How to make a manicure and capacity?

Manicure and extensions will help to always stay on top. After all
healthy, long nails are not inherited from nature by all. Fragility and
The bundle is bothering many girls. Similar procedures are
salvation for those who like to nibble a freshly grown foot,
it is unlikely you will pull such beauty in your mouth. Anyone:
boss, colleague, girlfriend or lover – always draws
attention to the hands, so they should always look neat.
This can not be achieved without the beauty of nails. Due to the artificial
material they can increase and change shape. Nail extensions
help forever busy ladies. Manicure will last very long
while maintaining the original look.

Types of manicure:

  • tipsy;
  • forms.

In the first case, a special glue is attached to the nail plate
tips It can be of any color, size, shape and applied.
to increase the length of natural nails. It so happens that this
the method is combined with other technicians, putting an additional layer
gel or acrylic. The second method is carried out when on the native nail
there is a small empty edge under which you can substitute
special form. Thereby lengthening the nail plate, on top
can be applied acrylic or gel.


Especially popular now building:

  • acrylic;
  • gel.


  • Learn more about gel and acrylic
  • What should I look for?
  • Toes

Learn more about gel and acrylic

Building up the gel is valued somewhat more. With
This nails look strong and even elastic, they are not afraid
skin or cuticle irritation. The procedure is done pretty quickly.
For easy adhesion of the gel to the plate, the nail should be rid of
fat film by grinding. On the day of building it is impossible
use hand cream so that the hands are not fat, which can
interfere with the build-up process. A brush is applied to the nail gel
(without skin contact). Then a few minutes these nails hold
under ultraviolet radiation, so the gel will harden. Is being done
the procedure is about three times to fix as much as possible
result. It is very useful for the prevention of fungal

After solidification of the gel, it is possible to give shape and length. Everything
actions take a lot of time, about two or three hours.
But the result when building gel is worth it! With such beauty you
go long enough, depending on the accuracy. But
in general, the service life is 4 months. Difficult and unpleasant
the process is the removal of the gel, and it is also harmful to the nail.
Removal is performed by ordinary cutting. If suddenly broke or
cracked one gel nail, you have to remove, fix it
no way. At the same time, it is necessary to cut and make a new one. During
UV exposure may cause an unpleasant burning sensation and even
strong pain. This indicates that the material used
poor quality or applied too thick layer.


Acrylic has its own advantages and disadvantages over gel. Well,
First, what is it? This is a free flowing substance that
the application is mixed with a special liquid. Really
only an experienced master can make a good acrylic manicure, because
that the resulting mixture hardens easily and quickly when interacting with
by air. When it happened on the nail, it is filed and painted
so that it was like a natural one. Now the nail is protected from
external factors. When it breaks it quickly
it is restored, and removal occurs easily, unlike
gel coating. All actions take about two hours. With
This method of nail extension can not be used
acetone containing agents!

What should I look for?

It is worth paying attention to the length you want to get.
Make it smaller if you perform this procedure for the first time.
otherwise it will be inconvenient to do your usual things and your nails will become
break. Increase the length gradually, getting used to

To create the perfect build two types of combine. At first
acrylic – for durability and protection, and then – beauty gel.
Options for design unlimited: drawings, glitter,
crack imitation, french, moon manicure. It all depends on your
fantasy. Nail extension – salvation for those who always want
to be on top and not spend a lot of time on it.

Do not think that after the described methods you will walk with
nails until they fall off. This is not true. It is necessary to make a correction, so
as the nail plate grows and the border between the
it and applied material. From this suffers the beauty of your pens.
This procedure should be carried out every three weeks, but it depends
on the growth rate of nails. Manicure and build-up will give a long time
the beauty of your pens.


Recently, salons began to offer a service such as building
toenails. Actions are no different from building on
hands, but privileges remain with the gel. The layer must be thin
so that it does not interfere when wearing closed shoes.

Tips for saving extended nails:

  1. Try not to hit the walls or other solid
  2. When you slam the car door, be careful.
  3. Do not open the lids of the cans.
  4. During the menstrual cycle, the day before it starts, when
    taking antibiotics or hormones
    artificial way impossible.

Beauty requires sacrifice. Any extension method is very harmful for
the nail plate, so you should take vitamins for her

After removing the artificial turf, wait a few weeks
some doctors even recommend half a year before repeating

Be careful with newcomers to this case. Make sure to
before work the master washed his hands. If you do not trust, it is better to check
certificate of completion of this type of activity and
quality of the products used. First of all, it is not only
beauty, but also health. Therefore, do not spare money for a specialist, and
then your pens will always have a neat and tidy look!

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