How to make a bun on your long hair hands: 3 secrets of success

If you ask representatives of both sexes, which
they are associated with the word “beam”, men will call radishes and
green onions, and women – hair.

And not because dear ladies love less than their gentlemen
fragrant fresh vegetables, just hairstyle “bundle” is available in the arsenal
almost every lady with long or medium length hair and
always helps her in any circumstances.

So experts recognize: the beam itself
versatility, never goes out of fashion, looks stylish in
any era.

If necessary, strands can be laid very quickly – and
go to work, to visit, to the exhibition.

You can, of course, spend a little more time – and create
a true masterpiece that will be to face a bride or a socialite.
Well, how not to remember athletes and housewives, for whom
bun – this is the most convenient of all possible hairstyles.

  • 1 Is it for everyone
  • 2 How to stack a bundle
  • 3 Types of beams
    • 3.1 Traditional
    • 3.2 bundle of harnesses
    • 3.3 Volume bundle
    • 3.4 Careless bundle
    • 3.5 Of wavy hair
    • 3.6 Bagel Bundle
    • 3.7 Bundle with roller
    • 3.8 With a pile
    • 3.9 Low beam
  • 4 More complicated DIY styling

Is it suitable for everyone?

Oddly enough, the bundle least goes to women in
age, especially if their hair is gray. This hairstyle
simply turns them … into grandmothers.

Therefore, those who have no desire to become prematurely
“Avdotya Nikitichna” or “Veronika Mavrikyevna”, specialists
recommend to make a short fashionable haircut, even if in young
years they chose long strands and a bunch.

For other representatives of the fair sex, including
very young, this hairstyle fits perfectly. The main thing is to choose
desired beam variant:

  • tall is good for a girl with slender features and graceful
  • low (at the base of the neck or on the back of the head) –
    suitable for tall ladies and those whose neck is not so elegant;
  • on the back of the head – those whose head shape is not perfect (back of the head
    too flat);
  • neat, not very voluminous – a fragile little lady
  • shifted a little to the side – tall girls.

TIP: Owners of a very fine neck should
refuse to pile because with a bulky beam the head will be
look disproportionately large.

How to stack a beam

A beautiful bunch of long hair with their hands is easy to do.
The easiest way – to collect neatly brushed brushes
curls in the tail, stick it into the gum, and then twist them

There are options in which the strands are twisted with a cord or
braid in a braid, and after that they knit something out of them
snails. In any case, to succeed, you need to keep in mind
few tricks:

  1. a bunch of freshly washed hair (especially if
    not long enough) crumbles quickly, if you wash your hair
    the day before, it will be much easier to deal with curls;
  2. gum should not be used “apothecary” (it hurts
    hair), and intended specifically for hairdressing purposes, to that
    same – in color;
  3. You can add a stylish touch to the image using the original
    hairpins, scarf, ribbon.

This version of hair, like no other, allows you to achieve
diametrically opposite goals. You can, for example, create an image
aristocrat, if you apply special styling tools, and
You can “sculpt” naughty girl, if you build a charming
women’s head just two funny beam in the form of horns.

Types of beams

Experts warn: bunches for long hair
can visually add to their hostess a few extra
years or seem not stylish if unsuccessfully chosen
technology of their manufacture. For example, if the hair is thin and not very
thick, then the bundle will be very small and aggravate
the problem.

Fortunately, this does not mean that from the very idea of ​​a similar
hairstyles will have to be abandoned – there are so many options to choose
almost every woman will be able to


It is also called classic and smooth. For
its performance will need gum and studs. First strands
carefully combed and treated with a flat iron. Then collect them in
tail, while choosing a point on the head, which will become the center

Hair fastened with an elastic band, and if they are not very obedient –
process them with gel. The tail is twisted with a cord and placed on
spiral around the gum. That the construction did not crumble, fix
studs and varnish.

TIP: for the evening option instead of the traditional
hairpins can be used decorative.

Bundle of harnesses

Unlike the traditional way, the tail is divided in half and each
from parts twist with a plait, wrapping (in turn) around
gum. Secure with invisible hairpins and pins.

Also interesting is the option of using mousse for volume. Him
put on strands, after that, fluff the hair with your fingers and letting them
dry up, make the center parting. On each side take on
strands, rolled up with a bundle, directing them to the back of the head and attaching

After that, all the hair is collected in the tail and form it
bundle, trying to make it airier and more casual than in
traditional version.

Bulk bundle

For this hairstyle, it is very important that the hair is not “first
freshness “, and the” second. “If, however, put in a bunch just
washed and dried strands, it is desirable to process them texturing
paste or similar means that will make curls more

Instead of traditional gum use
inviziboble (something like a piece of telephone cord) – he
keep strands together, but will not pull them too tight, otherwise the bulk
a bunch of long hair will fail.

The hair is divided into parts and intertwined with each other.

If the curls are weak and not too thick, you can pre
slightly increase their weight due to the pile.

Having laid a bunch, fix it hairpins. It is important that he be
soft, so – volume. If the result is not completely satisfied,
With careful movements, the beam is stretched to make it more magnificent.

Sloppy bunch

He is only called careless and gives the impression
made hastily, and in fact every detail of it is thought out and
it makes sense – the asymmetry of the location, loose strands.

As a rule, this type of beam is low, not fixed by an elastic band,
twisted not tight, leaving a sense of naturalness. Hair
must be perfect – clean, shiny. They are twisted into bundles
counterclockwise, the tip is fixed invisible.

In this hairstyle all the hair should not be collected, be sure to
leave a couple of curls that fall from the temples on the face and can
be slightly curly.

RECOMMENDATION: with “carelessly” laid strands
fits well bangs. Especially original will look

Wavy hair

This hairstyle is from natural hair curled or twisted with
using forceps. To make it more convenient to work with curls,
cause foam or gel, dry and form curls. Not prevent
and lightweight bouffant on the front of the hair, which will give the hairstyle
additional volume.

The tail is divided into several locks, each of them, a turn for
round, wind around the gum and fix the studs. how
the final “chord” of the finished hairstyle gently pull two
thin strands for framing the face.

Bagel bundle

Bublik (round foam lining) should be
matched by hair color – they are released for blondes, and
for brunettes, and for red-haired young ladies. Head tilted to
it was more convenient to collect hair in a high tail, fix them
rubber band.

Then pull the tail into the hole of the donut and place the curls
over it to gently close it completely. Then put on
on the tail another gum, thus holding the hair on
surface of the donut. The ends are hidden under the foam and hold
studs. It is desirable to cover the entire structure for reliability.

Bundle with roller

This hairstyle is done almost the same as the previous one.
only together donut used roller – fixture
which is also made of foam rubber of different colors, and
construction is a little more complicated – it is “fitted” with a clasp

After the tail strands are wound on a roller, the button
button and fasten the closure with hair and fasten

With fleece

This option is usually used by women with thin hair. Bundle
do, as in the classic version, but the hair is pre
combed, and before you collect in the tail, smooth with a brush.

An interesting image can be obtained if you do not take into the tail a couple
side strands, and leave them to frame the face.

CAUTION: it is very necessary to make this hairstyle
neatly so that the bouffant is not visible, otherwise the woman
will look untidy, and most importantly – not up to date, as in
today’s fashionable images (as opposed to the 1960s) are especially valued

Low beam

Thinking about how to make a beautiful bun for long hair,
women often turn to images of recognized beauties of all
times and peoples. So, the owner of the low beam was
goddess Aphrodite. What is not an example to follow?

From the classic version of this hairstyle differs in that
hair fasten with an elastic band in the lower part of a nape. According to
specialists, so that the result pleased the woman, the minimum length
her hair should reach the blade line.

Low beam can be both festive and everyday. Create
it can be in different ways, for example

  • with rubber bands
  • from harnesses
  • from braid

More sophisticated do-it-yourself styling

When a woman masters beam technology, she can afford
experiments that will make her image particularly expressive,
emphasize individuality. As a “hint” you can
offer several options.

Festively can look a combination of weaving and beam, make
It is not so difficult:

Instead of a classic beam, try to make a bow on your head.
or even two bows, as in the photo:

The secret of a hair bow is that a rubber-bonded tail is not
they pull it out completely in its hole, but they leave it folded in
the form of a loop. From it, dividing in half, and form a bow, and
the remaining tips are masked by hiding under the gum and securing
invisible hairpins and varnish.

This video shows in detail how spectacular
bow do it yourself:

Another interesting image can be created by bundling only
a small part of the hair (it will turn out small, neat), and
the rest of the strands spread out on the shoulders, slightly twisting them and
having achieved a beautiful wave, or, conversely, straightening them with an iron.

You can arrange the beam where it will look better
– on the back of the head or on the top. Will complement the “picture” thick straight

Those who are used to surprise may like space
accent peeped in George’s famous Star Wars
Lucas: there was a cylindrical shape of the heroine.

You can do this at home with the help of several
“terry” gum.

They are threaded through the tail and (due to the number of rubber bands) they seek
required height.

Then the “terry” rings are wrapped with hair.

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