How to keep the beauty of hair?

hair lossAT
during a person’s life, a regular change of hair occurs.
Simply put, some of them fall out (accepted variants of the norm
– 85% of hair in the process of growth, and 15% in the shift stage), this is approximately
40 to 100 hairs per day. Count it, of course, very
hard, but if you are fine, this process happens
imperceptibly. Most often, men face the problem of prolapse, and
it is no longer considered something supernatural. But what to do
woman, if her hair began to fall out sharply? How to stop
hair loss? After all, hair at all times was a sign
femininity, the fashion for them will never pass, and the thicker the braid, the
“richer” female image.

Do not immediately begin to sound the alarm. Try to get started
conduct a small test to determine how serious
problem of falling out in your case.

  • Take in hand the hair that you have dropped, and carefully
    look at him. If there is no dark bulb on the tip, then
    everything is good. If it is, we continue the test.
  • Wait after the last hair wash for 2-3 days, after that
    pull the hair around the crown and temples. If after this
    manipulations in the hand will remain more than 5 hairs, the problem is

Before you wonder how to stop hair loss,
it is necessary to find out the reasons why they began to fall out. And the reasons
may be completely different and in each case individual.
Let’s see.

Causes of unexpected hair loss

  1. In the body of women is not enough iron. Most often this
    arises from adherence to strict diets, as well as iron
    lost at critical days. Replenish its content in
    the body can be due to proper nutrition and vitamin
  2. You began to pursue overwork and stress. Permanent
    the presence of these factors in your life leads to chronic
    hair loss due to constriction of cerebral vessels.
  3. There are a number of diseases that can also cause
    this problem is pneumonia, polycystic ovary,
    sexually transmitted diseases, anemia, thyroid diseases
  4. Also, taking certain medications affects the condition of the hair.
    cover, including contraceptives.
  5. Lack of vitamins in the body (vitamin deficiency). Most often this
    occurs in the spring due to fatigue of the body after
  6. Abuse of chemical formulations for hair and frequent
    staining, especially at home. Not always women clearly
    imagine the harm that these means can do,
    especially if you do not follow the basic rules of application.
  7. Hypothermia hair, as well as overheating, are capable of
    adversely affect their condition. In winter, be sure to wear
    headgear, and in summer cover your hair from too bright
    the sun
  8. Pregnancy and the first year of a child’s life. At this time, the body
    women undergo hormonal changes, therefore, sharply
    hair deterioration occurs. It is normal at this
  9. Too frequent washing of hair, especially if the shampoo is matched
    wrong combing wet hair with a stiff comb
  10. Permanent use of hair dryer, ironing.

Diagnosis of hair problems

computer diagnosis of hair lossTO
Unfortunately, there is no miracle tool that fits all
to women. To assess the complexity of the problem in your particular case,
It is necessary to consult a trichologist – this is a specialist who
deals with hair problems and finds ways to solve them, that is, how
just answers the question of how to stop hair loss. Reviews from
specialist visits are much more diverse and informative than from
attempts to cope with the problem.

Diagnosis includes several steps:

  1. Collecting patient history. The doctor will figure out which lifestyle you
    lead, your eating habits, heredity, and chronic
    diseases, how long ago the problems of hair loss began to torment.
  2. Next, the doctor will conduct an external examination, which is aimed at
    identifying visible problems. Examines the structure of the hair, their condition,
    tendency to dryness or, conversely, to fat. Will reveal
    related problems: skin lesions, eyelash condition, and
    will pay attention to the nails, as they are included in the diagnostic program
    hair problems. Experienced trichologist after inspection
    able to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment, however for
    visibility of the picture and confirmation of the diagnosis requires a third
  3. Computer diagnostics of hair. Purely technical process
    looks like this: the enlarged is displayed on the computer
    image root and stem. This is achieved using optical
    equipment (cameras). Measured hair thickness as well as visually
    all the problems and features of hair growth
    cover. Enlarged color images are easy to compare with basic ones.
    pictures showing the norm as well as various types
    deviations. Based on this study, the specialist will outline
    recommendations for care and treatment. Computer diagnostics allows
    also determine the quantity and quality of the greasy secret,
    structural features of the hair shaft, including hereditary
    pathology. It is recommended to repeat this examination and after
    treatment to evaluate its effectiveness.
  4. An important step in the examination of hair is a trichogram –
    microscopic examination evaluating the ratio of the number
    hair in the growth phase, to the hair that completed the cycle
    development. For analysis, a certain amount of hair is taken and
    under the microscope examine each of them.

Treatment of temporary hair loss

All women faced with this problem are given
question: how to stop hair loss? Stop it means
detect the cause of the disease, not just get rid of the symptoms, so
as most often hair loss in women is a consequence
indicating any disease. It is associated with certain
the complexities.

If a woman has experienced severe stress, hair problems can
start only a few months later. Pretty hard
trace the connection between these events. Even medication treatment
may be stressful for the body. Need to check with
attending physician about possible side effects of drugs and replacing them
to others. Delayed serious illness is also a good reason.
that hair began to fall out. In this case it is necessary
restore the body and improve immunity.

If you suffer from a scalp disease, it is necessary
cure, as it is the cause of the poor condition of the hairstyle.
Pay much attention to the hat you wear in winter.
If it is too heavy or too tight, it may break
circulation. Headaches and hair loss will begin. Replace
headgear so that it does not cause discomfort.

If you have long hair, they must be completely hidden under
clothes in order to avoid overcooling and overdrying. In the summer
protect your hair from the sun – it can also weaken the state
shag that hi to a drop out.

Observe the right diet, eat healthy foods.
(Increase intake of vitamins of group B – green peas, meat
rabbit and lamb, cereals). Give up fat and fried,
too salty. In the autumn and spring periods, take
multivitamins (need to consult a doctor). Restrict
The consumption of coffee and cigarettes are the main enemies of healthy hair.

head massage for hair lossUse
special shampoos against hair loss, good help
special masks (many of them can be made at home
conditions). Feedback about them is very positive, but use
only one means will not solve the problem.

Massage your scalp (get a special massage
brush) – it promotes good blood circulation, and the blood brings
to the hair follicle vitamins and other nutrients. With
wash massage your head with your fingers. Never brush your wet
hair, limit the use of hair dryer, ironing and means for

If the cause of the disease – pregnancy, childbirth, the period of feeding
breast or menopause, no special treatment is required. Hair loss
in this case, a temporary problem that will pass when
the body will restore normal hormones. Just need
comply with all the above recommendations and restore
lack of vitamins.

Anti-hair loss masks

There are a lot of recipes now. They will help stop or
slow down this process, but do not hope for a sharp
an improvement. You can buy relevant products in the store
(be guided by responses of women on the Internet) or make a mask
self at home.

As a base (base) of the mask may contain olive oil and
few drops of ethereal. Popular mask of honey and olive
oils (one tablespoon), in which 3 drops are added
rosemary and cedar essential oils. You can add egg yolk.
The main thing is that the mask should be uniform in consistency. Apply it
should be on washed hair, covered with foil and wrapped with a towel.
Hold it for about 30 minutes and rinse with shampoo.

masks for hair lossOne of the most popular –
onion mask. The most effective – mask using green
onions, pre-crushed in a blender. The resulting gruel
apply on hair and hold for 1-1.5 hours, wrap with foil and towel.
The minus of such a mask is the smell that the hair will absorb during this time.
To get rid of it, rinse your hair with water

Another popular remedy is burdock oil. His need
rub into the hair roots before shampooing. Keep about 20-30
minutes, then thoroughly wash your hair.

A simple way to bring hair in order is a kefir mask.
We grease hair with kefir, we wrap and leave for 1-2 hours, then
my shampoo

Despite the fact that the recipes of masks include only
natural ingredients, they must be applied very carefully. They
may cause allergies, so you should try before use.
composition on a small area of ​​the scalp.

If you began to use masks, the effect will help strengthen the massage.
heads. Make it better with fingertips, excessive massing
Comb can stimulate prolapse.

Alopecia and its treatment

If you strictly follow the above rules, and hair
continue to fall godlessly, here we are talking about a chronic
during the process, the causes of which lie much deeper.

It can not do without the help of a specialist. Firstly
You must undergo a medical examination:

  • biochemical blood test and hormone test;
  • be sure to do an ultrasound of the thyroid gland;
  • undergo a microscopic examination of the hair and scalp.

Here it is important not to delay the appeal to a specialist. AT
In most cases, the problem is solved without cardinal
interventions. Steroid injections, vacuum massage and
use special cream.

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