How to improve the appearance and health of clarified hair?

Such a procedure as bleaching hair leads to the fact that
they become lifeless, brittle and dull. Therefore, immediately
as the procedure ended, it is necessary to begin activities for
hair restoration after bleaching.

blonde The choice of means you need
based on the type of strand and its degree
damage. In the process of bleaching hair
cause chemicals that lighten them. Apply
Such a procedure for a long time, but did not come up with another painting,
which would not have a negative impact. Therefore naturally
that after bleaching hair must be restored. For
This need to carry out the right care. To fill the gap
moisture must use special cosmetics, in the composition
which includes drugs that have the ability to retain moisture
in damaged strands.

The basic rules of hair care necessary for their complete

  1. Hair must be combed before washing. It will not allow them
    mess up and also improve blood circulation.

  2. Wash your head only with water no higher than 50 degrees in order not
    dry the skin even more.

  3. Regularly apply a mask with a moisturizing effect.

  4. Masks should contain keratin, vegetable proteins,
    amino acids. Such substances have a very good effect on curls,
    effectively strengthen them, make them strong, full of health, excellent
    nourish the roots.

  5. Should choose to wash shampoos, balms – rinses,
    conditioners only specially designed for discolored and
    damaged hair. The composition of such funds include components
    which treat, strengthen hair.

  6. Balsams will provide additional protection. After applying them not
    need to flush. They restore and retain moisture inside

  7. When purchasing shampoo, you need to make sure that it is transparent. If a
    it is not, it means that there is silicone in the composition, which makes it heavier and
    glues hair, and this is highly undesirable.

  8. There are special sprays to care for thin, brittle
    after bleaching hair. They smooth the curls,
    therefore, the hair does not break and does not tear when combing.

  9. It is better not to use hair dryers, curling irons, during the recovery period.
    in addition not to damage the hair.

Modern cosmetology offers quite a wide selection.
professional care products for bleached and discolored
curls. Most likely they will cost not cheap. AT
beauty salons and hairdressers also offer restoration
hair on the head after the lightening procedure. Many of them absolutely

Beauty saloon The advantage of salon procedures is
the speed of their action. Healthy and well-groomed appearance to
hair will return in a couple of days, unlike in folk
products that require prolonged use. Naturally that
such procedures are also not cheap, so not every woman
can afford it.

Professional procedures
Procedure name Description
Keratin mask Two-stage processing. First, the curls are washed with shampoo
collagen (deep cleaning) to remove fat, cleaning
pore hair. Apply a warm mask and leave to soak for 15 or
20 minutes. Then the strands are dried with a hairdryer without washing off the composition. So
Keratin will completely penetrate the hair shaft and
will fix there. Then wash your head without using shampoo and make
normal styling.
Biolamination Hair covered with a special film, which
passes the air, allowing them to breathe. It does not give
dry out, prevents the processes of obvetrivaniya and
oxidation after discoloration. This procedure is similar to keratin
mask, only applies a different composition and after its application
the curls are not only dried, but additionally equal when
help styler. The hairstyle will get perfect shine and color.
Botox Superficial application of active reducing
composition. The hair is thoroughly washed and applied.
serum-filler with a syringe. Divided into strands and
inject part of the composition. When processing is completed,
apply sealing balm. It forms on the surface of the hair
a kind of frame that holds the remedy inside
hair scales. All applied drugs through several
minutes are washed away. Then you can style your hair in the usual way.
they will become very obedient, the color will be even and bright. (Read more
about botox hair)

All procedures using professional tools for
Hair restoration will require a lot of money. Explicit
result can be achieved after 3 or 4
sessions. The table shows the main types of cosmetic procedures for
bleached hair.

And, of course, do not forget about folk remedies. They
require longer use but money will be spent
far less. Homemade recipes are simple to use, but they work.
very effective.

Best used for bleached mask strands.
containing vegetable oils, honey, yeast, egg yolks,
gelatin. All these components can fully provide hair
strength, elasticity and prevent their loss.

In addition, masks can also be used for bleaching:

With daily careful care for damaged bleached.
hair can be quickly strengthened and restored. Haircut will be
lush, beautiful, brilliant and strong. Only worth showing
patience and perseverance.

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