How to do a rejuvenating facial massage?

For any woman useful anti-aging facial massage. With
some skill and regular performance, he is able to create
miracles. At any age, well-groomed lady looks

Many women want to look young as long as possible. Long away
not everyone has a desire to conduct a course of injections or to endure
plastic surgery. But many others have already been developed.
more gentle procedures that help preserve youth and
beauty For example, rejuvenating facial massage in combination with
light caring means can work wonders. Massage
equipment exists in many different options – you can
list massage classic, french, japanese and so


  • How to perform a classic facial massage?
  • How is Japanese massage performed?
  • French massage
  • How to do a facial massage at home?

How to perform a classic facial massage?

The classic method is considered the most commonly used for
to effectively deal with age-related changes in the external
kind of.

It is easy to learn.

Before you massage, you should remove the makeup and hold
skin cleansing with a suitable tonic or gel. Can
also use the product with a slight scrub effect.
After that, a massage base is applied on the face.

Massage for rejuvenation

To begin a rejuvenating facial massage with cleansing
skin, make-up remover and light scrub.

It is necessary to begin massage with light patting, stroking
movements, perform all manipulations with your fingertips. Repeat
each of the stages several times and go to the next

  1. Use your fingertips to perform circular movements from the corners of the lips.
    to the outer corner of each eye. Then repeat everything in reverse
  2. Perform a circular motion from the center of the forehead to the temples and vice versa.
  3. Then perform stroking the face with your fingertips, while
    press it is necessary to put a little effort. Movement is carried out
    across the face, from top to bottom.
  4. Just as in the previous case, rub the skin
  5. Perform a series of frequent point-tapping pads.
    fingers over the entire surface of the skin of the face, then along the neck, is special
    paying attention to the area under the chin, behind the ears.

How is Japanese massage performed?

If you want to do a rejuvenating facial massage at home
conditions and at the same time achieve not only good results, but also
save them, it is recommended to pay attention to the Japanese way.
This massage technique is based on the performance of point
strikes, while not only accuracy is required, but exact
following the rules and the adopted sequence of techniques. Not worth it
experiment independently without accurate knowledge and skills in
this area – each point on the face has a certain
activity, and there is no need to stimulate them all.

Japanese massage

Japanese rejuvenating facial massage acts on more
deep structures, and, therefore, allows you to expect and much more
pronounced effect.

Before performing a rejuvenating facial massage, the surface
skin need to warm up. Use warm hands to gently rub it up.
redness, then proceed to massage techniques. Each of them need
repeat 35-37 times:

  1. Open your palms to your ears so that your fingers
    touched on the back of his head. Perform light, but tangible pinpoints.
    strikes in the occipital region.
  2. With the help of thumb or forefinger gently
    tap on the points above the lobes of your ears.
  3. To perform the next technique, you need to use only one.
    a hand. Place your index finger on the point between
    eyebrows, medium and large impose on the active points that
    are in the inner corners of the eyes. Then do soft,
    smooth movement, moving in a spiral to the outer corners.
  4. To complete the session of rejuvenation should be as follows: palm
    attach to the temples, fingers placed on top of your head,
    perform gentle tapping and stroking of the scalp.

Several sessions of this massage can rejuvenate the skin of the face,
if not for 10 years, but still quite noticeable. In the process
facial muscles are strengthened, skin is tightened, manipulations
positively affect the condition of the hair. In this embodiment, in contrast
from classic, the impact affects not only the surface
skin, but also its deeper layers. The result will therefore not be
only more prominent, but will persist much longer. The longer
apply such a massage, the more noticeably tightened facial contours,
reduced problem folds, mimic wrinkles, eyelid skin
acquires former elasticity.

French massage

French anti-aging facial massage is lymphatic drainage
technique. With its implementation, the oval of the face is noticeably tightened,
swelling is removed, excess fluid is removed from the tissues,
increases elasticity and firmness of the skin. Anti-aging effect
helps to look ten times better than before, while not
will require large financial costs. This method has an idea
is to effect the lymphatic
system and adipose tissue and not affect the muscles and blood circulation

It is worth noting that mastering the French way will require
some knowledge, as well as a certain talent. Master it wrong
easy as it may seem. This rejuvenation procedure
carried out in massage rooms, but at home in front of
mirror can not get the effect that you want
to count.

There are other types of anti-aging massage, for example
the well-known Asahi massage, as well as a variety of anti-aging
procedures for tingling, kneading,
vibrating movements. You can apply for similar services in
massage room or try to master the most common
manipulations for self rejuvenating

French Massage

When performing such a procedure at home, it is necessary
follow some rules.

How to do a facial massage at home?

Independently you can perform such types of massage as Japanese
classic, Asahi technique. Very useful in the learning process
use a mirror – you can not only control
own actions, but also to compare them with those described in
instructions. With due care, you can master all
necessary actions and will quickly find you younger for 10 years

Before the session you should relax as much as possible.
facial muscles. Clean the skin, strengthen it
hair so that it does not interfere with your actions.

Try to think about nice things. Better at the time of massage
provide yourself complete peace – no one should distract you or
embarrass. The best time – before going to bed: rejuvenating
The effect will be additionally fixed due to the rest of muscles and skin.

When the procedure is complete, close your eyes and relax.
Try to breathe deeply and evenly – it will set you at ease.
well and bring a deep, deep sleep, the best helper in order
to complete the anti-aging effects.

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