How to get rid of antennae on the face

Even the perfect female face won’t look perfect if
the woman has a mustache. And even the perfect makeup can not distract
male attention from barely noticeable antennae above the upper lip. TO
Fortunately, there are quite a few modern removal methods.
unwanted facial hair. How to get rid of antennae on the face


  • Causes of unwanted facial hair
  • How to remove mustache on face
  • Antennae removal methods
    • Shaving
    • Bleaching
    • Waxing or Shugaring
    • Depilatory cream
    • Cosmetic Trimmer
    • Laser and photoepilation
    • Electrolysis

Causes of unwanted facial hair

There are several reasons why women have over the upper lip.
antennae begin to grow. It can be:

  • changes in hormonal levels in the body
  • appearance of cystic lesions in the ovaries
  • genetic predisposition
  • medication for the treatment of endocrine

How to remove the antennae on the face

How to remove mustache on face

Previously, women did not know other ways to remove unwanted
facial hair, except as plucking with tweezers or shaving with a razor.
Now modern women have a whole variety of methods
how to get rid of ugly antennae.

Antennae removal methods: vishchuvannyaOne of the most ancient methods
remove unwanted hair. First, this procedure is pretty
unpleasant and painful, secondly, after plucking on the skin
irritation and redness appear, thirdly, in place of thin
hairs eventually appear thick, black hair.

Antennae removal methods


This is an anti method that should not be used by women.
Shaving increases the intensity of hair growth, and on the second day on
in place of shaven inconspicuous antennae, sharp, piercing spears will grow.
In addition, black dots from cut hair are always visible on the skin,
which does not add to the woman attractiveness.

discolour the hair over the lip at home


Antennae above upper lip, barely noticeable and concentrated.
mostly in the corners, first try to discolor them. For
order to bleach hair over lips home
conditions prepare such a solution: crush 2 tablets
hydroperit (hydrogen peroxide in dry form) and add 2 ml to them
pharmacy solution of ammonia (measure with a disposable syringe). Then
add 5 drops of shampoo to the mixture and stir. Formed
Apply a thick foam on the antennae and after 5 minutes wash it off with soap and water.
Apply nourishing cream on the treated area.

For more convenient discoloration at home, you can
use special strips that are saturated with mortar
for bleaching hair.

Wax depilation or shugaring

Waxing or Shugaring

Thick dark tendrils can be removed with waxing.
Wax removal may be at your discretion – warm wax
or wax strips. Similar in action is the sugar method
depilation or shugaring. Unwanted hair is removed with
sugar paste. The minus of wax and sugar depilation is that these
procedures can be painful and the result is not preserved
longer than two weeks. In addition, after removing wax or sugar
skin is very irritated.

Depilatory cream

This is a painless method that eliminates
Unwanted facial hair is a depilatory cream. Although his
the disadvantage is that the effect is rather short-lived. In a few
days on the site of the removed hairs there will be new ones, the same.

Cosmetic Trimmer

For neat and painless hair removal has been developed
special cosmetic trimmer device that works on
battery powered. However, like after shaving, after use
trimmers tendrils grow quickly and over time become more and more
stiffer and thicker.

Laser and photoepilation

Effective and painless methods to remove
unwanted hair are laser and salon treatments
photoepilation Laser beams completely remove hairs because
destroy hair follicles. During photoepilation beam
pulsed light acts on the pigment melanin, giving coloring

The disadvantages of laser and photopilation is the high cost
procedures, and the need for a whole course of application.
Photoepilation and laser hair removal do not give a 100 percent guarantee
ridding hair forever. Sometimes with hormonal changes
women, for example during pregnancy, hair can begin to grow
again. In addition, the procedures have a number of contraindications, especially
for people who suffer from chronic diseases.


Electrolysis is considered to give a high guarantee, according to
compared with laser and photo epilation, to completely stop growing
unwanted hair. During the procedure, the hair root acts
weak discharge of electric current, after which the hair structure
collapses and growth stops. The disadvantages of this method are
soreness and high cost. Depending on the structure
hair, it may take from 10 to 25 procedures. Also this
the procedure should not be done by people who have reservations to
electric procedures

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