How to make a French manicure?

Back in 1973, French manicure gained special attention.
women. Today’s fashion and beauty industry shows
that beautiful hands are one of the trump cards of a woman, and French manicure
with a pattern or a classic perfectly decorates them.

But not every woman can find time or extra money.
for manicure. Because many are interested in how to make French
manicure at home without time-consuming.

How to make a french manicure with a pattern

Colors and picture selection depend on taste.
preferences women. The design can be both bright and bold, and
gentle. Classic or French manicure gel polish uses
most of the fair sex because the technique
The execution of them is quite simple. And how, instead of the usual white
nail tips to depict exactly and accurately all sorts
geometric ornaments, flowers, animals and stuff?

Before you do a French manicure at home
conditions, you must first carry out the standard procedure to remove
burrs, filing, grinding and polishing nail
plates. Then the nails are painted in a base color or applied
colorless varnish.

There are different ideas of French manicure with pictures. AT
depending on the complexity of the drawing, for him can

  • brushes of different thickness;
  • varnishes of different colors;
  • toothpicks;
  • Scotch;
  • acrylic paints and other devices.

The design can be completely different. In addition, you can do
French manicure for short nails and long. Those. length and
the shape of the nails can be any, the drawing will always be spectacular
to look

How to make a french with a plain pattern with a needle or
toothpicks? First you need to prepare multi-colored varnishes or paints.
Only one color should dominate so that others will not
swallowed up.

First, a transparent varnish is applied with a needle to protect against scratches.
When it dries, you need to put a “smile” lacquer dominant color
and let it dry. After that you should put the desired points and
lines for the planned pattern, which will then need to be connected
using a toothpick or needle. After the resulting drawing
dried, it should be fixed with a special transparent
varnish. How to make a manicure with acrylic nail paints or
lacquers with a thin brush? The availability of the technique is identical.
with a needle. First you need to cover the nails with clear varnish.
then as it dries make out the edge of the nail plate and
make the drawing itself. After that fix it.

Some women do not know that superior manicure can
get with ordinary scotch, one clear varnish
and a pair of color.

Moreover, such a French manicure on short nails will be
look no less stylish than long.

The technique of execution is as follows: preparing and
having polished nails, put a varnish of basic color. When it dries,
from scotch tape you need to cut out stencils and stick them tightly on top
dried varnish. Then the nails are covered in another color, waiting
drying, carefully remove the tape and apply a layer of clear varnish.
Such nails always look stylish and fashionable. However, in addition to french
drawing art figures conventionally distinguish other major types

Other types of french

Other main types of jacket include:

  • classic jacket;
  • French gel polish manicure;
  • color reincarnation of the classics;
  • the decoration with sparkles (it is called the millennium french);
  • unlimited fan-french (for him use foil, rhinestones,
    glued pictures and dried flowers), etc.

The creator of the most popular and simple version of nail design
(classic design) is Jeff Pink. Similar nail art
great for both manicure and office

Color jacket prefer experiment lovers. Color
The solution for the bands of this manicure may be unlimited. Those.
each nail can be completely different in color and this
is a highlight of this design. Also similar french excellent
complements the everyday image of any girl.

As a decor, women often use sparkles, creating
stylish french millennium, or rhinestones, foil, etc. for
fan french These types of French manicure are distinguished by a special
creative approach. Similar service jackets are also ideal.
for parties, and for business meetings (if the sparkles and rhinestones are not
too much). And how to make such a manicure gel at home
conditions? After all, he can hold up to 3 weeks without any
visible violations. To do it, you need to have a home
ultraviolet lamp.

Shellac became popular due to the ease of handling color and
saturation of bright shades. French manicure has a shellac-gel
specific technique. With the use of stencils can be done
neat french Color solutions can be any, the main thing –
compatibility and style, therefore it is better to choose universal shades.
You can also paste rhinestones.

First, nails should be polished and degreased, then apply
base varnish and dry it under the lamp. Varnish excess need
remove with a spatula, toothpick or other device. Further
draw a smooth smile along the tip of the nail.

Remove peeled varnish on the skin of the fingers, you can use
pencil removers or ordinary nail polish remover. After
This varnish is dried under a UV lamp. Then in the middle of the nail cause
top lacquer to fasten without touching the skin to avoid
short duration of wearing this manicure. After applying this
top varnish it is dried under the lamp. At the end of this procedure, the skin
fingers are treated with special oil. Hands are washed after an hour.
If you follow all these recommendations, this manicure will last
from 2 weeks to a month.

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