How to lighten hair with a cap or foil?

highlighting hair through a hat

Every woman tends to be beautiful, and this is not some
whimsical whim. This is the same law that was introduced and
voiced by the great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.
He said the words that every person, regardless of
gender, should note: “In man, everything
should be beautiful. “That is why it’s worth taking seriously
only to what’s inside you, but also to your outer

This applies to the face and nails and, of course, hair. handsomely
hairstyle, washed and trimmed hair
indicate that their “owner” takes care of their external
look and feel. After all, as many have known since childhood,
appearance is a mirror image of what is happening
inside us. And if some organ is not well enough itself
feels it will instantly be reflected externally on this or that part
body, including the hair.

What only visitors of hairdressers and
beauty salons, not only women, but also men. Here for
customers open endless scope in the implementation
all sorts of manipulations with hair – coloring, coloring,
haircut, highlighting through the cap, filing, building and more
a range of services that allow you to change beyond recognition.

After all, even the slightest deviation from the style that you prefer
Yesterday, let your friends notice this. Regarding
in a neutral and not too radical way to change something in
his hairstyle is highlighting hair through a hat. Via
this event you can make your image brighter, shade
hair deeper or lighten them.

Highlighting hair and its varieties

This method of influencing the curls for many years
Remains the most popular and fashionable among female visitors
beauty salons. It allows you to visually increase the volume of hair, not
resorting to staining. This factor is the most
meaningful for most clients. The fact is that when highlighting
dye or brightener is applied only to some part of the hair,
that is, most of your hair will keep its natural color,
accordingly curls will be subject to minimal impact.

Another reason for highlighting is
the appearance of gray hairs – it best hides
all these age changes. Especially since after this procedure
hair will be shiny. Depending on how long you have
hair, you spend in the salon from 500 rubles to 3 thousand. In this
cost included means for lightening or staining and
work wizard.

The type and length of hair also influences how
make highlighting. So, if you have short hair, you
need a special cap, and long hair can be
Mark only with foil or cellophane bags. Everything
these activities are quite possible to hold at home, the main thing is to find
the person who will agree to help you.

How to make highlighting at home through a hat?

In order to properly implement all stages, you can
use photo instructions. You must first draw
attention to the fact that highlighting should be carried out only on
hair that has not been dyed before. Otherwise
they may be burned or change color to another – not
the one you expected. For several days before the procedure
It is worth washing your hair, as this will also damage them.
Do not wet your hair too. In general, the conditions for highlighting in
Much like the conditions for hair coloring.

If you make them for you is not difficult, you can
quietly proceed to the next stage – the preparation of all
necessary tools and instruments. This list includes:

  1. clips for hair;
  2. hairbrush;
  3. towel;
  4. coloring brush;
  5. tank for mixing the clarifier;
  6. directly brightener for hair;
  7. paint;
  8. polyethylene gloves (so that the clarifier does not get on
  9. special cap for highlighting.

So, dry hair must be smoothed with a comb with
long teeth. After that, they are divided into 3 zones. Coloring
starts from the neck with parting, then the side parts.

At home, the implementation of such a process as
highlighting through a special cap passes easily enough.
It is similar to the one that is designed to protect the hair from getting
water during a shower, with the only difference that for highlighting
in the cap there are special holes. They are necessary in order
to pass through hair intended for lightening
or for coloring. As already mentioned, this option is more convenient for
owners of short and medium haircuts, because whatever
neither was the barber a professional trying to drag a long strand
through the hole in the cap, he, unwillingly, confuses them all
between themselves.

All the holes in the cap are arranged in a special order. If a
examine it well, you can see that the holes
characteristic chess location. If you could not get
this accessory for coloring and highlighting, it is not necessary
despair and go to the salon. To implement the set
tasks can come up with the most common cellophane package or even
swimming cap (if you do not mind it). In these cases, you
need to be using a sharp tip on a comb or knitting
The needles make a few holes all in the same staggered order.
It is in these holes that you will thread the strands.

Features of lightening hair through a hat

features highlighting through the capDepending on how
What effect do you expect from the work performed (slight clarification
or lightening most of the curls), strands worth threading
either through each hole, or you have to skip some of
of them. For more natural clarification by professional
hairdressers use the technique according to which only each
the third strand should be clarified. Therefore, thread curls in
each strand is optional.

After this stage is completed and through the cap on your
head can be seen strands of short or medium hair, you need
proceed to the preparation of the brightener or paint. For this you
you will need to read detailed application guidelines that
located inside the package, or instructions located on
a box of paint. It describes the sequence according to
which it is necessary to mix all paints and
clarifier ingredients. There you can read the terms, according to
who will need to keep this or that composition on the hair for
achieve the desired shade.

Once everything is ready, you should immediately proceed to
applying the composition to the curls. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that
colored hair did not touch those that were not intended to
lightening (if they protrude from under the cap). Also pay
attention to the fact that each strand extracted from it was colored.
Otherwise, then your head will be a strange ornament.

The resulting composition is immediately transferred by brush to the strands. Time
staining, as previously mentioned, is indicated in the instructions and
depends on how much you are going to lighten up. So,
for example, for full clarification you will need to hold the paint on
hair for at least 45 minutes, and so that the difference between the natural
color and new was small, it will be enough for 15-20 minutes.

This method of bleaching and dyeing involves washing off
composition of water without removing the cap. After all, it can damage
integrity of the rest of the hair. For complete and effective flushing
you will need shampoo and balm conditioner, which you can
found in some staining kits, or use
by some separate means. The hair is washed until
they will not become soft.

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