How to make a manicure gel polish?

Manicure gel polish is gaining rapid popularity. All this
thanks to its unique properties. He is capable of a long time
stick on your nails and give them a well-groomed look. Modern
palette of varnishes offers to choose a shade for every taste. Finally,
in order to become the owner of a flawless manicure,
not necessarily go to the salon. Make everything simple and beautiful in
home conditions.

Main advantages and disadvantages of the coating

The basis of the funds are monomers, polymers and solvents.
Due to this composition, the tool is characterized by many
benefits. These include:

  • ease of use;
  • quick drying with a special lamp;
  • easy removal from the nail plate;
  • quality;
  • security;
  • possibility of use even with increased sensitivity

Gel Polish is applied to the nails using a special
tassels. Due to its special consistency
dries arbitrarily, which allows you to create on the nail plates
real masterpieces. Nails do not need to be applied before applying
pre-process, just remove the remnants of the previous

It is impossible to evaluate all the advantages of the product from the first time
After all, it is really unique in its own way. The main thing is to cover
gel strengthens the nail plate and does not allow it to deteriorate.

Despite the many positive properties of the gel, it has
some flaws. If a woman has a weak nail plate,
the tool on it will not hold as well as in others

Body hypersensitivity can lead to development
allergic reaction to some components of the gel. Apply gel
It is not necessary for diseases of the nail plates and a thin cuticle.

You should not go for a long time with gel polish, it is important to wear it correctly.
If a woman delays a trip to a specialist, and the remedy on her
nails is more than 3 weeks, you may have problems with it

Self Coverage

Professional manicure requires the use of special
cosmetic products. This will make the nails really
beautiful and do no harm to them. Make a good cover will help
following components:

  • sponges;
  • primer;
  • base coat;
  • disinfector;
  • gel polish;
  • final coating.

For polymerization without fail it is necessary to use
UV or LED lamp. This will allow to fix the tool well on the nails.
and don’t let him break off early.

Before applying the lacquer is necessary to make a manicure. Then
wash your hands thoroughly and dry them.

Nails must be dry, moisture or presence
fat cream increases the risk of incorrect application of the gel.

After the preparatory procedures, you can begin to apply
cover. For this, a special sponge is taken, and on it
A small amount of disinfector is applied. Nails needed
process well, it will eliminate small particles,
which may interfere with the proper application of the gel.

Then a primer is applied to the nail plates. Tool follows
use with caution you can’t let it get on
cuticle. The primer has a pungent smell, not afraid
worth it.

In the next step, the base coat is laid. In this case
need to be careful. Nails must be covered evenly.
by layer. Further work depends on the application of the base agent.
When the varnish is applied, nails should be placed for 30 seconds under
the lamp. Then the manipulations are repeated with the second hand, nails
are dried.

On top of the base you can apply the selected shade of varnish. To receive
saturated color is recommended to cover the nail in two layers. Each
of them should be dried under the lamp for 2 minutes. Then
the final coating is applied. It protects the nail plate from
scratch and damage.

The final step is to remove the sticky layer.
This is done by applying a disinfector. For this means
applied to the sponge and held on each nail plate. So
Manicure gel varnish at home.

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