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how to make the hair of the photo itselfMany girls can be proud of
the great gift of nature which they possess, and
is free. This gift, without any doubt, her hair. Of course,
hair is very different. Some beautiful ladies attract
the attention of others with their long, smooth, silky
hair and others are funny and mischievous curls, alone
whose presence improves mood and gives others a sense
freshness, immediacy and never ending good
holiday. The hair is dark or light, short or
long is not important. Any hair types with all their
“diversity” unites one thing: they require good care. Exactly
so you can keep your gift – beautiful hair – healthy,
beautiful and shiny.

Good care is not everything.

Spit photo 1 Spit photo 2 Spit photo 3 braids photo 4 braids photo 5 Spit photo 6 However good
care and even maintaining this wonderful gift of nature in
perfectly well-kept condition does not mean that its owner
surely and invariably will attract the attention of all those who meet them,
not only guys but also girls who will fit and
ask: “How do you manage?” Beautiful creative hairstyle
will help in creating an image, in identifying and emphasizing all
undoubted advantages, which, no doubt, are peculiar to your
hair. That hairstyle will help to hide some of the flaws of the face and
emphasize the merits. Hairstyle and plays a major role in
creating the image of any girl. But not every one of us has
opportunity or just enough time to
frequent the beauty salon. Yes, it can also happen that
You need to look today especially elegant and elegant,
and to go to the salon is simply impossible. And then the question arises
how to make a beautiful hairstyle itself.

How can I choose a hairstyle?

Choose a hairstyle that meets all requirements is very difficult.
And this is a very responsible matter. Of course, fashionable glossy
magazines with unique beauties on the pages can be a starting
point in your experiments, but you think: is it possible to blindly and
recklessly choose for yourself exactly the hairstyle that you
like a glossy magazine? Is it always good to do hair
on the principle of “everyone is so worn”? After all, any well thought out
styling should ideally match the type of person combined with
hair girls, you need to take into account many other factors.

Yes, and you need to consider what hairstyle you can do yourself!
Here are how many conditions must be met … But is it really all
complicated? Not at all. Just do not be afraid to experiment and
to create After all, there are hairstyles that you can do yourself, and
without any particular effort. Just be sure to remember that
any haircut or hairstyle perfect for a triangular
face, can not come up to the face round, and hairstyles for
curls on long smooth hair can look pretty
ridiculous. In any case, be sure to consult with your
stylist – he does not want the bad and will promptly tell you how
to do the hair of the house itself. Only a stylist, a master of his craft,
can professionally suggest how to make a fashionable hairstyle
the most. After all, if you do something wrong, you can apply hair
irreparable damage, which will be difficult to fix, but also very

Unfortunately, it often happens that a charming girl,
wishing, for example, by all means to get rid of her sweet
curls, in the end gets not smooth shiny beautiful curls, and
lifeless and dull “straw” … And, on the contrary, excessive
passion for “chemistry” and staining often also leads to
numerous damage.

It is very simple …

curls photo 1 curls photo 2 curls photo 3 curls photo 4 curls photo 5 curls photo 6 Girls who are not yet
know how to make a simple hairstyle itself, it is quite possible in order
Recommendations advise to try some quite simple
hairstyles that any of us can do at home
conditions without much effort and time. To implement them
need only a mirror, hair dryer, hairbrush, hair curlers and proven
styling products. These hairstyles are good because they are always
obtained original and fresh, even at the very minimum
spent on their “creation” of time. Here, for example, trash
hair do it yourself. Go to the hairdresser for such a hairstyle
just ridiculous. Trash must be done independently, although the master
can easily do this even by photo. For those who do not know:
Trash is not a youth subculture, but just a trendy trend,
the original and somewhat shocking style that leads
some are simply terrified, and others are in awe. Enough
go to the trash sites and read a bit of communication and see
photos. And how to make a trash hairstyle itself? First you need
well wash your hair with bulk shampoo. On still wet hair
apply mousse and massage to lift them from the roots. Then you need to take
strands and comb the small comb from top to bottom to
turned out. And so all pryadochki. Fix varnish. Still here
it would be nice to dye your hair, you can use different
colors. The more unusual, the better.

Hairstyles for every day

photo lessonBut how to make everyday
hairstyle itself? If the combed wet hair blow dry,
ruffle them, then apply mousse on the tips, then
you’ll get a bit of a casual, slightly hooligan hairstyle that
will go girls cheerful and cocky. Another simple but
at the same time, the original hairstyle is also obtained with
hair dryer. Just put your palm on top of your head, holding the roots, and
With your other hand, direct the stream of hot air from the dryer to the back of your head.
If the hair dryer to dry twisted into a bundle of hair, you get
beautiful light and soft wave. If such nodules will
several, the hairstyle will get the desired volume. Косы,
tails and various accessories will also help in creating
everyday hairstyles.


make a hair-do-it-yourself photo 3With the creation of everyday
hairstyles, it seems everything is clear. But what if something is required
more serious than something everyday? For example, how to make
evening hairstyle itself? This is somewhat more complicated. Better of course
go to a beauty salon, but if you need it very urgently, you can
try and at home. For this you need a lot of patience, you will need
styling products, absolutely clean hair and of course help
close friend. By the way, this problem has something in common with
another: how to make a wedding hairstyle itself. In this case, you need
remember that luxury can best suit the bride
curls, falling over the shoulders, but not all can boast such
long hair? But you can be beautiful and romantic and short
hair. It is not forbidden to use and floral

And now a few words about how to make a high hair
the most. To create such a hairstyle you need to experiment a lot with
brushes and hair raising from the roots. You can make and high
“horse tail” and its ends dissolve in the form of lily petals.
There may be a lot of options.

Make yourself a beautiful hairstyle is easy. That’s just
for this you just need to pay close attention to
condition of your hair and reveal their “preferences” in order to fully
according to them and make a stylish and beautiful hairstyle in
home conditions.

And remember: ugly hair just does not happen.

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