this bang a little
harder than straight. If the face is square, round or
oval shape, then you should cut a long oblique fringe.

You can cut it on dry or wet hair. Need to
decide on the angle of inclination, and then pinch your hair with your fingers and
cut diagonally. Which side is preferable, decide
you. To cut the bangs correctly is not an easy task, but if
the hand shook, the bangs can always be slightly shortened or turn in
hair salon.

After the extra hair will be cut, you want to cut
small jagged strands that are knocked out, and then walk
felirovochnymi scissors to give pomp. It is worth noting,
that for oblique bangs need straight, thick and shiny hair. And for
it is necessary to properly care for your hair and time to cut
split ends.

How to make hair shiny?

how to make hair shinyThere are basic rules that
help make hair beautiful, thick and shiny. After washing
heads do not need to quickly comb them and rub with a towel, hoping
so that they quickly dry up. It only hurts them. It is better
wipe your hair with a silk scarf, such material will not
damage their surface.

In the summer, as well as in the winter, you need to wear a hat, as
the sun and frost will quickly make the hair dry and lifeless. Need to
reduce the use of pleyos, irons and hair dryers. It causes
additional harm. The beauty of the evening in this case will be expensive
cost. Be sure to nourish the scalp and the hair itself, for
What useful homemade masks and tinctures.

Mask with milk and sea buckthorn will help to add shine. For this
You need to mix 2 tablespoons of mashed berries with the same amount
white clay and milk, apply to the hair along the entire length. Time
actions – 30 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar will add shine to the hair, for which you need a dining room
a spoonful of this means diluted in a glass of boiled water, cool it
and rinse hair after washing.

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