How to get rid of acne: a hundred ways and one result

Almost everyone on the planet had to face
with such a problem as acne and acne on the face. Someone more
degree, to someone less. But they are equally annoying to everyone who
not indifferent to their appearance. To prevent skin rashes
reduced the quality of life, it is important to know how to deal with them correctly and
fight effectively. In this article you will find the answer to the question “how
get rid of acne? “, as it presents many
tried and tested methods that will help make the skin clean and


  • Acne First Aid Kit
  • Natural Acne Treatments
  • Acne Masks and Tinctures

Acne First Aid Kit

Benzene peroxide kills bacteria that trigger
acne. Peroxide is of various concentrations. To combat
acne is better to use a drug with a concentration of 2.5% to
avoid severe irritation on the skin. Benzene peroxide dissolves
layers of dead skin, making the skin renewed and clean.


Salicylic acid has a similar effect. Apply in 2
hours before bedtime a small amount of salicyles on the inflamed area,
leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

Toothpaste will help dry out to reduce the size of a pimple in all
per night. But before applying, look at the composition of the toothpaste. AT
Some pastes include sodium lauryl sulfate, a substance that
may cause irritation.

Aspirin is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.
Turn an aspirin tablet into powder, add some water and
Stir until paste forms. Apply the paste with a cotton swab on
acne. The mixture should dry on the skin. Then rinse with warm water.
Pasta can be left on the face all night.

Eye drops, the main property of which is the removal
redness, can similarly affect the skin affected by acne,
eliminating inflammation. A cotton swab dipped in a few drops.
drug, lubricate the pimple. Also a cotton swab soaked with ophthalmic
drops, put in an hour in the freezer, and then used. it
accelerates the effect as cold reduces inflammation.


Tea tree oil – essential oil with antibacterial
action, actively fights microbes that inhabit the skin pores
faces. In addition, the oil has anti-inflammatory properties,
what allows to reduce reddening and the size of rashes. Small
amount of tea tree oil neatly applied to the problem
plot or separately on a pimple.

Natural Acne Treatments

To get rid of acne on the face, try to treat the skin.
astringents – substances that narrow pores. Finished drugs
sold in a pharmacy, they contain peroxide (H2O2) or salicylic
acid. It is better to use astringent for sensitive skin.

In nature, astringents are contained in lemon juice. Citrus
Acid kills bacteria and tightens skin. Lemon slice
sore area rubbed during the day.

Banana peel helps to cope with acne. High
its potassium content kills bacteria and promotes more
fast elimination of defects. The inner side of the peel need
wipe the inflamed area.


Witch hazel tincture – the herbal preparation made on
the basis of the leaves of the shrub witch hazel. Plant possesses
bacteriostatic and astringent properties. It is better to give
preference to tincture that does not contain alcohol. The tool is applied to
pimple and leave to dry.

Green tea contains many antioxidants that actively fight against
free radicals. For convenience, the procedure is better to use.
packaged tea. One bag of tea pour hot water, holding
take out a little and, without pressing, put on the problem area

Ice quickly narrows the pores, and also relieves pain, in case
painful pimple. Ice cube is skinned (at the spot of acne) while
she is not numb. If inflamed acne is in several
places, ice should be treated all over.

Natural antihistamines help with acne treatment.
suppressive inflammatory process. As a rule, antihistamines
are available in tablet form, but there are also drugs for
local application. Also, antihistamines are found in some

Stinging nettle. It seems strange, but some doctors
It is recommended to use chilled nettle leaves in the treatment of acne.
in order to reduce histamines produced by the body during
protective reactions.

A coltsfoot has long been used to treat acne.
acne and other skin rashes. Leaves of the plant can
grind, turning into a paste or buy an extract in a pharmacy
coltsfoot pills.

Basil has a bactericidal property. To combat acne
leaves of the plant are heated over steam and applied to the affected
plots. In the treatment of rashes, basil infusion is also used.
for rubbing the skin or washing.

Masks and tinctures for acne

Kefir mask

You will need the following ingredients: kefir (1 cup), oatmeal
(1 cup), lemon juice (2-3 drops).

Preparation: kefir and pre-crushed oatmeal
mix, add lemon juice, apply to face skin for 20 minutes.
The procedure should be done daily for 30 days.

Honey Mask

For its preparation will require: high-quality honey (1 tbsp.
spoon), yolk (1 pc.), lemon (2-3 drops).

Preparation: mix the products, apply the mixture with a brush on the face
for 10 minutes. Three to five treatments will be enough.

Mask of laundry soap

Prepare the following ingredients: bar of soap
(economic), fine salt (1 tsp.).

Preparation: rubbed the soap on a fine grater, beat it in
foam by adding some warm water. Next foam (1 tbsp. Spoon)
mixed with salt. This mask is applied for 30 minutes, then washed off.
The procedure is carried out three times a week for one month.

Various acne tinctures are used for daily care.
skin as lotions: they treat problem skin in the morning and
in the evening.

Camomile tea – the most famous folk remedy for
acne that effectively fights rashes. Chamomile flowers (1
Art. spoon) pour boiling water (200 ml), insist 30 minutes and
filter through a sieve or gauze.

Aloe juice – a remedy for acne, known for its
anti-inflammatory and sedative effect. For cooking
lotion is used as pure plant juice, and diluted
water (2: 1).

Ointments and gels for acne

It happens that a person is limited in time, and not always there
the desire to prepare herbal tinctures and masks from
improvised means, then you should pay attention to ready-made
drugs with a different spectrum of action – ointment and
gels The choice of medicines should be treated with a large
responsibility. Before you buy the tool, you need
inquire about the composition, inquire about possible side effects.
effects and contraindications.

For example, the uncontrolled use of antibiotics or
means containing hormones can only provoke
additional health problems. Some drugs are very
dry the skin, because they contain alcohol. And this, in turn, can
reflect not in the best way on the condition of the skin.

But a well-chosen tool will have a visible effect.
after the first application. Often, the “right” drugs relieve
acne, as well as eliminate post-acne on the face, contribute to
scar healing and smoothing of the skin. Do not neglect
consultation of a specialist and do not be lazy to pass all
necessary tests to avoid harm to health.

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