How to learn to braid hair?

braid weaving techniqueBraid hairstyle – not only
practical and attractive styling for hair, but also a symbol of female
natural beauty. The braids have long emphasized maiden tenderness and
modesty. According to their length, it was decided to predict the fate, therefore
they tried not to cut.

Elegantly braided pigtails and in the era of fashion trends are considered
comfortable and beautiful hairdo. Many options fit perfectly into
image of a self-confident business woman or mysterious and romantic
lady. To master some types of braid weaving is easy even for

Fashionable braids

The main characteristics of the perfect hairstyle – stylish,
stable, easy to pack. To make a perfect hairstyle,
will need training in front of a mirror. May be useful photos and
schemes of finished hairstyles, as well as perseverance and
patience. The reward will be a brilliant result.

Most varieties of braids will require tidy and
attentive attitude. To perform many hairstyles need
know what the sequence of weaving strands, in which direction they are
should go how to make hair more fit to weave
braids on the basis of braids. This is where schemas or
videos with simple and clear instructions on how to weave

It is better to learn to weave braids from the simplest ones – in three

  1. hair comb back;
  2. divided into three parts;
  3. in turn weave the second strand between the third and the first;
  4. do the procedure for the entire length of the hair;
  5. Tie up the formed pigtail with a tape, rubber band or

Spit “Fish Tail”

Having mastered the most common method of weaving braids, you can
it is easy to learn to weave a braid called fishtail. Before,
how to start braiding, hair should be moistened with
cosmetic products and comb better. This will help to avoid
the appearance of knots or tangled strands.

Weave better to start from the neck, dividing the hair into three
parts. Weaving pigtails for beginners will be more convenient if
As a start, select two strands of previously formed
the base of the tail. First, the strand is grabbed from one side and
transferred to the opposite. To make it more convenient, intertwined
strands are best held with one hand and the next with the other
strand. The secret to the hairstyle is that the strands should be as
thinner – then the finished hairstyle will look very

To connect strands to the tail, you can alternately. Alternately highlighting
their hair is woven to the end. Fasten the finished braid with a rubber band or
barrette For giving volume the resulting hairstyle “fishtail”
need to straighten from the center to the edges.

Braid braid “In four strands”

You can master the technique of braiding “in four strands”, she
also does not represent a special complexity.

Performing weaving braids, you must adhere to the following scheme:

  1. hair is divided into four parts on the back of the head;
  2. it is necessary to begin to weave from the first strand;
  3. alternately put the first strand on the second, third strand – on
    the first, strand number four – under the first;
  4. continue to weave according to the same scheme, highlighting the second
    strand as central.

It is not difficult to guess that the technique of weaving a fishtail spit
will require careful execution. It looks very elegant
hairstyle option on melirovanny hair – strands of different colors
thanks to the double plexus become more visible.

braid spit of 4 strandsCreate hairstyles better on clean
hair. After washing, the hair is dried with a hairdryer, lifting the roots. it
it is necessary that the hairstyle turned out more voluminous. Weaving
Pigtails for beginners are best performed using a circuit or under
the guidance of a more experienced master. Hair tips do not need too
pull, otherwise they can lose their fluffiness. To impart
stiffness of hair, you should use varnish. Every strand is necessary
spray some distance from the head.

Hairstyle can be done with or without parting. it
depends on the habits and requests of the owner of the future hairstyle. the main thing
make sure that the spit is not particularly tight to the head. it
will help the hair keep volume.

The listed types of braids are perhaps the most popular and
popular species. Once mastered the technique
weaving such braids, you can easily learn and many others
species. Pigtail for beginners is not so difficult, but if
get carried away in this matter, in the very near future you can go to
more complex schemes. Today there are many
ways of weaving fashionable and beautiful braids that you can
Use as a daily or holiday hairstyle.

The ability to weave chic beautiful hair from braids, or
small braids, but especially in intricate ways opens before
masters boundless space for fantasy to build
subsequently the images are as charming as they are unique.
Even the usual spit of the classical type, which consists of
three combed strands perfectly complement your look and make it
infinitely attractive and fashionable.

The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments. Should not give up
if at first nothing will work out – training will help you.
acquire the necessary skill and create beautiful hairstyles.

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