How to keep the beauty of artificial strands ?

To give the hair pomp and volume, many prefer
Tress of natural hair, considering that they are more appropriate
The texture of their own strands and more durable to wear. but
high-quality artificial strands produced by new technologies,
therefore, they practically do not differ from natural ones.

in a wig In addition, the desired shade of natural tress sometimes
hard to pick, while the extensive color palette
artificial strands allows you to quickly find the most suitable to
its natural color tone. Another plus in favor of synthetic
materials – they are more profitable than natural hair

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Artificial strands, especially from inexpensive materials, can with
time to become brittle, lose shine or pile. To avoid
This will only help comprehensive hair care, which includes
in itself not only washing and combing, but also proper wearing and

For the manufacture of high quality artificial hair
used kanekalon – modacrylic fiber with the addition of
seaweed extract. Differs in high elasticity, not
fluffs and almost resembles natural properties
hair. The material was invented in Japan and at first had a palette of 42

How to take off and put on

The content of the article:

  • How to take off and put on
  • How to comb
  • How to wash
  • How to curl
  • How to store
  • How to choose a wig? First Channel Spot

Due to carelessness when taking off and putting on artificial hair
can quickly become unusable.


Therefore, they must be removed, strictly following such

  • Carefully take the hair out of the package and spread it on
    horizontal surface.
  • Carefully separate strands from each other, straightening matted
  • Carefully comb them so that they form a solid
  • Attach the tress to your hair, strictly observing

Removal of overhead strands also does not tolerate haste and neglect,
and it should be done as follows:

  • Bend your head and throw all strands forward.
  • Carefully open the hairpins, being careful not to injure
    own hair
  • Carefully and without haste to remove each tress separately.
  • Arrange strands on the table, carefully comb.
  • Gently fold the tress into the package.

Remove tress on the hairpins sharply, jerking in no case
it is impossible – at the same time own hair and skin are damaged

The idea of ​​hair extensions using strands belongs
to blacks whose hair is virtually unstoppable and
staining. The first extensions were made by attaching
artificial strands to your own tightly braided all over your head

How to comb

Care for artificial hair on hairpins suggests
regular combing, otherwise the strands will fold and will look

beautiful wig

Combing tressy from artificial materials should be as follows:

  1. Spread the strands on a horizontal surface.

  2. Separate a small strand from tress and lift it up.

  3. Carefully comb your hair, starting from the tips and little by little
    rising to the barrette.

  4. Separating new small strands, comb them the same.
    in a way.

  5. Comb through the entire tress until it is smooth and

For combing artificial hair is recommended to choose
brushes with soft natural bristles. Do not try to comb all
overhead strands at once: they can be tangled at the pins.

How to wash

Artificial hair must be washed at least once in 1,5-2
months, and with daily use – even more often. Water from under
a crane for artificial materials is no good: it must be
very soft. You can soften the water by adding some food to it.
soda or defrost and then melt.

girl in a wig Wash the artificial strands should be as follows:

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of soft shampoo in 2 liters of water and beat until
    formation of fluffy foam.
  • Put strands in water and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Remove hair and rinse it thoroughly with warm hair.
  • Apply a mask or hair conditioner and leave for a while,
    indicated on the instructions means.
  • Wash off the conditioner with plenty of warm water.
  • Without wiping the strands, spread them out horizontally and wait
    drying out
  • Carefully straighten tangled strands and carefully
    to comb.

Instead of a balm or rinse on artificial tresses, you can
try to apply softener (preferably for children): he
will give them smoothness, softness and natural shine.

The author of hair extension technology in Europe is considered
British stylist Simon Forbes, who first introduced her at the beginning
60s of the last century. For this he was awarded a special

How to curl

Artificial hair can not be curled using curling, styler
or thermal tongs, as they can damage them severely.

curly hair To create volumetric curls from direct
synthetic strands can be screwed on curlers immediately after washing
and leave to dry, or try the next method.

  1. Lightly moisten the strands with water and screw on curlers;

  2. Put twisted hair in a small bowl;

  3. To boil water;

  4. Pour boiling water on the strands for 5-10 minutes, strictly observing
    so that hair does not begin to melt or dim.

  5. Get out, pour cold water over the strands.

  6. Dry in low temperature mode.

  7. Remove the curlers, put on the tresses and put the hair as

  8. After removing the strands should be carefully combed.

How to store

Proper storage will help artificial hair for long
keep your look. For this it is important to observe the following

  • The room where the hair is stored must be dry, clean, without
    dust and mold.
  • Keep the product in high temperature or under direct
    by no means sunlight.
  • The room should be cool and regular.
    be aired.
  • Long strands are recommended to be stored in a special grid,
    pre-combed and gently folded.

In the same way, care should be taken for wigs, hairpieces and
false tails made of artificial materials.

Photos of well-chosen wigs (you can

Comprehensive hair care will extend the life of such products and
keep them soft, attractive and vibrant.

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