How to do highlighting through the cap – full review, photo before and after on dark, light and blond hair

Hair coloring through the cap is the simplest, fastest
and easy way to melirovki, with which you can refresh
any hairstyle and add a head of hair brightness. Deal with that
coloring can any woman, because all that is required for
such a shading is to properly fix the product on the head and
release curls of the desired width and frequency.

What is highlighting through the cap

The content of the article:

  • What is highlighting through the cap
  • To suit highlighting through the cap
  • Pros and cons of highlighting through the cap
  • How to prepare the hair before the procedure
  • Technique of highlighting through the cap
  • Types of hats for highlighting
  • How to make a hat for highlighting do it yourself
  • Effect after the procedure, Before and After
  • The best hat for highlighting: the choice and prices
  • The cost of highlighting through the cap in the beauty salon
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This type of hair dye procedure is
the use of a special hairdresser’s hat, which,
firstly, it will help to keep the root zone from lightening and,
secondly, it will allow applying the brightening compound on its own. WITH
foil and simple open method is not so easy to do
especially on a long hairstyle – strands can go awry and

This hairdresser’s device for coloring, in his
turn, will give the chance conveniently to fix the selected ringlets and
avoid their further entanglement.

Highlighting Cap Prevent Tangle
dyed and not stained strands.

The most convenient way to carry out such a procedure on the hair
short and medium length. For elongated, thick or
a curly haircut may need additional help during the stage
selection and fixing strands for subsequent dyeing.

This coloring will paint even the finest
strands evenly and neatly. Most often this way
applied to fine, venetian, frequent and classic
staining. Graduated types of highlighting, as well as complex
diagonal and asymmetric methods are most often performed on

To suit highlighting through the cap

This kind of clarification of curls is ideal
owners of short haircuts of any color. Wherein,
the hair should be quite healthy and hydrated. Too
dry, brittle and falling hair is undesirable to dye.

Coloring with a hat is suitable for short

In addition, the strands must be completely free of paint.
any kind – from traditional full coloring to change
colors using tonic, henna or tinted shampoos.

Highlighting done in this way is perfect
for women of any type of appearance, age and any
color type. A variety of types of staining that can
play with such a cap, allows you to pick up your
perfect for every woman.

Important! Very long curls, length below
blades, it can be quite difficult to pull through small
holes, so usually for elongated hairstyles most often
used foil or open method. Long staining
shagging with a cap can be justified in cases
when you need to select only a couple of strands. Where you want
to highlight? In salononema

Pros and cons of highlighting through the cap

This coloring technique, like any other method, has
their positive and negative properties that
It is recommended to consider when choosing a method of staining.


  • ease and speed of staining;
  • suitable for highlighting thin curls;
  • the ability to complete the procedure
  • affordability of the procedure;
  • spectacular result;
  • original masking of gray hair on a short haircut;
  • visual addition to hair volume, fluffiness and density.

Ease and speed in work – advantages of a cap for


  • for a very long haircut, this method may not be suitable;
  • the hair should be healthy and free from any other
    type of staining;
  • Not all types of highlighting are possible in this way.

Opportunity to refresh short and medium hairstyle
length is the main advantage of this method, which is
Loved by many representatives of the fair sex for their
the simplicity and the resulting effect of clarified, brilliant and radiant

How to prepare the hair before the procedure

The main point in the preparation of hair for this
procedure is pre-hydration and saturation of curls
useful trace elements and vitamins. For this, for
a couple of weeks before staining, it is recommended to start
use regular moisturizing mild conditioners
each time after shampooing, and also applied on the tips of the oil
masks once a week.

Before highlighting the hair you need to nourish

The use of a hair dryer, ironing and curling is desirable to reduce to
minimum, trying to keep strands from drying out.

Immediately before the head wash procedure, wash
it does not follow. It’s best to do it 3-4 days before
Coloring to avoid flushing naturally excreted
subcutaneous fat, which gives elasticity to the curls and

Important! All means used before and after.
highlights should be soft-acting and be designed to
streaked or colored strands.

Technique of highlighting through the cap

The technology of highlighting through a hairdresser’s hat is not
presents particular difficulties. The main task is correct
fasten the product on the head and pull out the required amount
strands in the right order.

Necessary means and tools:

  • comb with frequent teeth;
  • brushes and containers for mixing the coloring composition and
    putting it on strands;
  • hook for pulling curls through the holes;
  • coloring cap;
  • a pair of gloves and a few towels;
  • polyethylene film;
  • coloring agent;
  • soft shampoo and balm with a moisturizing effect.

Special set for coloring.

If there is no special hook to highlight the strands, you can
use a thin sharp comb instead.

Stages of implementation:

  • preparation – combing, trying to get rid of the slightest
  • a set of strands – selection of curls with a hook;
  • painting – preparation of paint and its application;
  • the final stage – waiting for the required amount of time and
    removal of the coloring structure.

Step by step instructions highlighting with

The exposure time of the composition varies from 20 to 40 minutes – than
the lighter you want to do the highlights, the longer you should keep

Strand Tips

Depending on the desired effect, strands may
be selected by a frequent method, threading the hair through each hole
and coloring all selected areas. This method will allow
create frequent thin highlights that add brightness and

For a more natural and natural effect, curls
It is recommended to paint one after three, that is, only
every third strand selected should be highlighted.
This technique is used in the Venetian and California

Strands can be dyed in many ways.

Thus, in most cases, the strands are passed through
all the holes, however, are stained in different ways, and
highlighting of curls is made taking into account the desired result.

Phased highlighting from indented roots:

  • comb the hair and put on the cap, trying to press it like
    can be tighter to the head;
  • through the holes, using a hook or a sharp comb,
    gently pull a few strands;
  • selected curls to comb;
  • dilute the composition for staining according to the instructions on
  • put paint on the selected strands, making soft smooth
    movement from top to bottom, not reaching the roots of a couple of centimeters;
  • wrap the painted curls with a film and leave for half an hour;
  • unwind the film and rinse the strands with warm water without removing
  • after the paint is washed off the hair, remove the product and wash
    head again with shampoo and balsam.

After the end of the staining procedure, you can make the desired
laying, taking advantage of the warm blowing of the dryer, be sure to
this moistened hair.

Laying after highlighting.

How often to do the procedure. Repeat such
procedures desirable no more than once every 3-4 months on curls
medium length and 2-3 months short cut. Because
radical zone did not participate in clarification, frequent adjustments
sprouting roots in this case is not needed.

Types of hats for highlighting

These items for coloring are of various types:
silicone, rubberized, simple polyethylene and brand, in
complete with crochet.

Some models have the appearance of an ordinary cap like a cap for
shower or pool, and some resemble a cap. All products have
many holes around the perimeter.

  • highlighting through a silicone cap.
    Silicone models are very tight to the head, not allowing
    the product to move out, so pull out the strands and put
    The composition is very easy and fast.

    Silicone cap.

  • rubberized hats. Rubberized options
    similar to silicone, however they are somewhat thicker and may come up
    owners of thick or curly locks.

Rubber cap.

  • polyethylene. The thinnest are
    plastic objects that require skillful fixation on the head.
    In addition, in this case, when staining should retreat
    more interval from the roots, trying not to get on the scalp and
    the roots.

Polyethylene cap.

Striking hats are disposable and
reusable. Disposables are sold, usually in
Complete with paint and disposed of immediately after use.
Rubberized and silicone products can be reused,
thoroughly rinsing paint off after each use.

How to make a hat for highlighting do it yourself

If in the purchased set with paint a hairdresser’s hat in
the kit did not show up, you can easily build it
on their own. Such a thing is practically no different from
purchased product, possessing all the same properties and

Cap for highlighting your own hands.

Cap for coloring from the package

Homemade product for coloring from a dense package
is the most common option for creating such
subject at home.

  • Trim a tight polyethylene bag exactly to the size of the head.
    The thing is ready;
  • holes must be made at the moment the bag is already
    located on the hair, before the immediate release

How to make holes in the hat for coloring

Holes on the cap need to do in chess

To make holes in dense polyethylene,
it is advisable to use someone else’s help, as
holes should be poke gently so as not to tear and not
spoil the package.

  • put on a polyethylene cap on your head and start making holes
    for strands without removing the item;
  • holes should try to do in staggered order
    maintaining an equal distance between them;
  • You can pierce the bag with any convenient object, including
    sharp comb;
  • the hole diameter should be about 3-4 mm.

How to wear a hat for melirovki

The product should fit snugly to the head and not move during
the time of the procedure of applying the composition and pulling curls.

The cap should fit snugly to the head.

  • put the object deep on your head and fix it with your hands on
    hole creation time;
  • after all the strands are released through the holes, correct
    product on the head again, wearing it as deep as possible.

As an alternative to homemade bag cap
You can use the unnecessary hat for the pool. She is
fits snugly enough to create a lot of holes
for skipping curls. In this case, the holes are made in advance, before
by the way the item is dressed on the head.

Effect after the procedure, Before and After

The result of this coloring will refresh your hair and give
Curls of brightness, radiance and lively brilliance.

The result on different types of hair:

  • shading through the cap on very short
    hair. Curls will gain brightness and dynamism thanks to
    frequent fine staining and acquired effect

Highlighting through the cap on the short

  • on curls of medium length. Average length will be
    visually magnificent. Classic highlighting will add a head of hair
    color and originality;

Highlighting through the cap on the middle

  • for a long hairstyle. Long hair cut
    will transform, becoming more volumetric and well-groomed. Partial brightening
    through the cap will help create the effect of sunburned

Highlighting through the cap on the long

  • on dark curls. Dark color will become more
    deep and rich thanks to contrast selection using

Highlighting through the cap on the dark

  • on light strands. Light hair is
    brightening will give shine and radiance;

Highlighting through the cap on the bright

  • on the blond hair. Blonde shade will be
    look more vivid and dynamic.

Highlighting through the cap on light brown hair.

Depending on the type of dyeing and how the strands are selected,
the effect can be quite bright and contrasting, or natural
and natural.

The best hat for highlighting: the choice and prices

One of the best products for dyeing is silicone
Dewal cap. It comes with a comfortable crochet and has
cap-shaped. The price is about 300 rubles.

Dewal cap.

In second place is a piece of silicone that clasps under
chin, providing a snug fit. Brand Harizma.
The cost is about 400 rubles.

A good option for staining are disposable
plastic hats with peaks company Sibel Frosting.
A standard set of 5 pieces will cost about 250 rubles.

The cost of highlighting through the cap in the beauty salon

The cost of this procedure of painting in the cabin depends on the length
curls and varies from 2 to 4 thousand rubles.

The cost of highlighting in the cabin varies from 2 to 4
thousand rubles.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to do if there is no cap for highlighting? AT
In cases where it is not possible to use the finished product, you can
make it yourself from a simple package, or paint
a head of hair in an open way, highlighting two or three strands without

If there is no cap, you can dye your hair through

Highlighting through the cap and on the foil – that
it is better? The first method is distinguished by its simplicity and is suitable.
for highlighting by standard non-gradient methods. Foil, in
turn will create more complex staining and fit
even for very long hair.

What types of highlighting can be done through
hat? Staining options suitable for
Coloring with a hat: classic, Venetian,
California, zonal, glare, partial, thin, wide and

The perfect way to liven up your hairstyle by adding hair
brightness, and color – the depths can be using an independent
staining. The use of a convenient cap will allow you to spend
procedure in minutes, and the result will be nothing
differ from the stylish professional salon highlighting.

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