How to make a perm?

In 1908, the German hairdresser KL Nesser first introduced
the world a new method of creating curls – permed hair.
When the care and daily use of curling leaves too
a lot of time, it comes to the aid of “chemistry”. For today
instant perming hair is the only way to get
large short or long curls for a long time. how many
the effect will last – at least 8 weeks.

Previously, “chemistry” was done only in the salons with the help of an experienced
masters, but today, thanks to special tools, this
The procedure can be carried out independently at home.
True, it depends on how much the salon or home procedure
hold on effect. Perm hair held in
home conditions – about 8 weeks, and salon keeps up to 6

Perm hair


  • Types of curls and their features
  • How to care for hair after “chemistry”?
  • Perm for large curls
  • How to make a perm at home?
  • How long does the result last?

Types of curls and their features

There are many varieties of chemical wave, in
depending on the reagents used, the location of the bobbins on
head, in mind curlers. Consider the types of “chemistry” by the method
effects on hair:

  1. Permanent curling – standard “chemistry”, suggesting
    processing of strands with special preparations that allow
    keep beautiful curls for 5-7 months. Most
    aggressive procedure. A great option for those who have long but
    sparse hair because this permanent perm gives
    additional volume strands.
  2. Carving – a more gentle chemical perm hair, similar to
    lamination, but has the opposite effect – curls curls.
    The strand curled by the carving method lasts about two months,
    gradually straightening. This option will help give the volume
    hairstyle Thanks to the carving it is possible to get brilliant “live”
    curls. However, the procedure is very complicated and it is better to entrust it.
    a professional, no matter how much you practice at home
  3. The procedure with bio-extracts is the most gentle and gentle option.
    perm, which is carried out with the help of drugs without
    ammonia, thioglycolic acid, hydrogen peroxide. In these funds
    natural substances fixing disulfide bonds are used
    hairs. After curling with bio-preparations, care is simplified, and
    styling is more beautiful. At the same time the hair is practically not
    are damaged.

It is worth noting that whichever option is chosen, for hair
after curling need special care.

Carving Curling

Before and after carving

How to care for hair after “chemistry”?

Until recently, after a perm for two or three
weeks it was impossible to do any parallel procedures:
to color, dye or tint curls. However modern
preparations used in the curling allow you to do any
procedures on the same day. On the contrary, it is not recommended
dyeing before curling, because the color will simply burn out, and strands

In this special care is still needed:

  • it is not recommended to wash your hair on the day of the procedure;
  • you should not straighten long curls during the week;
  • need to use soft shampoos and conditioners;
  • it is recommended to use curly care products
  • weekly you need to do a restoring mask;
  • do not leave a towel on your head after washing and go to bed
    sleep with a wet head;
  • need to dry hair in a natural way or hair dryer in a gentle
  • comb curls better rare comb, and brushes preferably
    to avoid;
  • after 4-6 weeks it is recommended to make a perm per
    regrown roots.

So, hair care after a perm treatment is not
very difficult, but to follow the recommendations is very important.

Care after curling

Perm for large curls

Curling on large curls looks very nice if the hair
long Large curls can be done with the help of big curlers
diameter. The intensity of the curls is regulated by the exposure time
reagent on the hair – slight waviness or tight curls. With
Bio-perm tight curls will not work, only permanent
the procedure will make curls more intense

In this case, long strands are straightened under their own weight,
so at the roots of large curls will be less intense, that
ironed naturally. However, if you want to have uniform
curls, apply curlers of different diameter – at the roots more
narrow, and the tips – more.

To make long curly hair more beautiful,
It is recommended to make a cascade haircut before the procedure, and after
her – coloring or highlighting. However, about the care and styling
Do not forget. Now it will take much less time
but apply styling products, diffuser and curlers yet
have to.

Perm on short hair keeps better, because
Curls do not stretch under their weight. Curling procedure
short haircuts gives volume to the hairstyle. At the same time curls can
be large, and small, and medium spiral. “Chemistry” on
short hair suitable for women with narrow elongated face,
creating a perky, somewhat frivolous romantic

Remember that after curling your hair will look much
shorter, so the hair is better to form after the procedure.

Curling on short hair

How to make a perm at home?

In the procedure of curling hair at home of particular complexity
not. The main thing – to choose the right means. Better to use
quality drugs, time-tested and thousands of women,
professional tools brands Dikson, Estel Professional,
Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell, ACME Color.

Then you need to buy at least quality curlers of different
sizes. On the quality of bobbins can not be saved, because
base materials can give a chemical reaction on
used drugs. On the classic large spiral
35-45 pieces of bobbins are required for long hair, for
medium length strands – from 30 to 40, and for short ones – at least 25

Step-by-step instructions for chemical curling home curls

  1. The selected product is applied to small strands, neatly
    distributed by curl with a comb.
  2. Then the bobbin is quickly wound on the curl.
  3. The composition is aged on the hair for about 40-45 minutes.
  4. After which a neutralizer is applied.
  5. Aged another 40-45 minutes.
  6. Curlers are removed, hair is not combed.
  7. If the instruction to the drug requires it, then the composition
    washed off.

For several days, curls are not worth it.
Stress, do not blow dry, follow recommendations for

Perming hair home

How long does the result last?

How long will the effect depend on the thickness of the hair than
the hair is thicker – the longer, from correctness of leaving, from used
of the preparation, the exposure time of the composition and the quality of the
procedures. On thin hair, the result is not more than 3-3.5
months, and on fat – up to 7 months, with permanent

Kudry life will extend the right care, the use of masks and the presence of
diffuser. After 6-8 months, hair perm can be

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