How to get lice and nits dichlorvos and whether get rid of head lice at home

Some naively believe that head lice is a disease.
exclusively marginal social strata, inhabitants of sleeping quarters and
hangouts In reality, anyone can “pick up” lice. Especially
parasites attack children from 4 to 6 years old. Dichlorvos for lice

Despite the fact that pharmacies are special ointment,
headache gels and shampoos, barbaric methods
deliverance from lice still exist. One of them is use

Is it possible to poison the lice with dichlorvos, how it affects the body

The content of the article:

  • Is it possible to poison the lice with dichlorvos, how it affects the body
  • Indications and contraindications, can pregnant women and children
  • Different types of dichlorvos and their compositions
  • How to treat head lice dichlorvos
  • How much to keep on your head
  • Security measures
  • How effective is dichlorvos in comparison with other folk
    by means
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

As a rule, resort to this universal insecticide two
categories of people:

  • those who do not want to spend money on specialized funds;
  • those who have tried almost everything and are desperate to win
    annoying parasite.

Price and availability – undeniable advantages
dichlorvos since it can be purchased in almost any
supermarket or hardware store for a cost of several
times lower than that of pharmaceuticals. Dichlorvos

Dichlorvos is effective against lice due to the substances in the composition,
which affect the nervous system of insects and cause them
paralysis. The concentration of insecticides in the aerosol is higher than in
pediculicidal shampoos and ointments, so it acts faster.

ATTENTION! Dichlorvos helps only against lice and
their larvae. Chitin shell nits prevent too dense and
prevent the penetration of active substances.

However, high concentrations of toxic substances are not dangerous.
only for insects, but also for the person himself, as well as domestic

Indications and contraindications, can pregnant women and children

Since the remedy is not intended for the treatment of lice,
indications for its use can not be. Direct appointment
aerosol – the destruction of all types of household insects to which
Cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, ants, moths, fleas and

Contraindications to the use of lice dichlorvos

  • childhood;
  • respiratory diseases (asthma, asthma
  • diseases or damage to the skin of the head and / or face
    (eczema, dermatitis, abrasions, scratches, bruises);
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • individual allergic intolerance to the components.

pregnant girl

Potentially dangerous to human health.
drug in the respiratory tract and digestive organs, so when
spraying requires personal protective equipment.

Signs of dichlorvos poisoning are:

  • cough;
  • dizziness, vasospasm of the head;
  • sharp rise in temperature, fever;
  • stomach pain, nausea;
  • itching, irritation, tingling, or numbness of the skin


IMPORTANT! It is undesirable to hit the drug on
mucous eyes. If this happens, wash your eyes.
plenty of cool water. With prolonged burning –
consult a specialist.

At the first signs of poisoning, the body is intoxicated.

  • gastric lavage (for this you need to call
    vomiting in any way possible);
  • use of the adsorbing drug
    (activated carbon, Enterosgel, Smekta, Polysorb and others) in
    recommended dosage.

gastric lavageAfter the measures taken as
additional prophylaxis may use a laxative, and
also drink plenty of water.

Different types of dichlorvos and their compositions

On the market today are a variety of tools, combined
trade name “dichlorvos”. Among them:


Refers to a derivative of phosphonic acid (organophosphate
compound), is an insecticide of contact-intestinal action.
Widely used to combat various pests of plants,
animal parasites and synanthropic insects (cockroaches, flies,
pincers, etc.). chlorophos

Price: from 750 rubles. for 0.8 kg of funds (* here and
Further, the price is according to data from the site

Dichlorvos Neo from lice and nits

It contains cypermethrin synthetic insecticides,
permethrin and piperonyl butoxide, which act on the nervous
insect system. Stated as a powerful tool with
almost instant action. Dichlorvos Neo from lice and nits

Different from other drugs lack of persistent.
unpleasant smell.

Price: from 70 p. for 190 ml

Dichlorvos Classic

This drug is currently out of production due to its
high toxicity. The active component is the same name.
substance (dichlorvos, DDVF) – organophosphorus compound,
penetrating through the insect’s chitinous cover into the body and
affecting his nervous system. Classic Dichlorvos

Dichlorvos Eco

The active substances are cypermethrin and d-tetramethrin. By the manufacturer
A high knockdown effect is claimed, i.e. the rapid destruction of insects
and prolonged protective action. Dichlorvos Eco

Lavender scent is used as fragrance.

Price: from 89 rub. for 190 ml.

How to treat head lice dichlorvos

If the description of possible undesirable effects on the body
man is not scared away, it is important to use the drug correctly
for effective control of lice. how to apply

ATTENTION! Aerosol spraying directly on
the scalp is not only dangerous, but also ineffective, because acting
substances must diffuse with the atmosphere, creating a semblance
“gas chamber” for insects.


  1. Prepare a plastic bag, check it in advance
    for the presence of holes and pinholes.
  2. Spray dichlorvos inside the package, for
    the procedure is enough 2-3 clicks.
  3. Avoiding insecticide “leaks” quickly put on
    processed bag on the infected head and tight
    fix (rubber band, cloth,
  4. To sustain the drug from 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the bag from the head. Skin and hair carefully
    wash with shampoo, you can also use tar or
    household soap.
  6. To facilitate combing it is recommended not to use
    conditioners, and rinse your hair with a solution of vinegar or any
    sour juice (for example, cranberry).
  7. Special comb or conventional comb with a very
    frequent teeth carefully comb lice and nits. For this
    it is necessary to lay a white paper or cloth (better on a white background
    visible parasites).
  8. Collect the false material together
    insects and destroy (burn).


IMPORTANT! For complete destruction of lice is not enough
processing only the heads of an infected person. Additionally
disinfection of all personal items (combs,
hairpins), clothing and bedding.

All items used, including protective equipment, clothing and
comb must be disposed of or disinfected

How much to keep on your head

In order for the drug to take effect, you will need
not less than 10 minutes. It is advisable not to remove the package during
quarter of an hour, however if any unpleasant sensations occur
(itching, burning on the skin, dizziness, sneezing or coughing) procedure
need to stop immediately. cough

Security measures

Before use, you must ensure portability
dichlorvos. For this, an elementary test is carried out on
the presence of an allergic reaction: a small amount of the drug
put on the crook of the elbow and leave for 30 minutes. If the skin does not
redness and other irritations are found, it is possible to proceed to
procedure. respirator

Mandatory use of individual funds
protection (goggles, cloth masks or respirators, rubber
gloves, gowns or capes) for both infected and
the person performing the procedure.

To minimize the effects of dichlorvos on the skin,
You can soak the scalp with any vegetable oil
(sunflower, olive, burdock, etc.). Protect face and
a neck bandage will help. Vegetable oil

Aerosol spraying needs to be done well.
ventilated room, ideally – outside the house. A drug
has a negative impact on pets, so their
better to bring to another room. It is also undesirable to hit
dichlorvos for food, drinking water, upholstered furniture, etc.
After the procedure, you need to carry out wet cleaning to get rid of
toxic residues on surfaces.

How effective is dichlorvos in comparison with other folk
by means

Pediculosis is a rather ancient problem, so the methods of treatment
for many centuries has accumulated enough. In times of shortage, people
used various means to remove the lice. They all possess
varying degrees of effectiveness.

Alcohol (vodka)

In the absence of pure alcohol, any strong alcohol is useful.
(best of all – vodka). The effectiveness of folk remedies explain
two reasons. According to the first, lice die from choking
exposure to alcohol fumes. More convincing is the version that
alcohol decomposes a particular glue by
which nits are attached to the surface of the hair, so
they are easier to comb out of the hair. vodka

The effectiveness of the method depends on the percentage
alcohol content and degree of neglect of the disease.
Absolutely safe it can not be called, because the mucous eyes and nose
sensitive to the product, and inhalation of alcohol vapors may cause

Tar soap

Connoisseurs of all natural claim that tar soap
able to get rid of lice. However, the composition of this certainly
a wonderful product can in no way harm the parasites.
However, as a rehabilitation therapy
tar soap effectively because it relieves itching
promotes faster healing of wounds and strengthens hair
follicles. In addition, tar disinfects damage and
most prevents secondary lice. Tar soap


This product is an oil distillation used as a combustible
mixture has long established itself as a means of lice, even on
advanced stage of pediculosis. However apply this
An oily liquid with a peculiar odor is very
unpleasant. A similar aversion to the “flavor” of kerosene
test and parasites who lose the ability to breathe, and therefore live.
Kerosene is also toxic and dangerous to health, like dichlorvos.

Hydrogen peroxide

This colorless antiseptic can be found in any home pharmacy.
Hydrogen peroxide is effective against bacteria and germs, helps
fight mold and fungus. Serious damage to lice and
nits means can not be applied, but eats away sticky mass,
attaching an egg to the hair. As after application
alcohol, comb the nit from the peroxide-treated head, becomes
much easier. peroxide

IMPORTANT! When pediculosis is used a 1.5% peroxide
hydrogen, and the 3% composition is diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. AT
Otherwise, you can get a serious chemical burn.


Despite the rich selection of folk recipes for getting rid of lice,
containing vinegar (for example, a mixture with salt and alcohol),
antiparasitic properties of this product does not possess.
Pre-diluted in water, it perfectly conditions
hair, makes them easier to comb. Besides,
inhaled by vinegar the insects become
more sluggish, and therefore vulnerable. Vinegar treatment

Laundry soap

Part of household soap lye dries
the scalp helps in healing the wounds left after the bites and
relieves itching. As an insecticide against head lice
works, although it is often included in the anti-pediculosis folk
mixes. Possessing exceptional washing abilities, economic
soap will help, for example, to get rid of the smell of kerosene or
dichlorvos if an infected person decides to use such
drugs. laundry soap

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinionSvetlana PodgornayaHairdresser-makeup artist

Does dichlorvos from chicken lice help?

The term “chicken lice” unite more than two thousand
insects that are parasitic on birds – called in the language of science
mallophagous or puffy eaters. Like head lice in humans,
mallofagi deliver a lot of discomfort to feathered, cause disease –

To combat these parasites, there are special
veterinarian approved products. Since the bird is a living thing,
able to breathe and feel the effects of aerosols
such as dichlorvos for her will be the same as that of humans.
Given the small size of the animal, and therefore –
lower body resistance, the drug may be
too toxic and fatal.

Is it possible to poison the lice dichlorvos child?

Not. Use for the treatment of pediculosis in
children is a direct contraindication to the use of dichlorvos.

Is it possible to corrode underwear lice with

Perhaps it is for this purpose that dichlorvos is best suited.
The tool effectively fights parasites, and disinfected things
can be ventilated and they will not be harmful to health.

There are several ways to handle laundry with

  • spray the product in plastic bags,
    put things in it and tightly tie;
  • treat dichlorvos with lice wound
    closet, close it, and glue the gap with paper tape;
  • hang things on the street and pour plenty
    by aerosol. This is the least effective, but the most
    safe way because minimizes the chance of inhalation
    toxic substances.

ATTENTION! Dichlorvos is treated with accumulation sites.
parasites: seams, folds of fabric, pockets.

Thus, the use of dichlorvos in the fight against lice
possible and even somewhat justified if not available
pharmacy tools. But given the high toxicity
drug, you must comply with safety regulations
use personal protective equipment, and in case of poisoning –
consult a doctor.

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