How to make a cat-eye manicure?

To create a cat-eye manicure, it is not necessary to go
in a beauty salon. You can do everything at home, observing
specific technique and sequence of actions. The main thing –
purchase gel polish with a special magnet and top tools.

The secret of the unique effect

The fabulous shine of manicure is due to special particles,
included in the gel polish. These are metal components,
creating beautiful and bright patterns under the influence of a magnet.
Initially, gel polish was supplied only in a single copy.
It was impossible to pick patterns, attention was provided
only vertical bar. Over time, the range of drawings
expanded. There are tools that allow you to create three-dimensional
waves, zigzags and stars. During this period, manicure became more
sought after. Many of the fair sex
get neat nails with an unusual effect.

For the uniform distribution of special particles should
periodically shake the vial with the agent in front of it
using. Metal-based lacquer palette
components allows you to choose the optimal shade even the most
picky ladies.

To date, there are several major brands,
producing the best magnetic varnishes. These include:

  • BlueSky Cat Eye;
  • Kodi;
  • Shellac Cat Eye.

Varnish belonging to the line BlueSky, different mass
positive properties. It allows not only to create beautiful
drawing, but also to heal the nails.

The remedy for Kodi is characterized by a balanced consistency.
The varnish is applied easily, without causing the formation of whitish spots. Means
perfectly leveled without creating bumps and irregularities.

Shellac Cat Eye varnish will be the best option for people prone to
allergic reactions. The tool is based on special components.
which can be used even with increased sensitivity.
The coating is characterized by long wearing.

To achieve the maximum effect manicure with cats should
rid of the effects of hot water. Compliance with this rule on
over 2 days will increase the period of wearing varnish.

How to make a cover yourself

The sequence of actions is simple; a manicure can
any woman. To create a unique marigold is necessary
get two types of coatings: base and top. Naturally,
Do not forget about the cat’s eye. To achieve maximum
effect and expressiveness can be supplemented with all black varnish.

The first step is to prepare the nail plate to cover.
To do this, remove the previous varnish, and attached to the nails a certain
the form.

It is important to disinfect the surface – this will avoid
allergic reactions and rapid cleavage of the coating.

Next, the base is applied to the nails and dried under the influence of
UV lamps or a special LED device. You can enhance the effect
by means of a black varnish which is necessary to put in one layer and
dry thoroughly. Then you can cover your nails with cat manicure.
To create an interesting pattern should bring to the nail
plates magnet. Next, you need to wait about 15 minutes. Of this
there is enough time to attract metal particles
underlying funds. On the penultimate stage of manicure
“cat’s eye” is dried. Then top coat is applied and
degreaser. Nail plates can be decorated with rhinestones, sand
or liquid stones.

If you do not want to use black lacquer, to achieve
maximum effect can be applied in two layers. Received by
this way a cat’s-eye manicure will be different
shine. Important: every finger should be engaged in turn!

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