How to effectively get rid of dandruff and suspend hair loss

Many tend to consider dandruff purely cosmetology
disadvantage that will pass on its own. However, its appearance on
the surface of the scalp is quite a serious threat that
may cause hair loss.

A photo. Examples of dandruff

What is dandruff and why does it appear?

The content of the article:

  • What is dandruff and why does it appear?
  • Troubleshooting

Dandruff is dead skin cells of the scalp, which by virtue of
any reasons in due time did not peel off from its surface, and
on the contrary, continue to form in large quantities and,
accumulating, glued together in a dense layer. It is she who does not
gives hair follicles to breathe and perceive food in the form of
masks, balsams, which leads to their fading and hair loss.

girl in the snow Not only does dandruff become nutritious
an environment for all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms that are only
reinforce its appearance. This closed loop is easier to warn
rather than break and solve the problem.

Dandruff never appears just like that. It’s always
natural process reasons which may be the following

Factors affecting the appearance of dandruff and their ways
Factor How to overcome the influence
Wrong or bad hair care The most common cause of dandruff, as shampoos
Balsams and other cosmetics are most often chosen,
focusing only on their flavor and price. It is unacceptable! Any
the tool must strictly correspond to the type of hair and meet them
Lack of vitamins in the body and poor nutrition Too greasy, fried food, rich in food and flavor
additives, simply litters the human body and leads to
metabolic disorder, in which the occurrence of dandruff is inevitable.
Conversely, a balanced intake of protein, fat and
carbohydrates, as well as the introduction in your diet a large number
vitamins that can not only normalize the metabolism, but also
solve the problem of dandruff.
Hormonal disorders Increased or vice versa insufficient levels of hormones can
lead to increased dandruff
must be taking special drugs prescribed
Chronic stress, nervous tension Observance of the day, positive emotions and timely
sleep and rest will help overcome stress and relieve nervous
Weakened immunity Strengthening the body by taking vitamin complexes
performing hardening procedures and physical activity.
Smoking and Alcohol Abuse These factors greatly undermine the health of the whole body and
can cause metabolic disorders and hormonal
violations. It is necessary to get rid of harmful
Hereditary dandruff Consultations with a specialist trichologist, receiving special
means and competent selection of cosmetic preparations for hair

Timely, proper care not only of the skin surface.
head, but also for their health in general, will help to prevent
dandruff and its unpleasant effects – itching, redness,
hair loss.

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But what if the problem still arose? Required
to treat dandruff and hair loss and it is better to do this when
professional cosmetic procedures and products.


Of course, you can entrust your problem to traditional medicine, but
it should be remembered that such means can achieve
effect only under the condition of long-term and constant use.

head massage

Therefore, when the amount of dandruff becomes threatening, then
better get rid of it with professional hair treatment,
namely, to undergo a series of medical procedures at the trichologist doctor.

Procedure Purpose
Healing Peels Helps to gradually clean the entire surface of the scalp,
opening up access to nutrition and normal hair breathing
Oxygen-ozone therapy Helps saturate the scalp with oxygen and suppress activity
microorganisms and bacteria.
Anti-Seborrheic Injections Reduce the amount of dandruff and suspend the process of dandruff
further education

Beyond that, get rid of the dandruff problem and stop
hair loss can be done independently, but only using
special shampoos for hair treatment.

The most common and affordable shampoos from

Shampoo Components Properties Impact
Fructis ( Garnier), Seborin (Schwartzkopf & Henkel) Selenium, sulfur and zinc salts Suitable for regular use, do not remain active
between washing procedures
Prevents increased skin cell growth.
Nizoral, Anti-Schuppen Shampoo (Wella-System Professional) Antifungal substances Suitable for regular use, do not remain active
between washing procedures
Hinder the development of pathogenic on the surface of the scalp
microbes and organisms
Head & Shoulders, Wash & Go “Anti-Dandruff” (Procter &
Antibacterial substances Long-lasting, components of the drug retain
activity between shampooing
Fight a lot of fungus and warn it
further education
Phitosilic (Phiro-Lierac) Salicylic acid, sulfur Suitable for regular use Removes dead skin cells
Crisan (Wella), Clean Line dandruff shampoo
Cytotoxic substances (reducing the growth and division of cells
skin), antimicrobial components
Suitable for regular use, do not remain active
between washing procedures
Reduce the level of the fungus, suspend increased division and
formation of dead skin cells of the scalp

How to choose anti-dandruff shampoo

Regardless of the method and cosmetic that was
selected for the treatment of dandruff and hair loss, these procedures
must be exclusively regular, otherwise
case, the problem will arise and bother again and again. (
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