How to make a manicure at home

Manicure at home is easy to do yourself, knowing the nuances
performance techniques. Elegant nails always look beautiful and
well-groomed, so it is worth mastering simple techniques in order to have
the ability to perform light manicure at home or even
close to the salon version.

With the help of a manicure master, you can ensure perfect
appearance of the nail plate. But it is necessary
provide financial resources on a monthly basis, it requires certain
time costs, especially when it comes to building up or
gel polish coating. And the master may not always be
free exactly when you need. These difficulties give rise to
think about what you can do yourself at home
make beautiful nails, coat or hold more
complex manipulations for the beauty of nails.


  • What devices are used
  • How to pre-prepare hands
  • How to process nail plates and skin of hands
  • Gradient appliances at home
  • Water manicure by yourself
  • Recommendations for proper care

What devices are used

How to make a manicure at home? It does not require
so many tools and fixtures. Standard set for
Manicure can be found in almost every woman:

  • capacity for steaming hands;
  • two files – to file your nails and polish them (you can
    take one nail file, but with different surfaces);
  • wooden stick;
  • scissors;
  • peroxide;
  • cuticle oil;
  • hand cream;
  • acetone, cotton or discs;
  • nail polish at its discretion.

How to pre-prepare hands

To make a beautiful manicure at home, you should
prepare your hands for it. At the same time, step by step
preparation of necessary devices for manicure. For this
remnants of old varnish are removed from the nails with a cotton pad and
acetone. The next step is to prepare the bath for the hands.
Hot water should be poured into any convenient container. In it to part
special tool: take liquid soap and bath salt, mix
Ingredients. You can also add a drop of lemon juice,
olive oil. Hands should hold about a quarter of the water.

In case nails need to be cut, this manipulation
better to hold right after the hands are steamed out while they are still
not dried out. If the nails are short, before you file them,
should be dried. Today the mistaken opinion is that
beautiful manicure do it yourself can only be done on long
nails Making a simple manicure at home with
correctly selected nails and colors, you can
any nails give ukhozhennost,.

How to process nail plates and skin of hands

Filing nails requires the right approach. It is impossible
hold a manicure at home on wet nails, let them dry out,
otherwise, there is a risk to spoil them by filing. On a nail file should
be a fine-grained coating. Move it should be in one
direction, not many. To trim the cuticle yourself,
will require some knowledge. To carry out such a procedure is necessary
very neat, as a result of cuts manicure with his hands
will look unkempt and ugly. The best option for
In order to carry out self-removal of the cuticle, is
softening it with a special tool, and then removing
wooden stick. This tool is applied for just a couple of minutes.
the cuticle becomes soft and is removed.

After the nail plates are processed, it is necessary
apply a nourishing cream on your hands, hold a small massage. WITH
using the cream for manicure hands moisturize, its remains on the nails
removed with a cotton pad or towel. They need to be removed
necessarily, otherwise the fat base will prevent the correct and
easy to apply nail polish.

How to do a manicure? Manicure Ideas at Home
should be considered to avoid repainting and erasing
wrong color range. To perform a manicure in
the short form of the nail can be dispensed with a simple coating, without
a certain pattern, so the hands will look well-groomed, nails are not
will be motley. Varnish cover, starting from the center of the nail, then
held with brush strokes on the sides. Two coats should be applied.
coatings, each must dry before applying
next one.

Complete the manicure at home with a special mortar;
makes it possible to avoid tarnishing of the coating.

To create patterns on the nails will require several varnishes and
drawing tools, for example, a needle.

Gradient appliances at home

Gradient manicure involves the transition of coverage from bright to
dim. To perform at home this type of technology is used
sponge, film or cap, a container of water, cotton swabs,
acetone, two colors of coating, fixer. Can make harmonious
color transition, as well as a contrast manicure, it is beneficial
will emphasize nails. After the main procedures are applied
base coat dries. Then all the nails are covered in light
tinted varnish.

When it dries a little, on the foam rubber dipped in water
The sponge is applied two lines – dark and light. Then drawing with a sponge
transferred to the film, and then the film is applied to the nail
plate. So you should paint each nail separately. In the end
the fixer is put.

Water manicure by yourself

To perform a water manicure, you must use water.
To implement such a technique, it will take several
types of varnishes, a container with water, scotch, toothpicks, acetone. Nails
are covered with a base, then varnish of any color is applied. Near
the cuticle is glued with a strip of adhesive tape. A drop of lacquer down with
tassels into a glass of water when it spreads all over
the surface, a drop of varnish of a different color must be dripped in the center
capacity. This is done several times.

A certain color gamut is created, on which by
toothpicks are created with various stains and patterns. Then each finger over
Separately should be dipped in water. When the varnish is dry, they take off
adhesive tape and cause fixer. Beautiful water manicure ready.

Recommendations for proper care

Do-it-yourself manicure is best done when there is free
time not whip up. Performing a manicure at home should
to concentrate. So that no one pulled and did not interfere, for example,
baby or cat Should concentrate, then nothing
have to redo it.

Creating a manicure at home is not only
coating, you can conduct basic procedures without
cover. Nails need to rest. Nails do not need to cut
too short, it looks ugly.

When performing a manicure, process and file only
dried nails, as wet quickly deteriorate and
are damaged.

When choosing the shape of the nail to create a manicure better
focus on the square shape, especially if the nails
prone to breakage. Make a manicure yourself is easy –
you just need to master some of the techniques.

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