How to easily get rid of ingrown hair on feet?

How to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs? This question is often
Women and girls ask themselves after hair removal procedures. Ingrown
the hair on the legs has long pestered beauties. It takes several
weeks, and they begin to grow again, but instead of hair appear
sore hillocks. In order to make the skin smooth and
without inflammations, it is necessary to clarify the reason for their appearance.
After all, ingrown hairs on the legs deliver girls a lot

Ingrown hairs can appear if we get rid of them at home,
but no one guarantees the absence of ingrowth and after the salon
procedures. This process depends on the thickness of the skin (or epidermis).
After the hair root is removed, the epidermis scales are filled.
all space. New can not break through the entire thickness of the skin and
begins to grow in a different direction – in the horizontal, where
make it easier. At the same time the space around the fossa is filled
pus and inflamed, and therefore formed unpleasant bumps on
surface. This is a problem many women face.
different ages. Unaesthetic appearance and danger
complications. Particularly prone to such a problem on the legs dark
people, because dark skin has the most layers of the epidermis, and
hair is thick and tough. Accordingly, people with light and thin
skin less prone to ingrowing hairs, although they have this
The problem often occurs.

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The main causes of hair ingrowth

  1. A thick layer of the epidermis.
  2. The effect of hormones. For example, in violation of endocrine function
    there is an increased release of estrogen – a hormone that
    promotes ingrowth.
  3. Hair removal may be damaged during epilation.
  4. Other microtraumas of the hair channel resulting in overgrowing
  5. Blunt blade.
  6. Hair breaking off at irregular epilation below the level
    the epidermis.
  7. Close synthetic underwear after epilation contributes
    reproduction of bacteria in the hair channels and their inflammation.

If you decide to solve the problem yourself, do not try to do
This is tweezers or a needle, as there is a risk of infection and
get complications. Squeezing pustules can damage
deeply located cells of the epidermis. Best no more
use the method of depilation, after which you have a process
channel blockage.

There are several ways to remove inflammation. Depending on the
degrees of ingrowth can be applied sparing or radical measures.
Consider how to deal with ingrown hair.

Remove ingrown hairs on legs

How to deal with ingrown hairs on the legs? So, if a hair
can be seen on the skin and it is shallow, then we get rid of it when
peel care Daily use scrubs and peels for removal
keratinized cells of the upper layer of the epidermis. Can be used
rough washcloth or special mitten. From the first time it is possible and not
Get it, but it will work. Daily scrubs –
This is a good prevention of ingrown hair, since the skin will always be
fine. After that, the skin should be lubricated with a special cream or
lotion against ingrowth.

If the skin already has inflammation, it can be a couple of days.
Lubricate acne cream. After the redness goes away
must be removed mechanically. It is best to turn to
medical staff. If you decide to do everything at home
conditions, take care of antiseptic and disinfection
tools. Having processed the inflamed place antiseptic, needle
pull out to the surface and remove the hair with tweezers.
A needle is better to use a medical one, from a syringe. She is sterile and
thin, will not carry the infection. After the procedure, you need to re-process
place an antiseptic.

As you know, the problem is better not to treat, but to prevent.

Use preventive methods of struggle:

  1. Constantly treat the skin with a scrub or peeling.
  2. Scrub the skin before epilation and use it after it.
    emollient creams, as well as lotions that slow down hair growth.
  3. Gentle and sensitive skin is recommended to be treated.
    salicylic acid solution – it exfoliates the skin.
  4. You can shave your hair only for growth.
  5. Do not wear synthetic underwear after epilation, because
    synthetics contribute to the formation of inflammation.
  6. Do not reuse when dealing with ingrown hair
    inappropriate way.
  7. Go to the beautician and try hardware methods to combat
    unwanted hair.

Treatment should not be delayed. Smooth skin on the feet – a sign
well-groomed woman. Use all valuable advice in practice, and
beautiful silk legs are provided to you! Ingrown hairs
sure to disappear!

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