How to make a beautiful water manicure?

Make an original, creative and unique coating of nails
will help such a popular technique as a water manicure. His second
The name is marble. Such a manicure is characterized by graceful
patterns, smooth curves of lines, interlacing colors. Water
manicure is loved by domestic and foreign stars who
pay huge money for this original drawing in salons
beauty. But you can significantly reduce waste, if you do water
manicure at home.

Creating a manicure using water is a real trend in
nail art, so every fashionista should learn this technique.
The technique of creating a marble manicure allows yourself
choose suitable varnishes, a combination of colors, and create
unique patterns on each nail: semicircles, waves, hearts,
stripes, floral and other ornaments. And our instruction is step by step
will demonstrate how to make creative designs on water

Water Manicure


  • What you need to create a water manicure?
  • Step-by-step instruction on water manicure
  • Tricks of creating a marble manicure

What you need to create a water manicure?

Water manicure is not a complicated, but very time-consuming technique.
therefore, the most important thing that is required is time. At first
– It’s about two hours, but with the appearance of the knack, the time will decrease
up to 40-60 minutes. Big plus of manicure on a water basis
is the lack of need for a special
equipment. We only need accessories for the usual
nail art and some additional tools that
also available at home.

So, to create a water manicure you need:

  • nail polishes: white, transparent, 2 or more colored;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton pads or sticks;
  • a cup or other deep container with water;
  • fat cream or narrow scotch;
  • toothpicks or wooden skewers.

In this case, varnishes can be in the same color range, but different
textures or, on the contrary, you can use contrasting varnishes

Marble manicure

Step-by-step instruction on water manicure

Before proceeding with the procedure, it is necessary to steam and
remove the cuticle and also give the nails the desired shape. This
the instruction you can follow will describe in detail how
do the right manicure at home:

  1. It is necessary to prepare all the above tools and
  2. Then you need to put on the nail base under the varnish.
  3. Be sure to apply to the skin around the children’s nails.
    cream or cuticle oil, or glue tape to excess
    varnish did not get on the skin. In this case, the cream on the nail plate does not get
    must, otherwise the pattern will not work.
  4. Pour into a deep water tank at room temperature.
  5. Alternately changing the colors of varnishes, drip 1-2 drops of varnish into the water.
    After each droplet, you need to wait a couple of seconds so that she can
    spread out In order to get beautiful patterns, you need
    drop at least 5 drops of different shades, but the colors can be repeated
    in one.
  6. Then a thin wooden skewer or toothpick create a pattern on
    water surface in one direction or another (see video). Turns out
    flower pattern, heart shape or just colorful patterns.
  7. After the drawing is done, it must be applied to
    nail, dropping a finger into the water parallel to its surface.
  8. Next, you need to collect excess varnish from the surface of the water.
    toothpick, and after waiting 5-10 seconds, remove your finger from the water.
  9. After the picture is completely dry, the tape is carefully removed from
    with a cotton swab dipped in
    nail polish remover, excess paint is removed from the skin if it is there
  10. Then the same procedure must be repeated on all other
  11. When the varnish dries on all nails, they need to be covered
    special finishing tool, color enhancer or just
    colorless varnish. You can also decorate the nails with rhinestones,
    sparkles, beads, etc.

It’s not so difficult to make a marble manicure at home if
use this manual and watch the video.

Tricks of creating a marble manicure

To all the ideas of water manicure come true, you need to
know the secrets of creating such nail art. Many ask questions
why can’t they make beautiful summer patterns or why
the picture does not completely cover the nail plate. Water manicure
it turns out, if:

  • remove excess cream caught on the nail, using cotton
    disc with degreasing agent;
  • water should be at room temperature and slightly warm, no more than
    35 degrees, otherwise the varnish will not spread, collapse or
    fall to the bottom;
  • the nails were more interesting, the patterns do not match
  • varnishes need to use the cheapest, long-drying, but
    fresh, not too thick, but dense;
  • gel varnishes make a water manicure does not work;
  • unusual to get a picture, if you use varnishes with
    thermal effect or holographic hues;
  • for the stability of the pattern, it is better to apply a base coat or
    just white lacquer;
  • skewers or a toothpick should always be kept clean, otherwise
    beautiful pattern will not work;
  • to save, gamma is better to breed in a narrow but deep
  • so that a marble manicure does not get blurred, you need to
    longer keep the nail under water and remove all residual varnish from her
  • on nails of medium length water manicure looks much
    more effective than on long or short nails.

The only cons of manicure on the water can be called
the duration of the staining procedure and the greater consumption of varnishes than with
ordinary staining. But water manicure can be done at home, and be
original, without spending large sums of money on the salon

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