How to dye your hair gray

To highlight your personality and stand out from the crowd,
girls resort to a variety of ways. One of which is
technology coloring under the gray hair “Salt and pepper”, “Grandma’s
coloring, “Granny hair”. Each technique is attractive by
to your own, because today graphite tones are stylish and fashionable.

Gray Girls

To get a beautiful ash color you need to discolor
hair, and then “dye in silver.” Rich color palette
ashy shades, will help create a gorgeous image.

The technique of coloring under gray hair can not be called simple, often
for a beautiful shade you need to mix several tones. therefore
It is recommended to change the image of a professional. Also return to
the previous color will not be very easy.

Attention! Girls with problematic skin, worth
refuse staining under gray hair. Age spots, acne,
redness, etc. the flaws will manifest even more against the background
silver hair color.

This painting is very costly, time consuming and extremely
harmful to hair. But if you decide to wear your own makeup,
get ready for what the result may not be like
was expected.

It is better to postpone the procedure at the weekend or during the holidays, so
How to take a break between staining for at least 2-3 days.
Ideally, of course, a couple of weeks, during which time the hair is exhausted.
after the deprivation of the pigment will have time to recover a little, of course not
without additional care.

Where to begin?

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  • Where to begin?
  • TOP 7 tips and staining procedure step by step
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  • How to make hair gray without dye
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The first step is discoloration, for smoother distribution
gray hair For this you need to buy clarifying powder and oxide.
You will need 2 bags of brightener for long hair and 1 per

The safest hair, according to professional
stylists, considered bleaching powder Estel Essex
Super Blond Plus with Estel Essex Oxigent 9% or 12%.

Dark-haired beauties are better off using stronger powder.
for clarification. Add neutral to protect against burns
Estel corrector.

TOP 7 tips and staining procedure step by step

The mixture is ready, you can start painting:

  1. At the time of dyeing, the head should be unwashed about
    two days, natural fat protects hair from burns.
  2. Prepare things you don’t mind throwing,
    if they get messed up. You can also use an old sheet or
    towel like a cape.
  3. Use gloves to prevent hands from getting dirty.
    They are attached to the paint.
  4. Starting from the back of the head, slowly apply the mixture to
  5. Comb each strand for evenness.
  6. Wait the time indicated on the package (usually 30-40 minutes).
  7. Wash your hair with shampoo for dyed hair, but you can
    use and normal.

And so half of the procedure behind, let the hair rest.

We now proceed directly to the reincarnation of
ashen beauty:

  • We have already decided on the label, it is recommended Loreal paint
    Preference (very beautiful shades), Wella, Estel, Palette.
  • Buy paint the right tone and tinted shampoo, in case
    failed staining.
  • Mix with paint Oksigen Estel Essex 3% or 6% and neutral
    Estel corrector.
  • Add Estel Essex Intensive Dye to the formulation.
    (purple or blue) to neutralize the yellowness.
  • Apply the mixture for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo for colored hair or normal.
  • Enjoy the result.

Important! The bleaching procedure is best done at
an experienced stylist, as at home you can burn hair.

This staining method involves frequent
tinting, at least once every three weeks, as grown up
roots will spoil the whole look. Therefore, if you are not ready for this
merciless mockery of hair. Consider options
more gentle fashionable stains in the style of balasi, ombra, shatush or
Classic highlighting. Frequent lightening will also greatly hurt
hair, so you need constant extra care:
nourishing masks, balsam, restorative procedures.

Highlighting under gray hair

Fashionable silver color is quite troublesome and expensive.
pleasure. As a rule, at home it is difficult to get
uniform and beautiful color. Also pick up silver
Hue to face type is not easy. Most ashen
highlighting is suitable for girls belonging to the color type “winter”

The basic shades include: lilac-gray, taupe,
silver and bluish gray. First try gray hair
highlighting, it will help you understand whether you need such a reincarnation and
pick the right tone.

Step by step execution of classic ash highlights
closed way:

  1. Put everything you need next to you.
    (foil cut into equal rectangles, brush, comb with
    tail, dilute the paint with a plastic bowl, gloves, clamps
    for hair)
  2. For a positive outcome, it is important to properly divide
    hair on several sections – temporal (lateral), back
    (back for convenience can be divided into several parts – 2
    upper and lower) and bangs, if any.
  3. Ask a friend or mom to help evenly apply
    paint in the occipital region. Should start from the top
    rear sections, gradually falling down. Split hair
    horizontally horizontally from head to neck and then vertically
    Got from ear to ear.
  4. Using a fine hairbrush, we divide the selected zone into
    thin locks, we paint over
    one The bottom strand is left under the top
    foil and paint over. If the foil is shorter than the hair is okay
    fold the strand. Then fold the foil in half and fold the sides.
    edges on themselves, making envelope. Depending on the desired
    result, we form strands thicker or thinner. You can also take
    solid strand (for a brighter staining) or dial on
    comb with darn-like movements (for dimming
  5. When one piece is stained, clip it with a clip and
    go to the next.
  6. Then go to the side. Bangs better to paint separately
    and last but not least.
  7. When the whole head is painted, mark the specified
    on the packaging time.
  8. Then remove the foil over the bathtub and wash off the paint. Every strand
    rinse separately on the foil so as not to stain the rest with paint
    hair. A little wetted with a towel, apply toning
    means. If the tonic is in the form of shampoo, apply from top to bottom. Once again
    wash off.
  9. At the end we apply air conditioning and balm for
    colored hair.
  10. If necessary, after 2-3 weeks, you can repeat the melirovanie
    for greater clarification or refresh silver toning.

Important! After mixing the paint with the oxidant,
the mixture should be used immediately, otherwise you risk not spoiling
only a haircut but also a hair.

Gray highlights on light brown hair

Fair-haired beauties need to carefully approach
choosing a tone so as not to turn into a gray mouse. Warm color type
faces fit shades of silver, gray-brown or platinum.
Owners of a bright blush, freckles, dark skinned color,
the color type “spring” “autumn” will look faded and even funny with
by coloring in gray color.

Gray highlights on dark hair

On dark hair, ash is especially beautiful because
The transition is more clearly visible, but it is also the most complex since the procedures
There may be several clarifications. With dark non-natural curls
even harder, since the perennial layers of black paint will have to
not even remove the two bleaching procedures. In some
cases, weakened hair cannot be treated, the only way
recovery – haircut. Therefore, the procedure for clarifying black
Curls should be trusted only to an experienced professional. Cold
The bluish and violet tones will suit the color type of the face.

Tip! If your hair was dyed with henna
or basma, the result of clarification can be absolutely not

How to make hair gray without dye

Girl with gray hair

Some girls need to change their appearance for just one evening,
let’s say for a party. For this you can use improvised
means and not necessarily be painted. In this case, you can
use flour, talc, chalk or baby powder.

Consider several options:

  1. Option 1. Pour talc into a bowl, take
    brush for dyeing and rub talcum powder into the hair roots. Then
    put talc in your palms and distribute over the entire length of hair.
    It is better to apply the powder already in clothes so that the imitated paint does not
  2. Option 2. Mix talc or flour with shampoo,
    in the ratio of 5: 1. Rinse your hair with lemon juice or vinegar.
    Rub the mixture into the hair and dry it with a hairdryer. The main thing is not
    overdo it, a large amount of powder will not be natural
    to look

Looking good is a special ritual for every girl. therefore
think a few times before such a cardinal change of image, so
how stylish extraordinary coloring under gray hair can give
individuality, and maybe age in one moment.

Katya tells how to achieve gray hair


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