How to learn to weave a spikelet: 9 ways

The spikelet is probably one of the most popular and
universal hairstyle suitable for girls of all
ages. Not complicated in execution, will allow you to create as
casual and festive evening look even without
visit the beauty salon.

braid spikelet

The general principle is to weave a spit from the crown, capturing
all the hairs on the sides. To master the technique of weaving the French braid
can be a couple of workouts, but first you should arm
theoretical knowledge.

  • 1 Classic spikelet
  • 2 Spikebird
  • 3 double spikelet
  • 4 square spikelet
  • 5 Spike from the tail
  • 6 Spike diagonally
  • 7 around the head
  • 8 fish tail
  • 9 How to braid spikelet itself
  • 10 How to braid a spikelet to a child

Classic spikelet

Beginners first need to master the scheme of the classic spikelet.


  • Carefully combing clean dried hair, prepare
    a means for laying or a spray with simple water, several
  • Take the hair near the forehead, divide it into three
    identical parts;
  • Put the left strand on the middle one, and remove it to the left, then
    right, too, on the new middle, as a result of the original left
    will be right;
  • Holding the first weave with your fingers, separate
    hand curl to the left of until the loose hair, attach it
    to the left strand and weave together in a braid;
  • Repeat the same on the right;
  • Alternately weave strands on both sides;
  • Braid the resulting loose tail into a pigtail and fasten
    rubber band.

To hairstyle looked neat, select strands
it should be the same thickness and sprinkle them lightly with water.
For a longer fixation, if desired, pre-apply
on hair a skin or mousse for laying.

The video below shows in detail the whole process of weaving.
the classic spike itself:

Turn everyday hairstyle into evening
the exquisite spikelet version with strands released will succeed
using the technique of lace weaving. For this before
weaving a new strand into the braid, separate the thin curl from the main one,
be sure to put on it a gel or mousse.

This curl is divided into three parts and each lay an arc
one after another in the form of lace. A new portion of hair is woven under
laid pattern. For a festive occasion such a hairstyle
can be supplemented with beautiful hairpins or flowers.

Spikelet round it

As an option for a variety of hairstyles, braided French braid


  • Comb hair, apply foam or moisten with water;
  • Take the hair at the crown, divided into three parts;
  • The left curl is now held below the middle strand, which
    cleaned to the left;
  • The right curl is also under the middle;
  • Select the strands from the sides of the remaining hair, weaving them alternately
    in a braid, each time wrapping around the middle curl from the bottom.

It turns out a completely new turned spikelet, the volume of which
will add stretching of curls to the sides.

You can see how the spikelet turns around in this

Double spikelet

The weaving technique of such a hairstyle is not different, only divided.
all hair is parted in two halves and made two

Double spikelet

For convenience, one piece to collect a rubber band, the second – to braid
in the classical or inverse way, after which repeat the same
braiding with remaining hair. Backless braids left
braided or make tails for a mischievous image.

Below is a simple and original way of weaving double
spike with silicone rubber:

Having mastered the classic techniques of weaving and well-trained,
You can try more complex variants of weaving, for example, spikelet
4 strands or square spikelet.

Square spikelet

Square spikelet

The sequence of weaving square braids:

  • The strand selected at the crown is divided into three parts, as in
    the beginning of weaving a simple spikelet;
  • Right strand divided in two;
  • Thread the middle curl between them and connect again;
  • Now split the left strand, also hold between
    bunches middle curl;
  • New curl with the total mass of hair attach to the bottom
    bifurcated beam that will braid the middle curl
    from the bottom;
  • Braid in a similar way all the hair on the head and loose

In this video lesson you can clearly see how to weave such a braid:

Spike of the tail

Comb hair, apply foam, cook small

  • On the top, select the strand, as for weaving the usual French
    braids, collect it in the tail;
  • Under him make the second same bundle;
  • Divide the upper tail into two halves, bring them under the lower
    from the sides, and the tail itself lift up;
  • Make another tail of the side strands of the first half
  • Take a bundle from above, also divide it and weave it with new ones.
    strands into the next;
  • Repeat until all hair is braided.

Another option of weaving spikelets from the tail:

Create a feminine and romantic image
it will turn out by braiding the French cone on its side or around its head.
Such hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity, especially in the form of slightly
disheveled, careless braids.

Spike on the diagonal


  • Parting is done on the side;
  • A strand is separated from most of the hair at the forehead, the first is done
  • Weave a classic or reverse spikelet diagonally, on
    the back of the head weave turns to the opposite from the beginning

And here is an example of the reverse French braid diagonally itself

Another modification of this braid in the photo below –


Around the head

Braid braid around the head is possible in several ways.

braid around the head

  1. Integral oblique.
  • Parting from forehead to occiput, at the crown of the point of the center of weaving;
  • From one side of the parting near the forehead to start weaving, picking up
    strands from the center of the hair;
  • Move gradually around the head to the beginning of the parting;
  • Braid the remaining loose hair into an ordinary pigtail and
    hide under the spikelet, fasten with pins or stealth.

This variant of weaving is also shown on the video:

  1. From two braids.
  • Split the hair in two parts;
  • Braid each part of the spikelets in the opposite
    directions, one – from the forehead to the back of the head, as a classic version,
    the second is from the nape;
  • Loose hair braid in braids and hide under the weave,
    fix with hairpins.

Such weaving is also called “basket”. See detailed
an article dedicated to weaving braids-baskets: hairstyle-basket –
star styling

Fish tail

Fish tail

To create such an original hairstyle, like a fishtail,
It will take more time and effort.

  • Comb your hair thoroughly, apply styling spray or
    moisten with water;
  • Select the first strand and divide it into two parts;
  • From the outer edge of the right strand to separate the thin curl and
    attach it to the left strand on the inside;
  • Symmetrically repeat the same action on the left;
  • Gradually weave all the hair.

The finer the hooks will be, the more elegant the hairstyle will be.
The weave must be tight so that the work does not disintegrate and stand out
structured, as, for example, in this video:

Creating a variety of variations of weaving, the image changes though
daily. As an option, tapes are woven in the middle or
two tails are braided, separated by a parting.

And here is another great option for more complex weaving,
based on the same technique:

How to braid spike itself

Learning how to weave various braid variants on someone is not difficult,
while braiding 2 spikelets to yourself is a more difficult task.
This will require an additional mirror that will stand
opposite the main and will be able to show the back of the head.

Hands on the weight can quickly flow, so train
take a long time. Of course, you should not quit, if you immediately
something will not work.

Carefully prepared hair will be more docile that
will accelerate the process of weaving and give a more accurate result.
Washed, dried hair should be carefully combed, while
need to use sprays to prevent tangling

In this video, almost all the options are demonstrated.
spikelets, which we considered, only when applied to ourselves:

How to braid spikelet child

For a restless child to make a beautiful hair more difficult, because
that you need to catch everything in a short time.

Girls’ hair, as a rule, is poorly obeyed and constantly
fall apart, you need good skill and manual dexterity.

Means for styling when creating hairstyles from spikelets do not
only plain water is used.

Caution with rubber bands, tight braids do not braid, as this
impairs blood circulation and can lead to headaches

spike child

It’s easier to start with light weaving options, not
tiring girl long sitting by the mirror, gradually try
more complex options.

A large variety of weaving universal spike allows
easily and effortlessly create different images every day
staying always fashionable and stylish.

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