How to get rid of lice and nits with peroxide hydrogen

On the subject of lice infestation, that is, pediculosis, modern
a person is most likely to say with a smirk that this is a medieval
the disease and to us hygiene people it’s not at all
threatens. But statistics tells us the opposite, namely that
The trend of infection with pediculosis in modern Russia does not go on
recession. There is no guarantee that this infection will not even stick to the very
clean man. Therefore it is important to know the elementary
ways, like, in the case of infection to be able to get rid of unpleasant and
dangerous blood-sucking parasites. Hydrogen peroxide from lice and nits

What is hydrogen peroxide and how does it affect lice and

The content of the article:

  • What is hydrogen peroxide and how does it affect lice and
  • Pros and cons, the effectiveness of the method
  • Who is contraindicated procedure and precautions?
  • How to prepare a solution for treatment at home?
  • Recipe for normal skin
  • What can be side effects?
  • Drug price
  • Alternative chemicals against lice and nits
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

If you encounter this problem, it will come to the rescue.
proven method. Surprisingly, with lice and their offspring –
nits, well-known peroxide solution
hydrogen. You might not even have guessed it.
destructive properties in relation to these parasites. Such
habitual in our first-aid kit means it has powerful oxidizing
properties by which biological structures disintegrate and
organic molecules. peroxide

The smell of hydrogen peroxide is sharp and specific.
Inhaling it, the airways are affected in the louse, and it dies after
A couple of minutes. As for the eggs that the louse sowed and
attached to the hair of an infected person, here the solution cannot
penetrate the cocoon itself, but successfully cope with the substance that
very firmly glues nits with hair. After peroxide treatment
eggs lice peel off from the hair, now the main task qualitatively
comb out the nits comb with frequent teeth and choose from the head all

Pros and cons, the effectiveness of the method

All means to combat head lice – aggressive means. They
may cause damage to sensitive, allergic skin. Before
application must test the tool in a gentle way.
If we talk about hydrogen peroxide, it is also, like any
remedy has pros and cons.


  • Availability. This remedy is indeed
    very budget. People with any means can afford it.
    Here you do not have to overpay for the brand and beautiful packaging.
  • Clarity and ease of use. Peroxide
    hydrogen is familiar to almost every one of us from an early age, so before
    the application does not have long to grasp the instruction.
  • Urgent care and effectiveness. Even after
    first application you can count on the result.

Advantages and disadvantagesMinuses:

  • Side effects. Suffer badly from
    peroxide can scalp, and this solution can become
    cause severe hair loss. Hair, at the point of use,
    may discolor and skin burns.
  • Repeated use. Whatever you like
    it seemed that you got rid of lice after the first procedure,
    in any case, a few more procedures are required. If at least one
    egg lice lost in the head of hair – the lice population multiply again.
    Therefore, it is necessary to fix the result, as well as be ready for
    negative consequences.

Who is contraindicated procedure and precautions?

Some categories of people hair treatment and peroxide solution
Hydrogen is completely contraindicated! These categories fall under:

  • people with individual intolerance;
  • children and teenagers;
  • people with wounds, lesions on the scalp;
  • people of retirement age;
  • people with asthma, bronchitis and other diseases
    upper respiratory tract, as in this case, a pair of peroxide

asthmaReference! This prohibition is due to
harmful properties of the substance to the mucous membranes.

How to prepare a solution for treatment at home?

The treatment for lice and nits should be carried out very and
very carefully, when in contact with critical areas should be washed
them as much water as possible or urgently turn to
a specialist.

The following describes the algorithm for how to carry out the procedure for processing the head
from lice with hydrogen peroxide if you’re still at it
have decided.


  1. Depending on the length of your hair, buy at the pharmacy 1
    or 2 bottles of peroxide solution. Make sure the term
    The shelf life of the drug has not expired.
  2. Pick up the container in which you will
  3. The contents of the vial diluted with water in proportion
    1: 2. There are two cups of water per cup of peroxide. Water
    preferably at room temperature.
  4. The resulting solution test your skin on
    sensitivity. If after contact of the solution
    peroxide with the skin, started burning and itching, then apply the remedy
    prohibited. if the skin did not show negative reactions, you can
    begin processing the head.

hydrogen peroxideThe procedure for processing:

  1. The resulting solution is best applied with a sponge along the entire length.
    hair and scalp. All actions must be
  2. It is recommended to start wetting the head with
    the back of the head, followed by the crown and finally the forehead.
  3. Divide hair into small strands. Each of
    strands are processed from several sides until wet
  4. To enhance the effect, after processing the head can
    wrap with polyethylene but not tight not to get
  5. It is recommended to withstand 6-9 minutes with a solution on
    head, but if the burning is unbearable – immediately start
    rinse solution. Normal – to experience a little tolerable

applying peroxideFlushing solution:

  1. For full washing off of peroxide from hair and skin
    Sorry for shampoo and water.
  2. Lemon juice is perfect for the final
    rinsing. After completely flushing the peroxide, rinse.
    hair with lemon juice in the proportion of one lemon per liter of water. Hair
    thank you for it.
  3. Gently wet hair with a towel until they
    dry out. Then comb the wet strands.
  4. After the procedure, remove the dead lice and
    nits Complete the treatment by combing hair with frequent
    comb over the sink or bath. Combing the room
    strongly discouraged as nits or lice surviving
    may fall out and settle down in furniture or clothing.

Recipe for normal skin

In order to maintain healthy hair, it is necessary to consider
their features. Peroxide dries hair heavily and,
based on this, you should choose the concentration of the solution.
for normal skin

People with normal hair and scalp can use
standard solution recipe described above. After
procedures for the leveling of the drying action of peroxide,
can be applied to the hair moisturizing mask or balm.

For oily skin

Those with hair and scalp are prone to fat, can
allow yourself a stronger peroxide concentration to process
head, and even the reusability of the procedure does not cause too
serious harm. oily skin

For dry skin

As for the owners of dry and damaged hair, dry
skin, in this case, it would be wiser to refuse such a remedy.
like hydrogen peroxide. The consequences will be disastrous as with
aesthetic point of view, and for the health of the victim.
Hair, with this feature, faces increased fragility, cross-section
tips, full or partial loss. dry scalp

With lemon juice

Strengthen the effectiveness of the procedure when removing lice can be,
adding lemon juice to the hydrogen peroxide solution. In lemon juice
contains acid, which is a choking effect on living individuals and
also, like peroxide, dissolves the substance that attaches nits to
hair The recipe is very simple: one procedure also
You will need a peroxide solution diluted 1: 2 and the juice of one lemon.
The field of application should hold the head and hair in
plastic bag, then rinse thoroughly. With lemon juice

What can be side effects?

Unfortunately, lemon juice does not neutralize aggressiveness.
hydrogen peroxide. Infected must fear all the same
side effects, like after a peroxide solution without lemon
juice. scalp irritation

Drug price

It has already been mentioned that hydrogen peroxide is available in pharmacies to people.
and families with all levels of affluence. Price varies from 8 rubles
to 15 and it is very tempting if you are willing to put up with negative
possible negative effects after application.

Alternative chemicals against lice and nits

Obviously, there are plenty of other available
alternative chemicals for removing such parasites
like lice. These are also well-known liquids in the household:
kerosene, vinegar, alcohol. These funds belong to the national and
In many ways inferior to modern shampoos and gels for lice,
but due to its low cost, availability and years of proven
properties, people still use them for head lice. Will consider
effectiveness and capabilities of some well-known means.


Even our great-grandmothers got the hand to use kerosene for
removing lice even at the most advanced stage of their
breeding. After processing the head with kerosene, poisonous
pairs stifle lice and also penetrate the cocoon
nits, which leads to their death. Kerosene

Do not forget that this, produced from oil,
the solution is the most poisonous and potent not only for
unwanted parasites, but also the man himself. If a
It’s possible to go too far with the concentration and duration of the procedure as
minimum, get a scalp burn, and, as a maximum, poisoning.
Perform the procedure carefully and carefully.

The main advantage is that, having applied kerosene minimum
twice, you can be sure that you are from pediculosis
got rid of

Attention! In quality control necessarily
comb your hair over the sink or bath through
several days after the procedure.


The alcohol solution also helps very well in fighting
pediculosis. After applying the alcohol solution over the entire length,
adults die, and their offspring fall from the hair.
1-2 procedures are enough to forget about parasites.
These properties are similar to the properties of hydrogen peroxide and kerosene,
but more gently affect the hair. In some case,
alcohol solution may even be useful! Often alcohol enters
The composition of herbal tinctures useful for hair, so you can kill
two birds with one stone: get rid of parasites and improve the structure of the hair!

Important! When using an alcohol solution, do not forget about
security measures. High concentrations of the substance are also harmful.


The safest method of health from
pediculosis – a solution of table vinegar. Vinegar solution, in
unlike kerosene and hydrogen peroxide, is not so harmful to and
Made from natural ingredients. They can be cured of
pediculosis, even children, however, are older than 2-3 years. Vinegar treatment

Lice do not die from vinegar vapors, and having inhaled, only a few vapors of acids
become inactive. They stop clinging to hair and their
easy to comb out. After treating the head with vinegar solution
then everything will depend on how well you
comb out the individuals and pick the nits out of their hair.

To cure vinegar from lice – should be stocked up
by patience. The procedure must be repeated from 6-10 times, and only
in a month you can see a positive result. This is probably
the biggest disadvantage of this tool.


Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Often, infection with lice plunges a modern person into shock,
what can we say about parents who have found lice in their children.
In this regard, a huge number of questions arise: is it possible
to treat? How to treat? How to treat?

Can children use hydrogen peroxide against

Children’s skin is much softer and more sensitive than that of an adult.
therefore use aggressive oxidizing agents such as peroxide

Can lice be removed with chlorhexidine?

Chlorhexidine is a good antiseptic. They can
disinfect surfaces and apply in some areas
medicine. But, unfortunately, from lice, he can not help.
Its properties do not allow to destroy parasites or even
somehow neutralize them.

Is there a paint with hydrogen peroxide against lice?

Good news for those who use it regularly
hair dye will be that peroxide is found in almost all
paints. Without this substance, the paint itself does not stick
can. Therefore, it will be convenient to combine business with pleasure:
to dye your hair in the usual way and at the same time get rid of
hateful parasites.


Yes, even in the modern world, we still cannot be
sure not to get head lice. It is very unpleasant and
it is disgusting to find in his hair outsiders. To
time to detect the problem is to regularly examine the hair,
follow the rules of hygiene, use only personal hairbrushes,
bed linen and towels. Be careful and vigilant!

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