How to make a deep facial massage

As Hippocrates said, the effect of the massage, namely “deep massage
persons “- the natural regenerating power of the body, the power of life.
It really is! Since ancient times, people do this procedure.
to restore strength and energy, the revival of youth and
beauty, relaxation and recovery of the whole body. There are plenty
techniques and techniques that will help in this: remove wrinkles, smooth
the skin of the face, will make the muscles elastic and obedient. Junior and luxurious
view in the mirror – “balm for the soul”!

Deep facial massage

Massage is a great way to support muscles.
persons in good condition. But the technique should be
special, different from the usual.

It is interesting to know that holding one hour of massage
replaces 7-8 hours of sleep. If adhered to
carrying out such a procedure, the massage allows you to relax and
calm the nervous system.


  • What is a deep facial massage?
  • Some facts from history
  • Beneficial Effects of Deep Massage
  • What is cryotherapy for?

What is a deep facial massage?

The face of a woman is not only the reflection in the mirror. It’s tough
system consisting of multiple tissues. For normal
functioning they need some effort on our part.
Skin care involves the use of various massages.
methods. But to achieve greater effect, we need a deep
face massage. In this case, a large role is given to the facial muscles.
The muscles of the face are constantly working, they tend to atrophy, and
the facial skin deteriorates with them, as it is precisely on these
muscles. It takes on a flabby and wrinkled look.

Some facts from history

Deep facial massage originated in the East, in the XIV century before
ad. It was there that used unusual techniques and methods.
The first classification made Avicenna. In ancient Greece, isolated
sports, hygienic and therapeutic types of procedure. During the period
studying human anatomy began to appear more and more information about

The main types of massage include:

  1. Classic – the basis of the basics. This massage will not require much
    effort and skill. It aims to improve the tone of the skin, its appearance,
    making the surface of the skin elastic and resilient. Relieves
    from flabbiness, wrinkles and reduces signs of aging. Masseur
    strokes the skin and rubs it. It uses a special
    cream or butter.
  2. Plastic massage is recommended for edema, appearance
    age spots, deep wrinkles, lower facial muscle tone.
    The procedure is quite serious, so without the help of professionals
    get along. It will require special skills, abilities,
    apply the necessary techniques and hand movements. With such a facial massage
    there is a rhythmic effect on the skin, deep inside the tissues,
    most improving blood flow and speeding up metabolic processes. Positive effect
    on mimic muscles, gives elasticity, improves oval
    faces. What is interesting is carried out by talc, without cream or
  3. Therapeutic. The name speaks for itself. Used when
    various skin diseases (acne, black spots), scars, neuralgia and
    many others. One of the most common types of this massage
    is a plucked (massage by Jacquet).

There is a wide variety of other types and types of procedures. AT
basically, it’s just a combination of massage techniques,

Beneficial Effects of Deep Massage

This massage occurs:

Freedom from mimic wrinkles

Facial massage improves the conductivity of neurons,
thereby preventing the weakening of nerve impulses between
central nervous system and facial muscles. In this way,
facial expression always remains clear, facial features do not lose their
details and do not become “blurred.”

  1. Development of facial muscles, relaxation of facial muscles.
  2. Smoothing and smoothing wrinkles, irregularities. Two steps
    Such a procedure gives the same effect as a Botox injection.
  3. The feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation.
  4. Getting rid of negative emotions, finding peace and
  5. Adipose tissue is not destroyed, but due to blood flow
    losing weight will be faster.

How to prepare yourself and your body for maximum
positive work:

  • visit the salon without makeup;
  • if you used Botox before, you need to say about it
    a specialist;
  • massage is adjusted based on individual characteristics
    skin and under your individual condition.

Contraindications and limitations to the procedure:

  • botox injections;
  • acne on the face or other rashes;
  • peeling;
  • if you don’t bear the pain because the procedure is pretty
  • with cancer and blood diseases.

The frequency of the manipulations is individual for each
type of person. It is better to consult a cosmetologist. Everything
depends on age, skin condition and facial muscles. Of course easy
Massage can be done every day when applying cosmetic
means better with the addition of essential oils.

Massage is carried out in 2 stages:

  1. Apply methods and techniques to relax the client. Customer
    placed in a comfortable position, which will allow you to get the maximum
    Effect. Only in this case, the energy will go to the right
  2. The second half – relaxation, revitalization of the face from the inside. To
    To achieve this effect, you need to move on certain

It can be argued that deep massage is an alternative to Botox.
or plastic surgery without a knife.

What is cryotherapy for?

In this procedure, the tissues are cooled for a short time.
the period during which the vessels first constrict and then
are expanding. This opens the pores, accelerates metabolism.
This technique was known for a long time, even in ancient Egypt. Can
find confirmation of the fact that the centurions were taking cold
bath for rejuvenation and preservation of the skin. About this method of treatment
doctors such as Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna also wrote. Act
positive effect on blood circulation.


Under the influence of low temperatures there is an improvement.
general condition of the skin, it is a kind of procedure for

Cryomassage is the improvement of complexion, pore correction. This
technique corrects the deformation of the upper layer of the skin. Cryopeling gives
good peeling effect, not inferior to chemical and physical
peeling on its indicators.

A procedure called deep-woven facial massage can be
hold and at home. But the healing effect you get by visiting
cosmetologist-massage therapist who is happy to advise and
will help you.

It is worth remembering that no matter what type of massage you
choose, it will be a great benefit for your face and body.

But do not neglect the advice of experts. After all your
health first!

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