How to independently remove accrued hair?

how to sleep hair extensionsExtensive hair is used
in order to give hair the density and pomp, change it
length, appearance. Used to build thin curls,
that mimic the natural color, but you can pick and bright,
contrasting colors that give the hairstyle originality and
attractiveness It is impossible to wear extended curls for a long time,
it is necessary to remove them in the terms established by the master. To this
make, use a special liquid to remove accumulated
hair, various mechanical techniques. These tools are available
different manufacturers, they must be used in strict
in accordance with the instructions and recommendations given by the stylist.
After removing the strands, additional care is required for the hair,
make a firming mask.

Hair extensions

The selection of means for removal of hair extensions depends on
What kind of extension was chosen, what is the quality of the hair,
their structure. Such funds spoil the hair, making them
dull, therefore it is required to use in addition special

How to remove the accrued strands of the most? This will help in this special
liquids that can be divided into several groups.
The first group is intended for direct softening.
capsules, i.e., keratin begins to literally melt, after which all
Artificial curls are easily removed. But there is a second group, to
which include the means to produce the final
hair treatment, i.e., remove all adhesive residue after all
hair removed. Liquids are not very economical, they quickly spread through
surface of the scalp may have a negative effect on
health and hair structure. To remove hair at home
more gentle method will have to be used without fail
rejuvenating masks and rinsing.

Today, to remove the extended curls manufacturers offer
apply special gels to completely remove residues
capsules and glue from the surface of the strands. The procedure is painless, not
causes no discomfort, but takes a long time.
Such tools are intended for professional
use, it is not recommended to use them at home.
A couple of drops of gel are applied on the capsules, left for 5 minutes and after
proceed to the removal of artificial curls. Make the capsule easy
softened, you need to use curling tongs that
perfectly soften the keratin. This gel is more effective than
usual liquid for removal of the increased curls, since it does not flow,
consumed sparingly. In addition, the gel does not have a negative
impact on the scalp, it is completely safe.

Extension options and methods of removing curls

To remove hair at home, you only need to use
those methods that correspond to the procedure of building. It is better
contact the salon to a professional master, but there are situations
when there is no time or opportunity for this, therefore withdrawal is carried out
do it yourself This procedure is time consuming and requires extreme
attention and accuracy, because when you hurry or make mistakes, strands can be
badly hurt. It is important to clarify which method is produced.
building up how to remove such artificial curls when
of necessity.

Today, salons use various methods of extension.

Chinese building is the easiest method, it is
that individual strands are attached to natural hairs
special small clips made of metal. Such
curls can be easily and quickly removed by yourself, using
This ordinary nail scissors. This method is bad for
the structure of the scalp, because when building occurs
strong mechanical effect.

Tape building. How to remove the hair itself after such
procedures? Enough to use a hairdryer. Additionally
use liquid to remove hair extensions, instead
common alcohol will do. The build method itself is that
that the tape is stuck around the roots, i.e., to remove each
curl will not have to spend a lot of time. All are heated by a hair dryer
curls, after which the glue softens and the hair is easily removed. With
the help of fluid for removing hair needs to be processed
roots to remove any glue residue from them. After necessarily
need to use a special protective mask to reinforce
your curls.

How to remove curls after French and English
building up?

French capacity allows you to remove unnecessary
strands, without resorting to the services of a professional master. Herself
the extension procedure is that first at the roots of
of their own hairs are braided thin braids, to which is already
Artificial curls are sewn on. The removal process is simple: enough
disconnect all hair extensions, then gently
braid pigtails, apply a firming mask.

English, Italian, hot build is performed with
using small resin balls that are heated,
attached to your own hair. How to remove such curls?
Experts do not recommend performing this procedure at home, although in
salons she is very expensive. If you can not contact
salon, you must use a special liquid that
literally dissolves the capsules. The cost of such a liquid is not the most
low, you can buy it for about 500 rubles.

The process is as follows: capsules are processed
means left for about 2-3 minutes. When the capsules
soften, all the curls just need to carefully separate and remove.
It is possible to clean up hot extensions with the help of cosmetic
masks designed for brittle, dry hair. For this means
applied to the hair at the joints after a certain time
the capsules become soft, they can begin to be removed.

Sometimes a hair curler is used to remove hair extensions. But this
the method is not the best, because part of keratin is still
stays on the surface of your hair, have to use
Special fluids to remove all traces of the capsules. Instead
liquids suitable ordinary alcohol, but after you have to apply
restoring masks.

Spanish extensions are also called cold appliances; they are more
gentle to the hair. To remove hair at home
conditions, it is necessary to take nail polish remover.
This method is fast, well proven, but it requires
patience and attentiveness. After all the curls are removed,
cause a regenerating hair mask.

How to restore hair after using liquid and
building up?

how to restore hair after removalHow to remove the most
extended curls so that the hair structure is not damaged, but the
Have they stayed attractive and healthy? Great for that
suitable burdock oil, which can be bought in any
pharmacy. Masks based on this oil have a beneficial effect on health.
hair, return them shine, elasticity, promote growth. Mask
preparing in this way: the heated oil is applied to the hair,
after which the head is wrapped with foil and a scarf. In about an hour
wash off with shampoo.

Well helps to restore the mask based on castor
oil, which allows you to provide nutrition to the hair. For
cooking masks oil and peppercorns are taken in about the same
proportions, then in the resulting mixture is added balm.
Mass applied to the roots, but rub it while it is not necessary. Such
The procedure is repeated up to 3 times a week.

After removing the hair extensions it is good to use the mask on
kefir, to which is added any vegetable oil in the amount of
full tablespoon, 1 egg yolk, dry mustard and 100 g
heated kefir. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, after which
applied on the head for about 20 minutes. If curls strongly
damaged after extension, it is recommended to strengthen the effect of masks
with ordinary yeast, it’s good to use apple
rinse vinegar.

The hair extension procedure can be carried out by various
ways, methods of removing the curls are also quite a lot. But all
these actions need to be carried out only in accordance with
recommendations of experts.

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