How to make a face mask with olive oil and what is its use

Olive oil face mask has gained popularity
centuries ago. The first to push the oil from the fruit of olive
trees became ancient Greeks. At that time, people appreciated so much
“liquid gold” that for some time used it as a currency. ABOUT
his beneficial properties were already known then, and women quickly
figured to apply it in cosmetology and treatment.

Now olive oil is also in high esteem. He is also practiced in
the creation of cosmetics such as face care creams
and body, hair balms, skin products for hands and nails. because of
product availability, olive oil is often used to
self-production of natural cosmetics.


  • Skin Benefits of Olive Oil
  • Indications for use of olive extract in skin care
  • How to choose the olive oil?
  • Homemade Olive Oil Face Masks

Skin Benefits of Olive Oil

The use of oil as a cream is an effective way.
avoid many problems. The product is well suited for skin care.
painful nature, helps eliminate dryness and slow down
withering. Thanks to the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the ingredient
ideal for cosmetics of this orientation. Proven
that olive extract treats problem skin, helps to support it
healthy and supple, and prolonged use leads to
smoothing wrinkles. The benefits of olive oil are in its
composition, this product consists of many valuable elements
the use of which can prolong youth and preserve

Olive oil

The properties of olive oil are called magical – and
they are magical not only in recipes, but also in composition
cosmetic products.

  • Vitamin A – an effective moisturizer that provides the necessary
    saturation, improves subcutaneous blood circulation;
  • vitamin E – a natural antioxidant, the main tool
    cell renewal, slows down the manifestation of age-related changes;
  • fatty acids – protect the skin from harmful effects,
    caused by the environment, ultraviolet, differential
  • neomyrye substances – soothe damaged skin, help
    its rapid recovery;
  • phosphatides – effectively retain water, the skin is moisturized and
    smoothes out;
  • phospholipids – help the process of cellular metabolism, are involved in
    construction of cell membranes;
  • iron – nourishes the skin with oxygen, improves the condition
  • copper – forms elastin and is involved in metabolism,
    produces collagen and other beneficial substances for normal
    functioning of skin cells, well strengthens the capillaries.

Obviously, the olive extract is an indispensable component
cosmetics aimed at healing and maintaining the epidermis.
Due to its healing and bactericidal properties, it is capable of
numb and restore the skin after sunburn. At the same time
It is hypoallergenic and can be used by everyone.

Indications for use of olive extract in skin care

It is necessary to use cosmetics based on olive oil when
There are the following skin problems:

  • dryness and feeling of tight skin;
  • scaly areas on the surface of the epidermis, loss
    elasticity and elasticity;
  • skin condition after tanning or taking natural solar
  • with noticeable signs of age-related changes in the skin of the face;
  • if the skin suffers from frequent temperature changes or other
    stress related to the environment.

The benefits of olive oil

Scientists have proven that oleic acid, which is part of the oil,
prevents the development of cancerous tumors and can slow down
the progression of this disease. Squalene data effectively
used as part of chemotherapy around the world, and doctors
recommend using olive oil as a prophylactic
against the development of skin cancer.

How to choose the olive oil?

It is very important to choose a good olive oil to apply it in
cosmetology purposes. For this you need to pay attention first
turn on the manufacturer.

Olive oil, like any popular product, often
fake. But you can distinguish a fake from natural oil
on their own. To do this, put a bottle of olive
oil in the fridge: when released into cold environments
visible white blotches are formed that disappear, it is worth
return it to the place where the temperature will be room temperature. Is explained
it is high in solid fat, which when released into
the cold just freezes, turning into white flakes.

Homemade Olive Oil Face Masks

This wonderful ingredient is great for creating
homemade cosmetics. Oil goes well with different products,
long stored and has all the necessary skin care
face properties.

Olive Oil

The formula of olive oil is perfect: easily split,
unsaturated fat in it a lot, and saturated, solid, very little.
The vitamins in it are exactly those that our skin needs – A, E and D, but
special role belongs to the accompanying substances.

Face mask with olive oil will provide the most favorable
act. And any representative will be able to make such cosmetics.
beautiful sex right in their kitchen. Here are some examples of masks.
For the face, which included olive oil:

  1. Olive oil in combination with homemade cottage cheese and natural
    honey Spread 2-3 tbsp. l curd mass with 1 tbsp. l honey and
    enter 1 tsp. olive oil. Mix all ingredients and
    apply on pre-cleansed face. After 20-30 minutes, wash off the mask
    warm water. The skin will become smooth and smooth, will get a beautiful
    matte shade.
  2. Mask in the form of a mixture of olive oil, sour cream and grated carrots.
    Mix 2 tbsp. l grated carrots with the same amount of sour cream and
    add 1 tsp. olive oil, mixed ingredients and apply
    on clean skin for 20 min. This mask perfectly nourishes and moisturizes.
    skin makes it supple and soft.
  3. Use 50 ml of olive oil together with 10 ml of liquid
    vitamin E. Apply the mixture with a patting motion on the skin, through
    15 minutes blot with a wet towel. This mask is effective
    rejuvenates the skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Facial treatment with olive-based face masks
exercise several times a week.

Rinse with a mask made of warm water with a few drops
lemon juice. Olive oil does not cause allergies, but with
combination with other components you need to carefully approach their
choice based on the personal characteristics of the organism.

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