How to do a vacuum facial massage at home conditions?

A vacuum facial massage is a way of skin care that
relatively recently appeared, but is already actively used and
is in demand. In an effort to always be attractive
and young women are sometimes ready for anything. However, many cosmetic
funds quickly disappoint because the effect of them
short-lived, even with regular use, and
their cost leaves much to be desired. Therefore, vacuum massage
the person served as a real find, allowing to achieve in a short
time of the desired result.

What is such a face cleansing, what is its
benefits and how to carry it out?


  • The concept and types of massage
  • House Rules
  • Technique home vacuum facial massage

The concept and types of massage

Vacuum massage is a type of hardware.
facial massage, the effect of which is alternate
exposure to air pressure: due to air compressor
special device increases and decreases pressure.

There are several varieties of this procedure in
depending on the attachments and accessories used:

  1. Classic is a facial massage with cans. Such a way in their
    the queue is divided into the following subspecies: kinetic (with
    processing of the face and movement on it by banks) and static (without
    processing, with the establishment of a time devices) can
    Facial massage jar with a rubber pear

    Vacuum massage reduces vascular tone and increases
    the number of functioning capillaries. When this occurs loosening
    connected elements of connective tissue – collagen and
    elastin fibers.

  2. Laser-vacuum view combines 2 techniques. At first
    local decrease of pressure is carried out by vacuum, after which,
    using a laser device, radiation is reduced
    intensity. That is, first of all limit the bulb
    the problem area on the skin, and subsequently it is irradiated with a laser.
    This method warns against swelling, inflammation.
    on the face and pain.
  3. Vacuum massage with hardware rollers. The main difference
    This species is served by the fact that it has a lifting effect,
    activating the metabolism of skin cells. This hardware
    vacuum massage simulates the manipulation of the hands of a specialist in this
    areas. As a rule, it is used by owners of wrinkled and
    loose skin.

If laser and hardware vacuum massage is recommended
only in the salon, entrusting the skin of the face to a professional masseuse, then
at home, respectively, it is possible to clean the face
by banks.

For such a procedure, both glass jars and
rubber or silicone. You can buy or order such a device in
specialty store and use it according to
accompanying instructions.

House Rules

Before you perform a vacuum facial massage at home, you need not
Only acquire the necessary tools, but also familiarize yourself with the main
rules of procedure:

  1. So that canned face cleansing doesn’t provoke bruising,
    It is recommended to perform the procedure on steamed and clean
  2. Massage lines have long been investigated by professionals, therefore
    it is highly undesirable to overestimate yourself and experiment with
    tricks. This facial cleansing can have the opposite effect.
  3. Doing facial massage with a vacuum jar, you need to
    order to apply natural oils. For example, perfect
    linseed oil.
  4. The use of cans of different diameters depends on the specific
    areas of the face, and the force of impact should be chosen
    on their own.
  5. As a rule, the procedure takes no more than 15 minutes, and
    it is recommended no more than once every 7 days.
  6. Facial cleansing should not cause pain and
  7. It is important to follow the rules of hygiene: use individual
    the device, at the end of the session, wash it with soap.
  8. After the procedure is not worth about 1 hour to go out,
    so that the skin is not subjected to temperature changes.

Technique home vacuum facial massage

As previously mentioned, the classic vacuum facial massage
can be carried out in two ways – static or kinetic. AT
the first case, you must install the device directly on
problem area of ​​the face in the direction of the lymph flow, then by
light pressure creates additional pressure. After 5-7
pressing the device should be moved to another area in order not to
there was pain. It is important not to tighten the skin too much, because
this may result in a bruise. The whole procedure must be carried out.
soft and smooth movements.

Technique of self-massage with special banks

The effect of the massage is provided by exposure to vacuum,
which is formed inside the glass jars supplied with silicone
pear suckers. Vacuum massage enhances lymph and

When applying kinetic face cleaning with a vacuum can
2-3 pressures are made on the skin surface, after which you need to move
device to other zones.

Perform home massage in the classic vacuum way
must be strictly according to the following instructions:

  1. The first step is to treat the neck area, for more
    efficiency needs to move upwards.
  2. After that, the banks must be gradually moved to the line.
    chin, where there is accumulation of fat. Movements should
    conducted from the center point of the chin to the earlobes.
  3. Now you can move the banks to the center of the face. Also for
    normalization of lymph flow is not recommended to make sharp
  4. Facial cleansing ends with a forehead area. Move the device should
    from its center to the temples, trying not to touch the hair, which will lead to
    pain sensations.

To understand and master the whole procedure of vacuum massage of the face,
Check out the video provided.

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