How to make a moon manicure?

One of the fashion trends in the field of nail art is the lunar
manicure: gel polish it is made or using other
means it doesn’t matter. Distinctive feature of such
nail design is the design of the arcuate strip at the base
nail resembling a crescent moon and contrasting in color with the main
coated most of the plate. This strip is called
moonula From her and got its name this kind of manicure

The moon jacket which became popular in the first half of the 20th century,
or the french “on the contrary”, and now has a lot of fans. And all
because to make a manicure yourself with holes is not
labor. And you can use one of the existing techniques.
Much useful below will find for herself that fashionista who
wondered how to do a moon manicure at home.

Variants of creating a design with holes include:

  • the technique of drawing a pattern by stencils;
  • moon manicure gel varnish applied decorative
  • gluing transfer foil with sparkles.

Further, each of the techniques is considered separately.


  • Stencil technology in the lunar nail design
  • Technique lunar nail design with color foil
  • Moon manicure technique with gel polish and brush
  • Technique moon French nail design

Stencil technology in the lunar nail design

Before making a moon jacket using a stencil, you need to
stock up on the following: a base agent, a pair of gel polishes of different
key, fixing coating, stencils, lint-free
a napkin, a manicure set.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. In advance freed from the remnants of the previous coatings and
    nails, filed in the desired direction, are applied in a single layer base and
  2. Two layers of gel polish are applied in the main color and well.
  3. A stencil is glued on each nail. On the area of ​​the hole
    the second type of varnish is applied and dried. The workpiece is removed.
  4. The surface of each nail is covered with an anchoring agent.
    and dried.

Technique lunar nail design with color foil

When there is no stencil at hand, then the opposite is possible
perform with the involvement of the transfer foil.

In addition to the standard for the lunar technique manicure set
(coating base, degreasing composition, gel polish, fixative
means, UV lamp) will have to prepare directly translated
Foil and what it will be attached to – special glue.

Foil manicure is performed as follows.

  1. Prepare marigolds, give them a convenient configuration,
    remove residual coatings, degrease the plates.
  2. After applying the base coat in one layer, dry it under
  3. Putting two layers of colored gel Polish, and dried it.
  4. Covering the nails surface, dry them under the lamp.
  5. Apply glue to the area of ​​the nail plate, where it will be
    place well, and allow to dry. And the composition
    Should get a transparent shade.
  6. For more convenient handling, the foil is cut into small
    rectangles having dimensions equal to the length and width of each
  7. A matte surface is applied to each piece of material harvested.
    to the area of ​​the nail where glue is applied.
  8. Foil tightly pressed to the adhesive layer, and then jerk
  9. A color print should remain on the adhesive strip. If a
    this does not occur, the procedure is performed anew.
  10. Apply an adhesive coating on the nails and allow to dry.

Moon manicure technique with gel polish and brush

Lunar manicure gel varnish implies a base, two
Contrasting in color gel polishes, adhesive coating, brushes
for decoration.

Instructions for the creation of lunar technology gel varnish:

  1. After giving the nails the desired shape and removing the cuticle with the old varnish,
    the plates are coated with basic composition and dried.
  2. On the plates impose a couple of layers of the main color coating
    and thoroughly dried.
  3. Take a second gel Polish to decorate the area of ​​the hole and
    they indicate the outlines of the future strip.
  4. Fully tinge the place of the well with a kind of varnish taken and
  5. Laying on top of the top coating, give the plates thoroughly
    dry up

Since the lunar nail design is a continuation
French traditions in manicure, and often combined with them, then
Below will be considered how to do a moon French manicure in
home conditions.

Such a lunar manicure with shellac is highly resistant
(keeps about 2-3 weeks), different brightness and saturation
used colors. Shellac – a coating that has in its
The composition of the bio-gel, which absorbs the best properties of varnish and gel. From the moment
its application to complete drying does not take more than 2-3 minutes, which
can not please those of the fair sex, the limit
time which is very limited.

Technique moon French nail design

Classic french is the basis of modern moon design.
“the opposite”. The classic version of the jacket is characterized by
the presence of lighter pastel shades and white
the hole. But the crescent in French manicure design
is located not at the base of the nail, but at its end. therefore
Moon manicure and called the “inverted” jacket.

When a combined moon jacket is created, a bar is labeled with
two sides – and at the end, and at the base of the nail plate.

The most popular color combinations of the moon design
are considered:

  • red moon and white;
  • black with silver / gold;
  • white with chocolate;
  • purple with blue;
  • orange with yellow;
  • black with beige;
  • yellow with green;
  • black with peach;
  • White and black;
  • purple with white;
  • other combinations based on personal color

It is easy to make yourself or a friend. The main thing – to have on hand
the necessary materials and devices. A great addition
inverted french are rhinestones, sequins and other jewelry.

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