How to get rid of dandruff – helpful tips

dandruffHealthy, well-groomed hair are
special pride of women. This is her wealth and decoration,
tool of seduction and a means of struggle for a place in the sun.
Long and short, straight, like a silk cloth and naughty
funny curls, straw-light, magic dark and, of course,
redheads are a terrific tool for creating any image, even
in those moments when only earrings are appropriate for clothes …

However, at times, due to the disruption of the normal functioning of those
or other body systems, hair “decorated” with white flakes under

Dandruff – Know Your Enemy

One of the most common causes of sudden appearance
Dandruff is a change of habit. Changing shampoo, balm, any
care products and styling, even washing your head with unusual water –
for example, in a village or in another country, it can provoke
the appearance of dandruff. This is the easiest and innocuous option: it is worth
return to the use of the usual means and to the usual conditions,
all by itself is normalized. The process should take no more than three.

If everything is not so simple

The causes of dandruff “suddenly” may be several, often
they are associated with one or another failure in the body. It may be
strong emotional excitement (stress), nervous strain,
climatic conditions (not worth it during the cold season
flaunting without a hat), a change in diet (for example,
diet), dehydration of the body – the reasons from which it appears
dandruff, quite a lot.

Lack of vitamins, for example, in the spring, when
the body is weakened after a long period of cold, can also
cause dandruff. To restore the balance will help inclusion in
diet foods with a high content of vitamins of group A
(retinol, carotene) – carrots (for better digestibility, carrots need
use together with fats – cream, butter), beef liver,
fermented milk assortment, vegetables and fruits and groups B (thiamine,
Riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folic acid,
cobalamin) – peas, meat, apples, fish, bran, cereals, legumes,
broccoli. This is not a complete list of vitamins and their products.

Once – a fungus, two – a fungus …

It is believed that the peeling causes a special fungus-saprophyte
(Pityrosporum ovale, aka Malassezia Furfur) on the scalp –
if the body does not bother, then the fungus behaves passively.
Reduced immunity allows colonies of fungi to multiply at times
more intense than usual. It speeds up the skin renewal process.
cover, new cells, not having time to fully mature (usually
cell maturation takes a month as a result of fungus exposure
time is reduced to a week), die off and peel off the skin
heads, gathering in scales. The scalp becomes looser
structure, porous, dead cells of the epidermis are clogged
sebaceous ducts, which leads to their inflammation, itchy skin and
the appearance of acne.

Two sides of the same coin

If dandruff is not visible in principle, it does not crumble from the head when
each step, leaving no chance for wearing blacks and just
dark things, it does not mean that it is definitely not. There are two
such as dandruff – dry and oily. The type of dandruff is determined by the type of skin.
head, number and activity of the sebaceous glands. Dry dandruff
is a scale consisting of dead cells
epidermis, separated from the skin surface, not soaked with skin
lard, resulting in free falling down. Such
dandruff occurs on skin prone to dryness, irritation and itching.

Dandruff fat differs from dry less visibility (sticky
greasy scales hardly separated from the skin, remain on the hair),
but with a greater tendency to inflammation.

Do not miss

seborrheaHowever, with all the seeming
harmlessness, dandruff can be a manifestation of a serious illness
– seborrhea (seborrheic dermatitis). The term “seborrhea” (direct translation
– “salotache”) refers to a skin disease associated
violation of the sebaceous glands. This can be both an increase,
and reducing the amount of fat production, changing it
physical and chemical indicators. Seborrhea is recognized as one of the reasons
premature hair loss, it can lead to
irretrievable thinning of hair.

Correct and timely diagnosis prescribed by a specialist
treatment will help to deal with this problem. Self-medication in
most cases leads to the launching of the disease, complications,
cosmetic defects.

Baby Dandruff

childDandruff in children can be caused
the same reasons as adults – lack of vitamins, stress,
psychological discomfort, incorrect selection of care products,
violation of the gastrointestinal tract, reduced immunity. TO
Moreover, the child’s body is less protected from negative influences.
from the outside.

Treatment methods are also similar to adult methods – change
shampoo, change the diet, including more cereals,
legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

In some cases, dry skin is considered to be dandruff,
associated with a reaction to poorly washed shampoo, for example. how
it usually occurs in separate areas – skin exfoliates scales
from scratching, i.e. from mechanical stress. Dandruff same
appears independently and evenly spaced on the roots

To understand how to cure dandruff in a child, you need to
consult with the trichologist. He will identify the causes and
will appoint a timely and suitable treatment for the baby, because not
all so loved by many, folk remedies for dandruff, despite
Its naturalness, suitable for children’s scalp.

How to deal with dandruff

Exact identification of the causes of occurrence is necessary in order to
understand how to deal with dandruff. Applying an integrated approach to
to solve this problem, to achieve the desired result
can be fast enough. If the normalization of diet, sleep and
rest, emotional state and the exclusion of others
The above facts, did not bring the expected result,
need more serious treatment.

Anti-dandruff shampoos are specifically designed to address this.
problems and can be used in conjunction with other
by methods. There are cosmetic and medicated shampoos.

Cosmetic dandruff shampoos, reviews and advertisements of which,
through the efforts of marketers, they accompany us literally “through life”,
solve only the aesthetic part of the problem – that is, normalize
the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, restore balance
natural microflora, remove existing scales,
contribute to the removal of inflammatory processes, as a rule,
accompanying dandruff.

The composition of these shampoos include components such as pyrithione
zinc, ketoconazole, miconazole, curtiol, piroctone olamine, climbazole,
keratoregulators – better if present in the agent immediately
several components. The main effect of such shampoos is
in high-quality cleansing of the scalp of scales and excess fat and
antibacterial care. If you ask for opinion
professionals, it is possible to find out that everything is widely advertised
“unique complexes”, are based on the same components,
moreover, zinc pyrithione and piroctone olamine are already obsolete –
during use, the fungus has adapted to them and the effect can be
far below expected. Climbazol – a newer substance, better
choose a tool that, among other components, contains it

In any case, if the dandruff problem is on the initial
Stage, apply serious and radical measures not – perhaps,
Exposure to cosmetic shampoo will be sufficient
for the desired effect, and, afterwards, you will only need
combine its use with your favorite shampoo.

If cosmetic shampoos did not work or stopped.
to cope, dandruff treatment at home can be done with
using special shampoos. They can be purchased at pharmacies. Such
shampoos contain more medicinal substances, enriched with decoction and
herbal extracts contain antifungal components for
reduce the activity of the fungus. Shampoo treatment can be supplemented
balm and dandruff hair mask. It is better to choose everything
medical products of one cosmetic line – this will exclude
the conflict means between themselves.

The doctor is the best friend and adviser

Of course, you can simply buy a series of dandruff remedies.
and wait for the result, perhaps trying to find the right ones
funds, purchases will have to make more than once. But, much
it is wiser to consult a specialist – a trichologist, who exactly
knows how to treat dandruff and after the necessary tests and
Research will make a conclusion about the health of the scalp and
will select the best treatment option.

Himself a doctor

Collective experience is a strong argument. Why sign up for
reception, sit in line at the office, run to take tests when
There is a way that “Aunt Lucy is the only way to have this nasty dandruff and
brought out. “And described some medieval times, such as kerosene
lotions or rubbing badger fat. Important to be able to separate
useful information from many stupid, and sometimes
dangerous tips on how to quickly get rid of dandruff.

Dandruff – treatment of folk remedies

Folk remedies are divided into funds for dry scalp (
for the treatment of dry dandruff) and for products for oily skin (for
treating oily dandruff respectively).

For dry dandruff:

Egg-based shampoo: mix two egg yolks, rum (two
dessert spoons) and flax oil (two dessert spoons).

Coltsfoot infusion: one tablespoon of dried herbs
coltsfoot on one glass of boiling water.

Infusion of nettle: also, a tablespoon of dried
nettle on one cup of boiling water.

Massage with oil: daily head massage with burdock or
castor oil.

Rubbing sea buckthorn oil: oil applied on parting to clean
Scalp with cotton pad. Cover hair with a plastic wrap.
and wrap in a warm towel for about an hour. Then wash
head and rinse the hair with a decoction of lime blossom or chamomile and
dried sea buckthorn leaves (equal parts).

For oily dandruff:

Massage: half an hour before washing to do a massage with a mixture of equal
parts of honey, agave juice, castor oil, lemon juice and
two minced garlic cloves.

Nettle lotion: take 0.5 liters of 6% vinegar and 0.5 liters of water,
add 100 grams finely chopped fresh nettle leaves, cook
30 minutes. Apply instead of soap for 10 days daily.

Calendula tincture alcohol: Apply to the scalp and wrap
towel for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. Lemon juice:
Massage into scalp, if any
Strong discomfort wash with warm water. Whenever possible
gradually increase the time of the procedure.

Massaging: rub nasturtium juice daily or into scalp
parsnip, infusion of flowers of tansy.

Traditional medicine over the centuries has collected and preserved many
means and ways how to permanently get rid of dandruff – this
The article contains only a fraction of this wealth. Given
here the recipes are as simple as possible, even for beginners to use
“grandmother’s” tips. The main thing – do not get too carried away and, if in
for a long time there is no improvement, or it
slightly, you should contact a specialist.

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