How to learn to braid a braid of four strands?

four-strand braid

This type of laying, like a 4-strand braid, is suitable for non
very thick curls. Hair in a similar case seems thicker and
more magnificent. Quite a complicated method of weaving for many is
obstacle in the development of this method. Hope that
the presented scheme and description of the technique under consideration
method of laying will help you master the technique, and will also
promote its wider distribution.

For those who are just learning to weave braids, we recommend starting with
Training on the hair of friends or close relatives. For training
You will need several clips and a sheet of white A4 paper. AT
the period of mastering such a technique of laying exactly the clamps and sheet
papers will help you better understand how the spit of four

Before you start, you need to comb very well.
Prepare a plate with water or a sprayer. It will help
moisten the strands to facilitate the styling process. In order to
to master the hairstyle technique sufficiently
train on a different type of thread, band or yarn.

If a four-strand spit shape is planned
carry out only as an ornament to the main hairstyle, then
it is necessary to select working curls. All other hair you need
assemble, pull off a soft rubber band.

When training under the hair that will be woven into a braid,
fix a sheet of paper. Clips the sheet is attached to the curls, not
involved in weaving. After the technique is mastered,
a sheet of paper is no longer needed. The hair is divided into four equal

Let the two extreme curls will be code 1n and 1n. And two
internal – is 2n and 2p.

Step one. Overlap between themselves 2n, 2n (two medium

Step two. 1l passes over 2n, while 1n is held under
2l. The final movement of this step is to bring 1l under
1p. Now to the left are 1n, 2n, and to the right – 1n, 2n.

Step three. 2n overlaps 1l, intersects with 2n, which
is fed under 1n. Now to the right are 1n, 2n, and to the left – 1n,

Step Four. 2n overlaps 1p, and curl 1p starts up under 2n.
In the center of the pattern 1l, 1p cross. Right now are 1n,
2n, and on the left – 1l and 2l.

This is a fairly simple weaving pattern. Given
the sequence repeats as necessary. Need to remember that
the leftmost order must always be on top, and the extreme right
strand start up under the bottom.

At the end of the braid is fastened with an elastic band, it is laid as
haircut is provided. You can fluff hair, slightly stretched
extreme strands. But in this case, be sure to do everything well.
fix varnish.

Interestingly weaving braids of four strands looks at
melirovannyh curls, as the game of color gets in this case
new sound. Sometimes in order to make styling more interesting,
some curls, before weaving into a 4-strand braid,
intertwined in small braids, which are then intertwined

Various weaving techniques allow you to decorate this method.
styling and give it a sophisticated look. Ribbons, tapes,
multicolored cords, beads and rhinestones. Spit looks very interesting
of the four strands when it is performed by the French technique

For styling braids of four strands with ribbon hair are divided into
three strands, and instead of the fourth a braid is taken. The tape is fixed or
on hair that is not involved in weaving, or by it
tie up the tail, which then braid appropriate
in a way.

When performing this technique of weaving braids from 4 strands you need
take into account that the rightmost strand always comes from above, and on it
tape overlaid. Extreme left strand always start up under
and the ribbon passes under it.

The tape in the case of weaving passes through the center of the braid,
and it gives the whole hairstyle a new unusual look. Using tape
different color or with different patterns can be this way
diversify hairstyle.

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