How to make a beautiful haircut to school with your own hands?

beautiful hairstyles to schoolHairstyle for 5 minutes is a minimum of effort and
maximum beauty. This hairstyle can be very easy and fast
perform the most. This is especially true when you are late and
There is no possibility to resort to outside help. Learn to do
beautiful hair is not difficult. After seeing the photo with a phased
performance and video tutorials in which everything is explained in detail,
make a beautiful hair does not make much work.

Simple hairstyles: braid in 5 minutes

Pigtails today are stylish and fashionable. Many celebrities
decorate their heads with intricately braided and
fancy braids.

Of wavy or straight hair, simple and complex, in Greek
style or African-style hairstyles for 5 minutes method
weaving there is a lot. By itself in the usual way
braided braid – it is already peculiar. But hairstyles to school for 5
minutes will be much more expressive and somewhat modified if
add some touches to simple weaving. Therefore we will prepare
the necessary tool, namely: comb, gum, studs,
invisible, clamps, styling products, and find out in more detail,
what techniques and techniques are available to make a haircut to school
independently in 5 minutes.

Greek style

It is necessary to make a straight, even parting to the top of the head, dividing
while the hair in two rows. One bundle placed on the left side,
the other is on the right. On the nape strands collected in a high tail and
bouffant, then wrap the hair around the elastic in a bun and
fix studs. Other side strands are braided in braids and
fixed in the form of a rim on the head. All fix with varnish.
Hair for 5 minutes is ready!

Braid harness

A very popular way of weaving. Form the tail and share
its three strands. Each strand is twisted into a tight tourniquet. For
so that it does not fall apart, you need to ask someone to hold it.
and fix. Further from plaits weave a usual pigtail. Such
a hairstyle in five minutes can be done along the entire length, and not just on
tail. Twist the harness on one side, and then all the strands
fix tape or rubber band. Weaving turns out very
original and unusual.

Sweet couple

It looks like two braids are woven into one. To this end
hair is divided into parting and braids on each side
much higher than the ear, then connect at the back of the head in the neck. Long
strands are left free, divided into 3 parts, and then plaited
braid. Bind it all together. Hairstyle is ready.


Make a parting, hair is divided into 2 parts. Pigtail weave:
a thin lock at the temple is carefully separated from the main mass and
put on top, connecting with the back strand. Then take a spin with
the other side and also put on top of the previous one. With the back
hair do the same. And so with all the hair to the very
the end. Fix the spike tape or rubber band. To spike longer
retained its original form and looked neat, used
fixing agents (wax, gel, varnish).

African style

African braidsSuch weaving
came to us from Egypt and gained immense popularity. Him
the advantage is that it fits any length. if you
you need to braid medium hair in 5 minutes, African braids are
exactly what is needed! The difference of the African method from the usual – in
the number and size of the braids themselves, the weaving nuances. Usually do
from 100 to 300 braids.

The peculiarity of this weaving is that the braid (at the most
roots) weaved a special material, fastened with a knot at the base
hair. It allows you to avoid losing the shape of the hair, making it
lush. Any artificial material is woven into short hair.
colors and lengths. You can wear and not untie such braids up to three
months. With ready-made braids in African too
experiment, making of them various interesting hairstyles.

Beautiful hair “Bow”

This is not a way of weaving, but a whole decoration for the head,
performed like a female accessory. It’s simple. Everything, that
all you have to do is to braid two pigtails and shape them
bow. How to do?

  1. Gather the hair in the side tail.
  2. Separate the central strand from the top of the beam and divide it into two
  3. Each strand is 1 pigtail. Take a strand and start
    perform the usual classic weaving of three strands. Braid
    braid to the very end and fix it with a thin rubber band.
    Now, exactly repeat all the steps and with the second strand.
  4. It remains to lay both braids in the form of a bow. For this
    we form a loop from each pigtail and fasten both loops in
    one place clamp. Pigtails can be fixed in the center of the hairpin
    or invisible. Such a “bow” keeps very well thanks
    braided pigtails, so it’s not even necessary to fix it
  5. The tips of the braids can be lowered down and left to hang, but you can
    hide under the hair.

It is important not only to learn how to make your own hairstyles
hands, but also to bring all actions to automatism. To any
time it was possible to lay hair without bagging, nice and neat
comb and braid. More desirable in its arsenal of women
secrets and tricks store the skill of performing not one, but immediately
several options for simple hairstyles for all occasions. If a
tails and ordinary pigtails bored, then a beautiful braid for 5,
laid out a little differently, it will look original and

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