How to make a bun on short hair: 12 ways with a photo

A bundle is a universal styling that goes with adults.
ladies and young girls. It can be made at home for a couple
minutes or a few hours at the stylist.

Universal styling

Simple hairstyle has hundreds of options. Consider
how to do it yourself for short hair.

  • 1 Advantages of styling
  • 2 Sequence of actions
  • 3 Views with photos
    • 3.1 Classic
    • 3.2 Bundles
    • 3.3 Bundle with mesh
    • 3.4 Bundle with bagel
    • 3.5 Two careless bundles
    • 3.6 Hairstyles with hairpins and elastic bands
    • 3.7 Bulk Hairstyles Collected
    • 3.8 How to make a pin-up package
    • 3.9 Malvinka on short hair
  • 4 How beautifully to collect short hair: options for the holiday
    • 4.1 Spit on elastic bands
    • 4.2 Harnesses
    • 4.3 Retro waves

Advantages of styling

  1. The hairstyle is suitable for strands of almost any length. She can
    worn on hair cut above shoulder level, and
    long curls, dropping below the waist. For the beam is absolutely not
    important: obedient hair or not, curly, straight, sparse or
  2. The versatility of the hairstyle allows you to wear it around the house,
    wrapped in a bathrobe. The average beam is in harmony with strict
    suit and suitable for office. Carelessly collected hairstyle,
    decorated with wavy curls, complement the outfit at the celebration or
  3. It is suitable for women of any age and type.
    faces. Beneficially emphasizes the neck, visually makes features
    more subtle and feminine.
  4. Hairstyle is easy to do yourself without resorting to help.
    masters It does not require experience and special
  5. In the hands of a specialist ordinary styling turns into
    elegant wedding bunch.

Short hair bundle


To create a beam length of hair should be enough so that you can
to collect them in the tail. For styling short hair, perhaps
will have to use additional tools: tongs or

Step-by-step implementation of the beam with your own hands:

  1. Curl strands using curlers or curling iron.
  2. Connect the mass of hair at the selected height with a rubber band.
  3. Ensure that they are laid smoothly without cockerels.
    and “tracks”.
  4. To achieve maximum smoothness, you can use gel
    or mousse.
  5. The assembled tail is pulled through a large elastic band.
  6. To hide it, you need a small strand in advance
    released from the tail.
  7. To give pomp use bouffant.
  8. The hair from the tail is separated by separate curls and placed in
    Kitschki form around the gum.
  9. Each curl is fastened with a pin.
  10. At the end of the formation of the beam on top superimposed
    decorative strands.
  11. Work is fixed with varnish.

Types of beams

To give the image extra naturalness and charm, you can
release one or two mischievous strands from the beam. For too short
hair apply curls and matched chignons.
Decorative barrette will decorate your hair and
will hide possible defects.

Views from the photo

There are a huge number of variants of bunches, but among this
masses can be distinguished several most frequently encountered methods

  • the classic beam is distinguished by a particularly smooth
    hair styling until collection in the tail. Beam height
    it depends on the desired image;
  • asymmetric kichka is performed with an offset by
    side; Classic beam
  • The evening version is created according to a conceived plan. Here each
    strand lies in its pre-planned location;
  • Hairstyles with fleece apply for not long
    strands. You can create a neat or careless
    bundle; Hairstyles with fleece
  • Foam rollers are also used to
    short hair. It is performed with the use of bulk
    bagel linings to compensate for the lack of length. Also
    The styling adds shag to the pomp.

Laying with roller

Haircut need to pick up based on the dress code of the event, for
who do it. It is important to consider the type of face and neck length so that
styling fit the owner and favorably emphasized her

  1. Long thin swan neck and face type oval – perfect
    option that suits any type of beam.
  2. Short neck can be visually corrected by a bun
    bottom of the head.
  3. Low growth can be compensated using high
    a bunch with large volume and pomp.
  4. Low beam is well suited for girls with
    elongated facial shapes.


The classic poop suggests smooth styling and twisted in
harness strands. On short hair, this option is not always acceptable,
therefore, to create hairstyles often use

Classic Bun

Stepwise creation of the classic beam:

  1. Strands are collected on the back of the head in the tail and fixed with a rubber band.
  2. Then divide it by 7-10 strands. Each neatly
    comb it.
  3. Curls rolled inward and fixed at the base
  4. The entire hairstyle is fixed with a strong hold varnish.

Important! When creating a beam on non-long
hair should pay special attention to the strands located on the edge
growth in the temples and nape. They strive first to get out of
hairstyles and spoil the look.


Bunches below

This package has no age limit. She is beautiful
suitable for a little girl and her adult mother. Minimum
the length of the curls – to the shoulders, but it is better if the hair reaches

How to braid:

  1. Create a smooth parting.
  2. Separate a small strand in the forehead area.
  3. Of the rest of the curls tie two tails below and fix them
    rubber bands tips.
  4. Fold tails in half and secure with a second rubber band on
  5. To wrap bunches of curls left at the forehead.
  6. Fix hair with hairpins.

Bundle with mesh

Bundle with mesh

Applying a decorative mesh, simply create and
firmly fix the kichku on short hair. With its help you can
give the beam volume, create the impression of long and lush
curls wrapped in bun

This installation requires the utmost care and patience. Without
required experience may take several attempts.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Strands well combed and collected in the tail at the back using
    thin gum.
  2. Curly hair before it is required to straighten the iron.
  3. The resulting tail is divided into two parts: the upper and lower.
    Temporarily stab the top so that it does not interfere
  4. On the bottom of the tail to make a strong bouffant. The more bouffant
    the bulkier the beam is.
  5. To form a combed part in the form of a ball and put it on
  6. Lay the upper part of the tail on top of the netting;
    using studs and styling.
  7. You can make a finished hairstyle using a beautiful
    decorative bow, ribbon or flowers on the heels. it
    will give the beam a more festive look.

Bagel bundle

Hairstyle with a bagel

Foam bagel used in the beam plays a role
trompe l’oeil designed to create an impression of more curvaceous and
long hair.

Bagels differ in size, color and texture. Choosing
accessory, you need to focus on the desired end result,
the natural length of their strands and their color.

Important! When creating a beam using a donut
There may be some difficulty in masking the accessory.
To avoid inconvenience, you need to take care of the availability
styling and overhead strands.

Creating styling step by step:

  1. Combed strands to collect in the tail. Special attention should be
    give curls that are knocked out from under
    gum. They need to be laid using mousse or gel.
  2. The roller is pulled over the tail and fastened with pins.
  3. Distributing hair on the roller, it is most convenient to use
    individual strands, each of which should be combed, aligned and
    neatly put on your seat.
  4. The tips of the strands are hidden under a bagel and fixed there
  5. At the end of work process hair styling. Special
    attention is paid to the strands on the neck. If necessary, they can
    pick up using gel.

This video shows how you can make 2 beams for short
hair with a bagel and without it.

Two careless bundles

The two bunches located on the crown resemble the ears of a cute panda
and look playful and flirty. Perfectly combined with
youth style clothes, jeans and fun summer

How to assemble playful bundles by yourself:

  1. Make a parting in the center of the head.
  2. To collect hair on one side of the parting in the hand and, if it allows
    length, twisting the strand, create a tourniquet.
  3. To harness turned out more volume, curls can be pre
    to comb
  4. You can add volume to the future beam by stretching the harness across
    direction down.
  5. Next, you need to twist it around the base and secure
  6. If the length of the hair on the harness is not enough, you can collect curls in
    a small tail, and form a bunch for short hair,
    using bouffant
  7. Completely repeat the procedure on the other side of the head.
  8. To give styling carelessness, you can separate several
    strands on the temples and near the face.
  9. Fix hair with lacquer.

Two careless bundles

Hairstyles with hairpins and elastic bands

The use of gum and hairpins when decorating hair decorates
overall look and keeps short naughty strands doing styling
neater. With a bunch of looks good mesh from
strands woven with small rubber bands or
pins, crab.

How to weave a mesh yourself:

  1. Highlight a large band of hair along the growth line on the forehead and divide
    it into four parts, fixing them at the base.
  2. Two middle tails split in half and connect neighbors
    strands with each other rubber band.
  3. Connect the outer curls with the outer ones.
  4. In the next row, the resulting average tail split
    into two parts and combine them with the halves of the extreme
  5. Thus weave a basket until the desired moment, after which
    collect all the tails in one big bunch.

Tip! By this principle you can create
laying of six or eight initial tails. More strands
will be in weaving, the more accurate and beautiful will look

Bulky collected hairstyles

Volumetric hairstyles

On short hair, you can make styling in the form of bulk
roller, resorting to the pile. To do this, the strands on the top collect
together and combing, pulling away from the face.

On the back of the head with the help of studs form a roller
which outside is covered by a flat elongated strand taken from
temple. When creating an image, several strands of a person can
release, creating a curl. The final result of the hairstyle
fix styling.

This hairstyle can be decorated with a wide ribbon. And bandage
Fixed on the head before the creation of the roller. And yourself
the hair is twisted around the bandage, tucking under
her Instead of a ribbon, you can use a thin scarf or
handkerchief, previously twisting it into a bundle.

This video shows how you can perform a volume beam on
short hair

How to make a pin-up

Laying pin-up was very fashionable in the United States 30s. Distinctive
hairstyle feature is bangs which is
tight curls with clear forms. Hair spin in shape
rollers, beams and waves. Complement the image using
all sorts of ribbons, scarves, headbands and pins.

To create a pin-up requires fairly long curls
(from shovels and more). On short hair, it is advisable
arrange in this style only bangs, covering the rest of the hair
a scarf or a hat.

Malvinka on short hair

Malvinka on short hair

The hairstyle was very popular in the late 90s among young
girls The essence of the hairstyle is to divide the hair on 2
parts: upper and lower. The separation line runs along
back of the head.

The upper part, including the temporal region, is tied to the tail,
braided in a braid or gathered in a pig on top. Bottom strands
remain untouched.

Step-by-step hairstyle creation:

  1. Select curls at the crown, which are planned to be removed in a bun,
    collect them in the tail and pull up.
  2. Form a kichka, twisting hair in a circle. The more careless
    the beam will be, the more natural and harmonious it will look
  3. On short hair, when curling is problematic,
    it is possible to use an elastic band, forming instead of a bundle tail.
  4. Next, using curls from the tail, you need to mask
    gum wrapping her hair.

Tip! When the length of the hair above the shoulders is a good option
laying will malvinka with weaving.

Braids begin to weave from the line of bangs with a back to the back of the head. On
level ears on the back of the head braids are fixed with a rubber band, barrette or
strong styling.

How beautifully to collect short hair: options for

Hairstyle on the square

Spit on elastic bands

  1. Weaving starts from the forehead line. Need to highlight
    wide strand, combing it with a sling from the face and fasten
    elastic at the crown.
  2. The next strand is taken closer to the temples immediately below the first and so
    same fixed with a rubber band.
  3. The upper tail is divided in half, the lower one rises and temporarily
    mounted on top.
  4. The next strand is taken parallel to the second on both sides.
    heads from the temples. Strands are connected to the first tail in
    single mass and fixed with a rubber band.
  5. The second tail goes down and is divided into two.
  6. Subsequent weaving is done in a similar way.
  7. Strands stretch your fingers to the side.
  8. To fix a varnish.

More options for braids with rubber bands are here.


Bundle with flagella

The small flagella of the strands on the forehead will effectively complement any
styling on short hair, whether malvinka or bun.
The selected part of the hair is twisted in the intended
direction, in the process of weaving they add strands of hair.
The hairstyle is fixed invisible and fixed with varnish.

Well look a few parallel harnesses.

Retro waves

Waves are created with strong gels and curls.
manually. Placing the strand conceived wave, it is fixed with clips in
several places and leave it to dry styling. For
accelerate the process using a hairdryer. At the end of the work clips
gently removed, fix the hair with lacquer.

Holiday Hairstyles

The bundle can be created by the stylist for the bride and decorated
flowers. The same hairstyle without additional decorations will be
Look harmoniously in the bar and for a walk. Piled up
school girl’s hair will not interfere with work and will give
neat appearance.

Important! By releasing a few strands from it, you can
quickly change the image, setting a mischievous and flirty tone.

In the video below you can see one of the ways to perform
body beam on short hair and decoration with his handkerchief.

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