How to get rid of facial hair? Most effective home and salon procedures

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  • Causes of “vegetation” on the face of women
  • Salon treatments for facial hair removal
  • Homemade facial hair removal options
  • Recipes means against the “facial hair” on the face

Nature endowed the human body with hair – somewhere
thick, somewhere barely noticeable. Women and thank her for it, and
scolded. They dream of long, voluminous curls on their heads – and they hate
“vegetation” on her face if she becomes too
noticeable. It is absolutely all, but the problem is that
some are small, soft, light, almost inconspicuous
nobody fine hairs. For others, they are long, hard, dark,
clearly visible to others. Most often they cover abundantly
upper lip, chin, cheeks. It looks untidy
uncleanly and ugly. Therefore, for all women who have to
faced with such a scourge, relevant and very urgent is
the question is how to remove the hair from the face with all possible and most
effective ways.

There are no hopeless situations, and the modern beauty industry
ready to offer many options for getting rid of unwanted
“vegetation” on the face. But first it’s worth understanding why she’s
so intensely growing.

How to get rid of facial hair

Causes of “vegetation” on the face of women

A woman’s facial hair is a natural, hereditary factor,
which most often does not depend on any external factors. but
There are exceptions to this rule – the causes of thick “vegetation”,
who are able to eliminate the beauties themselves, and this will be the most
successful solution to the problem. When can this be done? what
contributes to enhanced growth of hair on the face of women?

  1. Heredity.
  2. An overabundance in the female body of male hormones.
  3. Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives
  4. Strong stress.
  5. Prolonged illness
  6. Pregnancy.
  7. Puberty.
  8. The onset of menopause.

Dark-haired and eastern
women, because blondes have just no visible facial hair: they
light and thin.

As for the reasons for their increased growth, for the most part they
associated with hormonal disorders, so you need to start
be examined and appropriate treatment. As soon as you
deal with your hormones, the problem will go away by itself.

Of course, in practice, everything is far from being so rosy
so women have to constantly look for ways to get rid of
This terrible “vegetation” on the face. Those who want a long and
quick effect, can immediately direct your way to visit
professionals – to the beauty salon.

Causes of facial hair

Coconut oil will give your skin the most gentle, but
effective care За подробностями>>

Those who are starting to see age-related changes in the skin of their face
resort to the help of avocado oil, which has moisturizing and
anti-aging properties.

Salon treatments for facial hair removal

In the cosmetology office today experts
can offer at once several procedures that eliminate
unwanted facial hair. They are fast
painless, effective and expensive. Usually,
women are ready to give everything to eliminate this defect
appearance, and therefore the price of this issue for many is nothing

  • Laser hair removal

This is one of the most effective hair removal treatments.
female face. Under the action of the laser beam are destroyed and die
follicles and hair shafts. A certain amount of hair
The bulbs remain in the skin and are activated after a few weeks.
When a new batch of grown hairs appears on the face, the procedure
will need to be repeated. For complete removal of hair from the face is required
not less than 5, and to someone and all 8 sessions.

  • Photoepilation

This procedure destroys the hair’s root follicles with light and
warmth that act quickly and efficiently. The advantages of this
method – non-invasive, high performance, versatility.
This method allows you to remove almost any hair from your face.
colors and even the most intolerable stiffness, and also allows
work with skin of any color. True, to completely get rid of
“vegetation” may take a whole year.

  • Electrolysis

Hair destruction using electric current today no less
popular than laser hair removal. This procedure is performed with
using a special device that you can buy and use
even at home than many beauties use. but
only in the cabin you can guarantee a long and truly
effective result.

Whichever of these procedures a woman who dreams
getting rid of facial hair, professional help is always
high result and safety guarantee. Many cosmetologists,
emphasizing the importance of the appearance of the face for all women advise
be as careful as possible with the removal of “vegetation” on this
body area. Even the well-known and so popular discoloration
hydrogen peroxide facial hair many trust exclusively
to specialists in order to avoid undesirable side effects. But when
no time, trust or just means for trips to salons
beauty, you have to deal with this scourge of home
by methods.

How to remove hair from face

Homemade facial hair removal options

Homemade facial hair removal will not require major
financial costs, but many of them are quite effective.

  • Shave

Very often, the desire to quickly get rid of terrible antennae
overshadows the minds of women, and they are not thinking about
consequences, they begin to shave. The results of this method more often
all are quite disappointing. Shaving cleaves tips
hair, so that they become more noticeable and thicker. Activated them
growth, and, once using this method, will have to resort
to him every day, and even several times a day. With this skin
gets a powerful annoyance, a rash can start,
inflammations will increase and increase.

  • Plucking

A very popular way to remove hairs from the face
pincers, which professionals also advise against use.
When plucking, they are badly and very carelessly damaged (but not
collapsed!) hair follicles, and it is almost always
leads to severe irritation of the skin. In addition, after such
barbaric, rather painful and unpleasant procedure on the skin
a large number of scars and scars are formed. Another disadvantage
plucking facial hair – activating their growth (albeit not so
intense, like shaving, but still) and thickening. This
the procedure is recommended by professionals only if
need to remove separately growing on the face hairs that are
far enough apart. But even so, on the spot
thin and soft hair can grow in a few days
thicker and stiffer.

  • Epilation (shugaring)

Experts consider the most successful hair removal procedure with
face epilation (wax or sugar). It provides
tearing the hair follicles, which significantly slows the growth of themselves
hair, and the newly grown are no longer so thick and
much thinner. Waxing will require a small investment.
how do you need to buy a special cosmetic wax, which
sold in the form of tablets or plates. The result of these procedures
can last quite a long time, which makes them very
attractive to hold at home. During
a whole month (for someone this period is reduced to two weeks,
all this is very individual) about the problem of “facial hair” on the face
you can not even remember. Among the disadvantages of home facial hair removal
usually called the fact that grown hairs can be removed
only with a length of at least five mm.

Which of these household procedures for removing unwanted antennae
on the face you use, it’s up to you. For those who do not
spends time and money on self-care and is set up to
long-term results, not momentary results, the choice is obvious. What if
there is also patience, you can try to cook a few
popular, time-tested funds that are quite successful
lighten (make invisible) facial hair and even with time
their follicles are completely destroyed.

How to remove facial hair

Recipes means against the “facial hair” on the face

The recipes of folk remedies coping with thick
“vegetation” on a pretty woman’s face, very much. The main thing –
find suitable. Before using any of them, do not forget
test it for allergy by inflicting it on the inside
wrists. If no irritation appears during the day –
You can use it for face skin too.

  • Waxing

Cosmetic wax in tablets or plates to melt on
water bath and in a warm, liquid form put it on the problem
face area. Do it better with a special stick, which is usually
Comes with wax. After it cools down, its
need to roll your fingers: together with the wax balls will be removed and
hairs. The procedure is quite painful and will require considerable
patience But beauty is worth such sacrifices! To be wrong
painful, professionals recommend waxing with separate strokes,
processing in turn, and not immediately, overgrown areas. To
avoid further irritation on the skin after the procedure
should be soothed by moisturizing, nourishing, or even childish.

  • Sugar Sugaring

For this procedure, you need a thick bottom saucepan, in which
low heat, constantly stirring, will need to melt the sugar.
In the warm, liquid form it is applied in the same way as wax,
strokes, using a flat stick, and then, cooled, comes off
already with hairs. Reduce the painfulness of the procedure and avoid
skin irritations can be exactly the same as with wax

  • Hydrogen peroxide clarification

This procedure is unlikely to get rid of unwanted
“vegetation” forever, but it gives a slightly different effect that
makes this method very popular among many women. Peroxide
hydrogen has excellent properties to lighten hair and make them so
the most invisible. To achieve this effect, you need to moisten
cotton wool in 3% or 6% hydrogen peroxide solution and regularly
handle it the problem area of ​​the face. According to some,
With the constant use of such a tool, the hair is so
they become thinner, they dry out completely and cease to be a problem.

  • Alcohol solution

The same property as hydrogen peroxide has one more
means – alcohol solution. The main thing here – to observe all the necessary
proportions so as not to burn the skin. Common alcohol is mixed (3
tablespoons), ammonia (1 tsp), iodine (3 drops),
castor oil (1 tsp). So solution
regrown hairs can be treated twice a day as long as
until the result is satisfactory.

  • Walnuts

Scientists have discovered in walnuts a substance that is slowly
but surely destroys the hair follicles. This is especially active
substance when the nuts are still green. If you have an ability
Get them, be sure to use this recipe. Some
ladies claim to get rid of unwanted facial hair
just that way. Worth trying. You will need a peel with
three green walnuts. Gently remove it with a knife and
dry thoroughly. Set it on fire and use it.
after her ashes. Dissolve it with a teaspoon of water, place in
dark jar, insist day, and then grease hairs on
several times a day. The tool is actually very effective, but
requiring one significant qualification. Be prepared for the fact that
after this procedure, brownish spots may remain on the skin.
shades that resemble pigmentation. They go for a few

Ways to remove hair from the face in the salon and at home
conditions, a lot – there is a choice. The main thing is to find the one that
will not damage the tender and sensitive skin, will not provoke a new
plentiful hair growth and will not cause an allergic reaction.

Many women over the years have been searching for a cherished recipe that would save
them from this scourge, which most often returns again and again.
Someone regularly and successfully uses a long time proven
means, enjoying the result. It all depends on
the individual characteristics of the organism and the desires of the woman herself.

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