How to make a simple hairstyle for a girl on everyday

Most moms start each morning thinking about how fast
gather a little princess in kindergarten or school so that all day
the girl remained neat. Especially it concerns
hairstyles, a few simple variants of which
in case of lack of time.

Hairstyles for girls

  • 1 Hairstyle for the youngest girls
  • 2 Kids hairstyles for every day
    • 2.1 Daily sun hairstyle
    • 2.2 Easy hairstyle for a girl of two braids
    • 2.3 Beautiful hairstyle wreath for girls
    • 2.4 Baby hairstyles with spikelet
  • 3 Baby hairstyles with bunches
    • 3.1 Side beam
    • 3.2 Bundle with flagella
    • 3.3 Classic bun for girls
    • 3.4 Classic beam with oblique
    • 3.5 Light baby hair with a small beam
  • 4 Hairstyles for girls for long hair
    • 4.1 With French purl
    • 4.2 Weaving braids
  • 5 Hairstyles for girls every day for medium hair
    • 5.1 Elfini
    • 5.2 Ponytails with elastic bands
    • 5.3 Elegant Greek Hair Style
    • 5.4 Romantic Ponytail
  • 6 Fast hairstyles for short hair
    • 6.1 Styling for very young ladies
    • 6.2 Use of accessories on short hair

Hairstyle for the youngest girls

The hair of very young girls is fluffy and not
obedience in my mother’s hands. In addition, a rare child will
calmly sit for a long time while the hairstyle is being created.

Important! Requirements, in addition to beauty, to
children’s hairstyle are resistant to any active games
and not tight weaving, so that the head does not get sick by the end of the day.

Depending on the length of the hair, you can choose
various options for everyday styling.

Comfortable hairstyles

Children’s hairstyles for every day

For any hairstyle for every day in your home arsenal should
be available:

  • Straight comb with thin teeth.
  • Small silicone rubber.
  • Studs or stealth.
  • Beautiful gum and hairpins if necessary.

Gum, studs

Daily hair hairstyle

  • For convenience, divide the curls into 2 parts by direct parting.
  • Separate a thin strand to the right of him and collect in the tail
    bright rubber at a short distance from the growth line
  • Make such identical tails in a circle.
  • All tips to collect in the center of the circle and secure

This video shows how to make a hairstyle very fast and easy.
little girl

Easy hairstyle for a girl of two braids

Such a hairstyle was done in childhood by the majority
modern moms. Simple braids have not lost their relevance and
in the images of modern little ladies.

  • Make a straight or zigzag parting.
  • Braid each part in a braid, for convenience, you can pre
    fasten tails.
  • Make an interesting version of the hairstyle by crossing the braids
    on the back of the head and securing again at the base with hairpins to
    turned out eight.

wasps eight

Beautiful hairstyle wreath for girls

Despite the apparent complexity, weaving a wreath will require
about 15 minutes, and the styling will look spectacular and
beautiful all day.

  • Separate 2 strands from the beginning of the side parting and twist them in
  • Interlace itself twice.
  • Take podhvaty and attach them, continuing to twist
  • Braid all hair in the same direction
    around the head.
  • Returning to the starting point, weave loose strands in
    form the rope to the ends and fasten it to the back of the first row

Wreath harnesses

This version of the wreath is suitable for every day, and if
use beautiful hairpins or ribbons then it will become
a worthy end to the festive look.

Baby hairstyles with spikelet

The spikelet at a fast pace of life will always help out thanks to
the speed of implementation and the variety of different variations.

Important! Showing imagination, you can change every day
images, owning only one skill in weaving.

Even the classic French braid will remove all hair from the face and
hold out until the evening.

Children's hairstyles with spikelet

  • Separate a thin strand from the forehead line and divide it into 3
  • Put the right side on the middle and then the left on
    caught in the middle right.
  • Separated from the loose hair at the temple curl (grab) and
    attach it to the extreme right side, put on the middle
  • Make a grab on the left side and weave in
    braid, continuing to weave to the tips.

This video shows how to weave a French braid very quickly.
– spikelet.

You can change the direction of the spikelet
make a braid diagonally or around the head, weave
on top of that, curling under the middle strand.

Children’s hairstyles with bows of hair

Naughty bow styling is very suitable for little girls.
both in everyday life and in festive

Styling with a bow of hair

  • Make a tail at the crown.
  • Do not pull out the last turn to the end of the rubber band, but leave it in
    the form of a loop.
  • Divide the loop into 2 halves, putting between them
    the remaining tip and securing it invisible.

This video shows how you can easily and easily make
hair bow

Baby hairstyles with bunches

Little girls always want to be like mom, and hairstyle
modern mom often has the appearance of a simple bundle.

Tip! You can have a fun morning gathering,
having made the same hairstyle for myself and my daughter in 5 minutes.

Side beam

  • Smooth tail to side.
  • Do not pull out the last turn to the end, but leave it in
    the form of a loop.
  • Fasten the bundle a little stealth and wrap the tip around
    the bases, having fixed from below a bright hairpin.

Bundle in the form of a loop

Bundle with flagella

Bright and mischievous hairstyle with flagella can withstand any daylight
trials little fidget.

  • Collect 1 tail on the back of the head or 2 on
  • To separate a small curl from loose hair and twist it in
    one direction until the tourniquet twists around
  • Repeat twisting strands all over the tail, securing
    the result is invisible.

Bundles with flagella

Classic bun for girls

For a classic beam, you will additionally need a soft bagel.
for hair and some hairpins.

  • To collect on the crown tail elastic.
  • Screw it onto the bagel vertically from the tips to
    the base.
  • Carefully straighten the resulting bundle so as not to
    there were gaps.
  • Secure studs or stealth.

Classic beam

Classic beam with a scythe

Simple can help to diversify the classic bundle easily and quickly.

  • Separate the third part of the hair from the line with a horizontal parting
    growth, temporarily remove them with a clip.
  • The rest of the collect in the tail and twist in a bun,
    fix stealth or hairpin.
  • Divide the first part into 2 halves and braid each into
  • Wrap the base of the beam with pigtails, crossing them over
    by him.

A bundle with braids

Easy children’s hairstyle with a small bun

Hair like a princess Disney will delight any small

  • Gather some of the hair on top and slightly
    to comb
  • To wind the combed hair in the hands and lay around the shell,
    securing strands invisible.
  • The remaining side curls to pick up and lay the bottom.
  • Decorate the bundle with a diadem and twist the remaining
    loose tips.

Holiday Hairstyles

Hairstyles for girls for long hair

Long hair girls are always a reason for
mom’s pride, but with it you need to be able to daily them
styling, performing easy hairstyles.

With French purl scythe

A simple purl is woven according to the principle of classic
French ears, only strands are laid under the middle
curl. At the end, all the turns are stretched slightly in
sides for larger volume.

French purl spit

Openwork beam

For the beam, you need a donut, which you need to fix in
base of the tail at the crown.

  • Thread a thin strand of tail under the bagel, the rest
    part divided into upper and lower halves.
  • Take a thin curl from the bottom half of the separate
    strand and divide it into 2 parts.
  • Weave a pigtail around the base, picking up the same
    Strands from loose hair.
  • The rest of the braid in a braid and hide under the beam.

Openwork beam

Braid braids

  • Assemble the tail with a rubber band.
  • Divide the free part into 2 halves and take them into
    palms of the same name.
  • Twist 2 bundles in one direction, twist them between
    by myself.

This video shows several options for children’s hairstyles in
kindergarten and school.

Hairstyles for girls every day for medium hair

Daily styling for medium hair lengths are simple in
performance and do not require much time.


Simple hairstyle like a little elf princess:
separate the temples from the small strands and braid out
them pigtails that connect a beautiful hairpin on the back of his head or behind
ears, if length permits.

Simple hairstyles from braids

Ponytails with elastic bands

Interesting hairstyle imitates weaving
French braid but much simpler in execution and
last all day.

  • To divide hair by a direct parting into 2 halves, one temporarily
    remove the rubber band or clip.
  • Separate a small strand by horizontal parting from
    forehead, make the tail a silicone rubber band.
  • Make a second tail under the previous one.
  • Divide the first into 2 halves and connect them under the second,
    attaching to the strands of the third.
  • The tip of the second tail is divided and joined under
  • Repeat all actions with the second half

French braids with rubber bands

Elegant Greek Hair Style

The hairstyle in the Greek style is universal and charming in any

  • Twist the small strand at the temple several times inside.
  • Separate another lock next and attach to the first,
    twist in the same direction together.
  • Attach in this way all the hair to the neck, where
    secure with multiple studs and stealth.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.
  • Hide the remaining tail, twisting it into a shell from
    tip to the base and locking pin.
  • Decorate styling with small hairpins or rim with

This video shows one of the very beautiful options.
Festive hairstyle with harnesses.

Romantic Ponytail

Collect not tight low tail on the head and thread
loose part over the rubber band through the hair, a little
pull up the tail.

Romantic Ponytail

Fast hairstyles for short hair

While the young princess is just beginning to grow thick hair,
hairstyles are not so many, but they are.

Laying for very young ladies

The first simple hairstyles for girls are mostly fun.
palm with multicolored rubber bands. All the hair is divided
into several sectors and going to tails.

Laying for young ladies

Option hairstyles for older curls:

  • Separate one third of the hair from the forehead with a horizontal parting and
    collect it in the tail.
  • Take the same part in the middle and fasten together with the top
    gum tip.
  • The remaining curls gather together on
    back of the head.

This video shows three ways to weave hair for a small

Application of accessories for short hair

Short hair and strive to climb into the eyes
active games, but to reliably collect them you need
to try.

Accessories for short hair

All sorts of accessories are used for this: soft
colored gum, crab, buttoned hairpins,

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