How to make a face mask with soda?

A face mask with soda is considered one of the best cosmetic
means in home cosmetology, as it has the effect of deep
skin cleansing and is a great helper in cleansing the face from

Baking soda consists of coal salt and sodium. Coal Salt
cleans the skin from various impurities. Sodium, having an effect on
cells, activates and causes them to regenerate, so that
skin refreshed.

Soda masks are great for getting rid of acne, so
how they relieve inflammation of the skin and deeply clean
skin covering. This cleansing procedure seems easy.
in use, but first you need to know how to do it correctly,
how to apply the tool and what effect to expect from it.

After all, if you ignore the tips, you can cause damage
skin. And in order for these masks to have a certain effect, you need
follow all the rules and recommendations.


  • How to use masks from soda?
  • Soda and Salt Masks
  • Honey soda face pack

How to use masks from soda?

We all know that baking soda can eat up any stain
degree of pollution, the same effect and has a face mask
and soda. Although her rude action will be blocked by
other components that will be included, you can get
face burn In order for this not to happen, you need to keep a number
Elementary rules and recommendations:

Baking soda

Baking soda, used in the preparation of the mask,
must be fresh. You can not take an expired product, as well
damp and yellowed.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to impose this tool on a thin,
    sensitive, dry skin that is flaky.
  2. First apply the mask on the elbow bend. If no irritation
    did not arise, then, it can be applied.
  3. Such procedures can be done once a week.
  4. Do not apply longer than 10 minutes!
  5. The course of the masks should be carried out until you decide
    completely skin problems.

Thus, a soda mask is a great way to clean your face.
not only acne, but also acne, toxins and other contaminants.
Thanks to reliable action and low cost, such masks
occupy leading positions among other means for women.

Soda and Salt Masks

A salt and soda face mask is a good helper to
remove blackheads and deep pore contamination. It is worth paying attention to
The fact that soda and salt can severely injure the skin, therefore
Use this mixture with caution. And if you want to apply
it is like a cleansing agent for acne, then you should be
careful not to rub the surface of the face in order to avoid mechanical

This mask is shown for the following problems with which it
effectively fighting:

  • greasy skin;
  • eels;
  • pollution and clogging of pores.

To prevent the face from being damaged,
resulted from the impact of such means
a series of the following rules:

  1. Please note that soda is strictly prohibited.
    use in inflammatory processes! If the skin of the face is thin,
    dry and easily injured, in which case it should also
    refuse this procedure.
  2. Before applying this cosmetic product, it should
    try on the wrist, if after a few minutes did not arise
    no irritation means it can be applied to the face.
  3. First apply the mixture to the problem areas of the face with
    light massage with your fingers.
  4. If there are concerns that this product may cause
    damage your skin, you can lubricate your face before the procedure
    coconut or olive oil.
  5. This mask should be washed off first with warm water, and then
    cool so that the pores of the face narrowed.
  6. After the procedure, apply on the face

In order to make a standard tool, should be in 2 tbsp. l
gel for washing add 1 tsp. purified or boiled water
then add a little salt and baking soda and beat well.
The mixture can be applied to the face and should be kept no more than 10

In addition to this tool, there are a number of masks of salt and soda,
where ingredients such as olive oil, baby are added
soap, moisturizer, shaving foam.

This tool is a great helper in cleaning the face from

Honey soda face pack

The mask for the face, which includes honey and soda, has
high efficiency. Both ingredients in the complex affect
affected areas of the face. Soda cleans pores and kills bacteria, and
also relieves acne, and honey localizes aggressive action
soda and in parallel nourishes the skin cells with the right elements.

Soda mask from eels

Mask with soda, deep cleansing and pulling on
the surface of the skin a variety of pollution, which can not
cope no other cosmetic like homemade
production and store.

Such means should be used when a person has
many acne and blackheads, as well as poor skin condition. In such
case in order to improve the complexion and get rid of
various rashes, this tool is ideal.

Owners of dry and thin skin, despite the fact that honey
nutritious, you should be careful and in texture, in addition to soda
and honey, add egg yolk or moisturizing oils. And How
Typically, these oils need to be pre-tested on the wrist in
for 10 minutes.

The standard tool consists of 3 tbsp. l baking soda,
half a cup of purified or boiled water and 1 tbsp. l honey

In addition to the above, you can add the following
ingredients: cream, lemon, white cosmetic clay, oatmeal
cereal, cucumber juice, sauerkraut juice and aloe, rice flour.
It all depends on what result you want to achieve.

Now you are aware of how to create tools for problem
face skin and acne.

These funds are not only economical (they can be made at home
conditions), but also save you from the physiological and psychological

All means are perfect as prevention of acne, not only
for women, but also for teenagers! After all, if the face is correct
care, then the skin will have a healthy color.

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