How to deal with split hair?

damaged hair endsHow nice to see a girl with long
gorgeous hair. But only girls know how hard it is
they are given, because as soon as the hair length exceeds
thirty-centimeter line, they begin to exfoliate, break and
to fade. Why hair split and how to avoid it? Will consider
all possible causes of unhealthy hair and how they are

Improper care

This is the first and most common reason why split
and break the hair. First of all, the risk factors are frequent
dyeing, perm, hot blow dryer, straightening
ironing, curling curling or curlers. They make hair structure
more fragile, dry it up, resulting in small scales
the hair begins to separate and a cross section occurs. Hair split by
the entire length if you comb them wet and very rough

Many make the mistake of wanting to grow a long head of hair –
stop cutting hair. In fact, for healthy hair
It is very important to trim the tips regularly. On average do it
necessary every other month. If you have dry hair, better
do it more often – once a month and a half, and if fat, you can and less
– once every three months.


It turns out that each person has his own “hair length” –
This is a genetic predisposition of hair to a certain length.
In other words, good, strong hair you can grow only
to the level that is laid in your genetic code, and according to its
they simply begin to peel at the ends. therefore
watch the behavior of your hair – maybe it makes sense
stay at a comfortable length for them.

Lack of power

Most often, long hair lacks elemental – fluid.
Here, the advice is simple – drink more liquid, ideally 5 glasses.
water per day. It also happens that the body is lacking fatty
acids, which can be replenished, regularly eating nuts
and fatty fish. Avitaminosis is also able to worsen the condition of the hair.
Vitamins needed for hair – A, E, B and C. Their deficiency can
supplement by taking multivitamin complexes or by adjusting
healthy and varied diet.

What to do?

What to do when the hair is cut? First, eliminate all
physical irritants – irregular comb, hair dryer,
curling, etc. Secondly, start cutting hair regularly, like
This is described above. Third, do not forget about care for split ends.
tips in the winter – remove them under the outer clothing, because low
temperatures are excellent for stratification. Fourth, start
eat right. And, of course, cure split ends of hair
folk remedies will help, some of which will be considered


Treatment of split ends with kefir is very common. Can
use one kefir or together with other ingredients – to whom
like more to your liking. If you want to use the easiest
method, apply this fermented milk product on dry and clean
hair over the entire length. At the tips make a special emphasis. Then
lift the tips up, cover with a cellophane cap and
a towel. This mask is best done at night because time
her actions are at least eight hours. Wash away the usual

Good kefir and in combination with yeast. For such a mask is needed
a quarter cup of kefir and four grams of yeast. They need to be mixed and
put in heat to ferment the mixture. Then put everything on
hair and wait half an hour. Rinse off this mask with shampoo.

Sour cream with horseradish

split hairOther dairy product
– sour cream – also perfectly fights with stratified on the ends
hair And in combination with horseradish, it can work wonders, because
It improves blood circulation and hair growth. Take the horseradish root and
finely chop it. Spoon of sour cream mixed with a spoon
vegetable oil, add to them horseradish and apply on hair.
Cover with a hat and towel for half an hour and rinse with water.

Oil packs

They restore the hair structure very well, but apply
they need only those who have dry or normal hair type, and
optimal regularity – once a month. On the water bath is heated
oil (olive oil is best, but any other
vegetable). The amount of oil depends on the length: it must be
approximately equal to the amount of shampoo that you usually take on one
the washing up.

There add a teaspoon of lemon juice or birch, if
there is. Then carefully lubricate the hair mixture, rub it into the skin
heads. The head should be covered with cellophane and a warm towel for 2
an hour, after which the hair rinse with shampoo.


Henna is used not only for coloring hair, but also for their general
fortifications. After using henna, hair becomes noticeably thicker,
that is why ceases to split. Henna is bred in the same way as
staining, only the duration of the action is significantly reduced. If you
decide to use henna, more detailed instructions on
application will find directly on the packaging.

Egg benefits

split hairNo wonder the egg enters
The composition of many homemade hair masks, because its action
multifaceted. It helps not only to strengthen the hair structure, but also
fight dandruff and dullness. For example, egg yolk is good
mix with a tablespoon of burdock oil and one teaspoon
brandy and honey.

Wrap is done with a plastic bag or cap and
a towel. Waiting for an hour and everything is well washed off with shampoo. Also
the most can be done with another mixture – egg yolk, according to
tablespoon of vegetable oil and onion juice, a teaspoon
lime honey.

Herbs Rinse

Herbal rinses perfectly support strength and strength
hair. You can use them every time you wash your hair. For
Such wellness treatments fit two sets of herbs. The first
– sage, plantain and dandelion leaves, the second – chamomile, lime
color and birch leaf. All herbs are best to take in equal
proportions. Brew them need at the rate of one tablespoon per
a glass of boiling water. If you have very long hair, you will need
three or four glasses. Herbs are best brewed in enamel
container or thermos and let it brew for two hours. By
after this time the infusion is filtered and immediately

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