How to make a manicure on short nails?

How to make a manicure on short nails? By this
The question asked many owners of short nails. It is so
nice to see a well-groomed woman. Beautifully laid hair, light
make-up, neat clothes and, of course, well-groomed hands.


  • The benefits of short nails
  • What you need to know about creating the perfect manicure
  • Design options
  • Phased action
  • Ideas for drawings

The benefits of short nails

Some ladies think that a beautiful manicure looks only on
long nails. But this is a fallacy. Many representatives
fair sex complain about the lack of long nails that
do not grow back, constantly break down, or they cannot allow
to grow them by virtue of their profession.

There are many interesting ideas for manicure on
short nails that can be easily done at home
conditions. There are several advantages to short
nail plates before long:

  1. Short nails look neater long. Also with
    such nails can appear anywhere without worrying about
  2. Long ones are more susceptible to the negative influence of the external environment and
    water. They require constant care and need additional
    nutrition, which is not necessary for short nails. Only necessary
    maintain the beautiful shape of the nail plates.
  3. Dark tones of lacquers are very fashionable nowadays, and if
    look closely, they are much more effective look at
    short nails. And not so much striking.
  4. Manicure on short nails is much more practical. With
    cooking in the kitchen or at work with printing machines and
    even with writing pens with small nails will be where
    more convenient.
  5. An important fact is the financial side. Long
    nails require a much larger cash investment than

What you need to know about creating the perfect manicure

  1. It is necessary to properly choose the shape of the nails. With this draw
    attention to the fingers. With long fingers, the shape is better to do.
    square, and for short oval and almond-shaped.
  2. Watch cuticle. To make it easier to cut off, you need
    put your fingers in the bath with soapy water, after which
    gently trim the cuticle. Or apply a special emollient
    means and wand move it to the nail.
  3. Keep track of the length of the nails. If one gets longer
    others, it needs to be filed, fitting the rest.

Some subtleties:

  1. Owners of oblong or oval nail plates
    need to use a light manicure romantic style. Bright
    pastel colors with small flowers will look
  2. Ladies with short fingers or having a wide nail
    plate fit pictures with vertical stripes.
  3. Beautiful manicure for short nails does not accept bulk
  4. Having a square shape, you can use bright colors with
    the use of graphic drawings.
  5. With wide nail plates will look better bright
    tones, but not yellow or light brown. You can decorate them
    make a small drawing in a small crystal or in a corner.
  6. When choosing colors you need to limit one shade or
    by two.

Design options

  1. Lunar. In this case, the base of the nail plate is painted in
    white color, and the rest – in a dark shade.
  2. French manicure is the opposite. With this design, the tip of the nail
    painted in light pastel color, and the whole plate – in
    white. You can also apply one color in two shades, more
    darker and lighter. Here you can apply a dark shade to
    the tips, and light – the rest, or vice versa.
  3. Newspaper manicure. Apply a light tone to the entire nail.
    Prepare a bowl with a small amount of alcohol. As soon as varnish
    dry, lower for 2-3 seconds in this bowl finger. Cut
    advance a small piece of newspaper to press to the nail for 5 seconds. After
    clean this carefully. After the drawing is completely dry,
    it needs to be fixed with a colorless varnish (fig. 1).
  4. Zebra. Apply white varnish. After the varnish is dry,
    Brush apply strips of black lacquer. Here you can already enable
    fantasy: you can cover the nail strips completely or
  5. Simple manicure on short nails also looks advantageous. AT
    In this case, use only one color varnish, especially elegant
    It will look bright color, but you need to remember about the shape of the nail
    plates. You can decorate them with light drawings, but they should not be
    too large, but not too small.

Phased action

Creating a manicure at home includes the following

  1. Remove old varnish, even if there is no varnish, you still need
    degrease the surface with acetone.
  2. Use better glass nail file. Need nails to file,
    giving shape and equaling the length.
  3. In the above ways do the cuticle.
  4. After these procedures, hands should be washed with warm water. Then
    apply scrub on them and massage all your fingers. Wash your hands again
    and wipe them dry.
  5. Apply a base coat. After it dries, varnish
    apply first on the central part of the nail, and then on the side.
    The varnish should dry up. After that, you need to put another layer.
  6. Soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover and clean
  7. The final stage is a fixative that gives

Ideas for drawings

Here everyone can turn on their fantasy.

Manicure for short nails at home may include
simple stripes, rainbows, these can be strict forms or
Children’s drawings.

Here are some tips:

  1. To visually narrow and lengthen the marigold, you can apply
    a narrow strip, which may just be a different color, or
    any decorative elements.
  2. For short claws, vertical stripes are more suitable.
  3. Drawing on the entire nail is not necessary, it should be
    golden mean.
  4. One last thing: do not be afraid of the use of children’s elements. On
    short marigolds they will look very cute.

So, whatever the manicure on the nails, the main thing that they were
well maintained and tidy. Good luck!

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