How to make a mirror manicure?

Today, mirror manicure is an innovation in
beauty industry. In another such care is also called Hollywood.
Mirror manicure looks very impressive not only on
some kind of celebration, but also in everyday conditions, and hands at the same time
always have a well-groomed look. Many women are given such
questions: how to make a mirror manicure at home and when
does it spend as little precious time as possible? Look after
marigolds can be using various tools designed
specifically for reflective effect.


  • Mirror manicure made with varnish
  • Mirror manicure with foil
  • Self-adhesive film

Mirror manicure made with varnish

This method of performing a glossy manicure is considered the most
simple, time-consuming, but at the same time
time the mirror effect obtained with varnish is pretty
short-lived. To perform such a manicure using varnish with
effects: metal or mirror – usually on bottles with such varnishes
There is a special marking Mirror. Lucky Metallic
It is not recommended to use, as usually they have no
glossy, and matte effect. It is best to take gold varnishes and
silvery shades. It is not advisable to use any
additional impurities for more shine – it only worsens
visual effect. When painting with polished satin surface
nail should be perfect and evenly dyed. Considering
This, you need to use not the usual small and thin brush, but
wide brush capable of one stroke to paint the entire nail
right away

In the event that the mirror lacquer has thickened, you do not need it
dilute. In case of dilution, the effect is lost.
mirroring, so for the best effect you need to use
only natural product, without any impurities.

Mirror manicure with foil

This type of care, for which reflective
the film also belongs to the category of simple procedures,
but at the same time it is more durable than the previous one. By doing
mirror coating made with foil is necessary
use some available tools:

  1. Orange stick used in manicure art.
  2. Foil with transferable on one side
  3. The base, which is applied under the varnish. Foil glue or
    colorless varnish, which can be used instead of glue.
  4. Varnish, the shade of which must exactly match the color
    foil – this is very important in order to visually reduce or
    remove the distortion that may occur if
    reflective film is stuck with some errors or itself
    foil will not match the proper quality.

Glossy manicure should start with the usual, using
whose nails take a well-groomed look. All actions are necessary
do it especially carefully, as for such care
the surface of the coating must be perfect, without any flaws
and roughness. To achieve this effect, you can use
Special nail polish, but with this tool
need to be careful because you can cut down along with the flaws
nail plate.

An important role is played by the cuticle and the shape of the nails. Cuticle
should be removed with great care – you can not leave excess,
but it is not advisable to cut it too much so as not to
get hurt. Nail shape should be perfect – hide everything
disadvantages and, on the contrary, emphasize the merits.

After all the procedures done, you can proceed directly
for a manicure with a mirror effect. In order to conduct such
procedure, nails must first be applied colorless base under
varnish, with the help of this foundation you can prevent nail foliation and
protect them from the adverse effects of external factors. Then
follows the coloring stage to match the hue of the reflective
film. Apply varnish should be very carefully and carefully, as
Any unevenness will be noticeable under the foil. Reflective film
It should be cut individually according to the shape of each nail.

This is followed by applying glue or varnish on each nail,
and until they are dry, you need to attach pieces of foil, each of
which must correspond to a specific nail (foil
it is necessary to put the mirror side up). Foil need
carefully level with an orange stick, make
this is needed with extreme caution, since the foil is very
fragile material, can tear at any instant. If form
reflective film does not coincide with the shape of the nail and goes beyond its
limits, you can eliminate this defect by sharply pulling the foil tip
or using nail scissors. Nothing over the foil
no need to apply, as additional coating can only
harm – lost natural shine and radiance.

Self-adhesive film

Perform care with the use of such films – quite a deal
simple, since the film is sold in ready-made form, you only need
pick it up to the width of the nail, the length is adjustable after

[attention type = green] The only requirement when performing
Manicure with the use of film – it is a perfectly smooth surface
nail. [/ attention]

Before performing a polished manicure in the same way as in
previous cases, you must first do a simple manicure.
Then you should thoroughly degrease the nail plate. To do this
You can use nail polish remover. Then necessary
pick up the film across the width of the nail plate and heat each up
elastic state. After the film is softened, you need
apply its adhesive side to the nail and align with
cotton buds (over the entire surface). Surplus remove scissors.
It is desirable to process the tips of the nails by sawing or polishing with
fine-grained coating, but only after the film
finally fixed on the nail.

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