How to lighten curls with honey?

honey bleachingBlondes always liked
representatives of the stronger sex. Many girls whose nature does not
awarded the head of ripe wheat color, want to lighten hair,
to draw the eyes of men. But any paint is a mixture.
chemicals that, while giving hair the right shade,
very often adversely affect their condition. Reviews
women who have bought expensive products show that even such
paints are not always perfect. As a result of the application
artificial hair dyes begin to thin
brittle, dry and look untidy.

What do ladies who dream of lightening their hair? It is so
I want to be beautiful! Their problem can be easily solved by
honey This unique product has long been known for its beneficial
properties that are beneficial to the human body, but
few know that honey is a natural dye that gives
curls golden hue. How does the hair lightening
honey, and what recipes you need to know girls who want to become
blondes with it?

Impact of honey on hair

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are doing for
their masks curls with the addition of honey. The composition of this product
includes vitamins, acids and other beneficial substances that improve
hair condition. They nourish the hair follicles, attach to the strands
silkiness, shine, moisturize them throughout the length and strengthen. If a
she decided to lighten her hair with honey, she can be sure
that does not hurt his hair a jot, but only make it
more healthy.

Why honey can lighten hair? The thing is that in his
the structure contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which produces
peroxide, which acts in the same way as the familiar peroxide
hydrogen. But in contrast, it acts softer and does not spoil the curls.
Thanks to this substance, honey can be a natural clarifier.

Is it possible for everyone to lighten their hair with honey?

Since honey is a product derived from bees as a result
processing pollen, it can cause some people
allergic reactions, so lighten the hair with it
can only those ladies who do not have an allergy to honey. Just
the case, before making a honey mask, is worth checking out how
This product acts on humans. For this you need to take a little
honey, put it on the crook of the arm at the elbow and wait 25-30
minutes If after this time does not appear on the skin
redness and rash, you can safely conduct honey brightening

Will the effect of applying honey on dark hair be seen? AT
the first is to recommend honey as a natural dye to those
women and girls who are naturally brown, blond or
light brown hair. It is on such hairs that will be clearly visible.
his action. But even owners of dark curls can
try to make honey masks. Of course, in blondes they are not
will turn, but will be able to lighten the hair by 1-2 shades. So ladies
you will need to lighten the strands to spend a few more honey
procedures before their curls become more vibrant and healthy.

Tips for staining

To honey brightener evenly lay on the hair and did not cause
inconvenience to her mistress, she should take advantage
the tips below. Hair smeared with honey is easier if
heat it in a water bath and add a little apple to it
vinegar or distilled water. In the microwave, honey can not be heated,
because it loses its useful properties. Before
brighten hair, cover your shoulders with old ones
towel, and lay the floor and table with a film, otherwise sticky drops
everything is dirty, and getting rid of them will be hard.

It is better to wear a brightener on the head after applying it on the curls.
plastic shower cap. If the hair is covered with honey
at night, put a towel and a wrap on the pillow and sleep in
hat. If you bleach the hair on the first attempt did not work,
do not be upset. Just need to repeat the clarification.
a few more times. Sometimes to achieve the desired effect can
5-10 procedures are required.

Recipes honey blends to lighten hair

There are several dozen masks with which
The hair is brightened with honey. Masks can be
single-component, that is, contain only honey, and
multicomponent, including others, mainly
natural products that enhance its effect.

Classic bleaching mixture

For this recipe will need to prepare 1 tablespoon
honey and 2 of the same spoons of conventional hair conditioner. Components
should be combined in a non-metallic container (plastic) and
wait 15 minutes. After that, the mixture should be applied to the hair and
leave them for 1-2 hours. Then the clarifier is washed off warm
water, and curls are washed with a mild shampoo. After 4-5 such
procedures you can notice the result.

Lightening mask with honey and burdock oil

recipe lightening hair with honey and burdock oilThis simple recipe
Received rave reviews from those who used it. Is concluded
He is that you need to take 2 tablespoons of honey and add to them 1
a teaspoon of burdock oil. Products mix and a little
heated in a water bath. With a brush, conveniently separating
strands, the composition is applied to the hair. After the mask evenly
distributed over all strands, they are collected in a beam, cover
shower cap and wrap with a towel. Hair lightening
about 10 hours is spent in this way, so much time
need to keep the mixture under the cap. But the effect will be noticeable already.
after one procedure.

Not one positive review received a lemon brightening hair,
chamomile and honey. For the mixture, you first need to pour 250 ml
boiling water 25 gr. pharmaceutical chamomile flowers. Half an hour later in the infusion
you should add the juice of half a lemon and 3 tablespoons of liquid
honey The mass is mixed and applied to the hair for 2 hours, then
washed with shampoo water. All components have brightening
properties, so the ladies will be satisfied with the results.

Received good reviews and honey-vinegar recipe. Before
so as they bleach the hair, you need to wash them with shampoo with the addition
a small amount of soda (a quarter of a teaspoon). Then curls
rinse thoroughly with water and towel dry. After
This can proceed to the preparation of the clarifier. For him
4 parts of bee honey and 1 part of apple cider vinegar will be needed. Everything
need to mix thoroughly until smooth.

The recipe can be supplemented with other components, if you want not
only lighten the hair, but also give them interesting shades. So,
fair-haired girls can add a bit of natural to the mix
ground coffee or cinnamon powder. As a result, the strands will become
reddish And if to add 1 tablespoon to honey and vinegar
hibiscus petals, pinkish curls will appear
shade. When all components are mixed, you can put them on strands,
massage movements rubbing into the scalp.

To lighten the hair at least a little, you should keep on them
a mixture of at least 2 hours, and to achieve greater effect and the whole
night (7-8 hours). In the morning you need to wash off the mask first with warm water,
then use shampoo. Strands better dry not a hair dryer, and
in a natural way.

The results of the use of honey masks are clearly visible in the photo in
online, and the positive reviews of these clarifiers
indicate that honey is a great alternative
expensive dyes. It not only allows you to lighten the hair on
several shades, but also perfectly heals them.

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