How to distinguish dandruff from nits and lice on hair

Dandruff and pediculosis appear almost equally. More
the whole person with these diseases is itchy. Know
distinguishing features that can detect dandruff
in humans and infection with lice is very important. How to distinguish dandruff from nits and lice

Because they are treated differently. In the case of pediculosis above
chance of infecting other people. The article reviews
distinguishing features of these two diseases as they are interrelated
and how they are treated.

How does dandruff differ from nits, how to identify parasites and
understand how to treat them

The content of the article:

  • How does dandruff differ from nits, how to identify parasites and
    understand how to treat them
  • How to understand whether a parasite hatched from an egg or not
  • How to distinguish nits from dandruff in a child
  • Do lice live on your head with dandruff?
  • Can there be dandruff after lice (after removing
    head lice?
  • Can dandruff cause pediculosis?
  • Are dandruff lice scared?
  • TOP 5 ways to treat dandruff
  • TOP 5 ways to treat lice and nits

Similar whitish hair scales appear at
seborrheic dermatitis and pediculosis. They are accompanied by itchy skin.
head and grubby hair. They are easily confused with each other,
especially if a person sees them for the first time and is not familiar with
manifestations of the disease. But the difference between them exists and
determined by the naked eye. To do this, do not
examine the scales under the microscope.

Dandruff is called patchy skin epithelium patches,
located under the hair. It is formed in large quantities.
with a high rate of exfoliation of the scaly areas of the epidermis. it
going on for a long time. Dandruff is considered mild
form of seborrheic dermatitis. The cause of this disease is recognized
metabolic disorder, hereditary predisposition or
fungal infection of the skin (Pitirosporum oval).

It is manifested by severe itching and the presence of many
scales on the hair and scalp. With
combing they easily crumble into surrounding objects and
clothes. Hair becomes porous and greasy, lose their shine, their
loss is increasing. The scalp thickens.

Nits (lice eggs) are whitish shells, in
which live insect larvae. They have an oval shape with
lid, which is visible only under a microscope. Nits are sized
about one millimeter and tightly attached to special hair
glue. It becomes hard when exposed to air. Nits not
combed out and not washed off. Their lice are set apart at a distance.
one centimeter from the skin, as the hair grows, they are on
different distances from the roots. Their development cycle lasts two weeks.
When the louse matures, it gnaws the egg membranes and crawls out.
out. And they remain hanging on the hair. nits and lice

Adult lice lay up to four eggs daily,
so the number of nits on the patient’s head is fast

There are several signs that allow you to distinguish between nits
and dandruff.

They differ:

  1. By location on the hair – nits and
    dandruff is localized in different areas of the scalp.
    Dandruff is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the skin. Nits
    located in those areas of the head that supply blood better. They
    are warmer. Lice for laying eggs chooses nape
    and the area behind the ears.
  2. In size and appearance, they also
    are different. Nits have a small oval shape. They all
    the same shape and size (up to one millimeter). Unlike
    dandruff shows that this is a voluminous formation. Dandruff she is more
    flat. If you look closely, you can see a pattern characteristic of
    epithelium. In scales, the size is completely different. Nits have different
    coloring from whitish-gray to dark brown. Dandruff
    whiter and more transparent.
  3. Itching – it occurs in both types
    pathology. However, with pediculosis, itching is more pronounced. is he
    worse after shampooing at night. Patients comb their skin
    head to blood.
  4. By combing – dandruff is easily combed.
    comb She scatters, scattering on clothes and objects. Nits
    tightly attached to the hair with a special substance and not
    combed out. They can only be removed with a special comb,
    sold in a pharmacy.
  5. By quantity – the number of scales differs when
    pediculosis and seborrheic dermatitis. When dandruff in humans is great
    the amount of scales is separated from the scalp and this happens
    evenly over the entire surface. Head lice nits not so fast
    and their number at the beginning of the disease is small. They are many when
    large amounts of lice if the person is suffering from head lice
  6. By sound – the presence of sound during crushing
    scales is also a hallmark. Crushing
    nits will be heard click. When trying to crush a piece of dandruff
    there will be no click.

how to distinguish

IMPORTANT! By these signs distinguish dandruff from nits.
maybe even a layman. But it is still advisable to turn to
to the doctor. He will select the most effective treatment for both
diseases, prescribe suitable patient drugs. With
pediculosis should be treated by an infectious disease specialist, and treatment
seborrheic dermatitis is dealt with by a dermatologist.

How to understand whether a parasite hatched from an egg or not

Understanding dead nit or live is very important. It depends on it
it is necessary to re-treat the head with anti-pediculosis
means or not. Nit

The following distinguishing features are distinguished:

  • dead nit, unlike live, has less convex
  • the surface of the shell of a dead nit does not shine it dim and
  • when crushing dead nits missing characteristic
  • when viewing nits under a microscope, in live nits inside
    the larva is clearly visible, the dead one does not have it.

IMPORTANT! In the presence of live nits after some
time will need reapplication of medicines so
how nits they practically do not act. We must wait until
lice hatch.

How to distinguish nits from dandruff in a child

You can suspect head lice in a child by a strong
itching. Toddler will comb the scalp, scratch
her to the blood. He can find bites that ooze out.
blood on the head mainly in the neck, behind the ears and on
the neck. Nits are located on the hair and glued to it. Dandruff
freely removed when shaking your head, falls on clothes.
The child has

Do lice live on your head with dandruff?

Lice and dandruff are different diseases that are not related between
themselves and do not oppose each other. Infection with fungus and
pediculosis in a patient can be at the same time. lice for the liver

Can there be dandruff after lice (after removing
head lice?

The scalp may peel off after application.
protivopedikuleznyh funds. They are usually very aggressive and just
burn the epidermis. Dead epithelium exfoliates in large
quantity. This happens simultaneously. It goes by itself and not
requires treatment. This condition is temporary and is not a manifestation of
seborrheic dermatitis caused by fungus.

Can dandruff cause pediculosis?

Lice cannot appear due to dandruff. it
the disease occurs when infected with lice when in contact with a patient
pediculosis or things infected with lice and nits. And dandruff
is a pathology affecting the epidermis of the skin of the hairy part

Are dandruff lice scared?

Lice are not afraid of dandruff. But these desiccated particles
epidermis they create certain difficulties in puncturing the skin.
They interfere with their nutrition when lice suck blood.

TOP 5 ways to treat dandruff

For the treatment of dandruff mainly used various shampoos.
For effective therapy of this disease, they must contain
certain substances against dandruff fungi.

These include:

  • selenium sulfide;
  • ketoconazole
  • zinc pyrithione;
  • tea tree oil;
  • olamine piroctone;
  • coal tar;
  • salicylate.

Tea tree oil

IMPORTANT! What means to use in each
specific case for the best effectiveness of treatment
advise only a dermatologist.

The best of these tools are:

  1. Garnier, dandruff shampoo Fructis 2-in-1 –
    Its active ingredient is zinc pyrithione. Extract
    green tea has an astringent effect and enhances action
    basic medicinal substance. He effectively copes with
    dandruff Removes it after the first application. Counteracts
    renewed dandruff within six months. dandruff shampoo Fructis
  2. Vichy Dercos Technique shampoo – it contains
    complex of active substances that fight dandruff (salicylate,
    bisabolol, olamin piroctone). The tool has not only
    antifungal action, but also nourishes the scalp, restoring
    cell metabolism. Vichy shampoo Dercos Technique
  3. La Roche-Posay, intensive shampoo from
    Kerium DS dandruff – it contains salicylate, olamine piroctone
    and lipohydric acid. They contribute to the removal of scales,
    have antifungal effects. He is able to prevent
    reappearance of dandruff. La Roche-Posay, intensive dandruff shampoo Kerium DS
  4. Kiehls, Zinc Dandruff Shampoo – Remove
    dandruff is contributed by salicylic acid in this shampoo
    and zinc pyrithione. To improve the nutrition of scalp cells in
    shampoo added herbal ingredients (rosemary oil, menthol,
    aloe juice). Kiehl's, Zinc Dandruff Shampoo
  5. Janssen Pharmaceutica, shampoo NIZORAL – his
    the active substance is ketoconazole. This substance has
    pronounced antifungal effects. As auxiliary in
    it contains hydrochloric acid optimizing
    acid-base balance of skin cells. And also imidomerea,
    has antimicrobial action. Janssen Pharmaceutica, shampoo NIZORAL

If there is no improvement when using these products,
you must consult a dermatologist for further examination and

TOP 5 ways to treat lice and nits

Currently, pharmacies offer a huge selection of products.
kill nits and lice. Many of them are effective and

Consider the most popular ones:

  1. Nittifor cream – this drug in its composition
    contains insecticidal permethrin (killing insects)
    action. It blocks the conduction of nerve impulses in
    ectoparasite, so he dies. After applying the drug
    action lasts up to two weeks. This prevents
    reinfection Nittifor
  2. Foksilon lotion – its active ingredient
    is sodium benzyl benzoate. It accumulates in the body of the parasite,
    penetrates chitin. It causes the death of adults and
    lice larvae. After washing the head of the dead insects must be combed
    special comb. Foxilon (lotion)
  3. Spray Nuda – it is silicone
    oil that envelops the louse and blocks its breath. Nits
    also die from lack of oxygen. The tool must be applied to
    forty five minutes. Then comb the strands comb, going to
    Complete with the product, after washing the hair with shampoo. With
    If necessary, repeat the procedure. here spray
  4. Paranit – this remedy comes in the form
    shampoo The active oil substance clearol in it, enveloping
    parasites, blocking respiratory function. The substance must be washed off and
    comb out insects with a frequent comb. If necessary, the procedure
    can be repeated. Paranit
  5. Hygia Shampoo – its active ingredient
    is permethrin. It is a neuromuscular poison and blocks
    the work of the nervous system of insects. It is applied to the hair, leave
    for half an hour, then wash off. Insects combed out. Later
    ten days repeat the application of funds. Hygia Shampoo

Due to the sensitivity of the problem, many try to cure dandruff and
head lice yourself. Pharmacies sell a lot for this
effective products that are sold without a prescription. But still, if
these problems have appeared in a child, you need to consult a doctor for
identifying the cause of the disease and selecting an effective therapy.

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